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Carolina Driver: 1967 Chevy Corvette

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Do you ever look at some cars and think, “Now, there’s a vehicle that’s been loved?” I do, and it’s because there’s a thin line between wear and tear and genuine effort made to preserve a vehicle. You can tell by the paint that’s a solid six out of ten, but more of an eight when you take into account the year it was applied; the interior is slightly tattered but complete; and in general, all of the original attachments like the bumpers may be drooping slightly, but they are still, in fact, attached. This 1967 Corvette here on eBay spent many years in the temperate climate of South Carolina with its longtime second owner before being parked in the early 90’s and just now coming back to life. 

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The seller does a great job of spelling out the long list of original equipment, which fortunately, is still mostly accounted for on this example. Even the “Marlboro Maroon” paint is said to be mostly original, with just some light touch-up work appearing throughout. There’s a great shot of the trunk lid which shows the scars of use, perhaps incurred when gold clubs were being hoisted onto the luggage rack. The Corvette retains its factory-installed 327, close-ratio ‘box and limited-slip rear end, along with a factory hardtop.

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While the seller may have cleaned up the engine bay for photos, there’s a base there that isn’t something you can spit and polish. It’s an honest car, free from evidence of corrosion or long-ignored fluid leaks. There is likely work to be done, I’m sure, but what’s happening under the hood only goes to reaffirm my belief that this Corvette was loved. It even still sports its original dated glass, seatbelts, alternator and overflow tank. Put simply, it’s un-messed with.

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As you can see, the interior remains largely original, and the carpets are surprisingly clean for a lighter-colored material. The manual transmission is a definite plus, and I find it hard to believe those seats weren’t re-trimmed at some point. As you can see in the upper right, the door gaskets are shot but that’s to be expected. Despite sitting in South Carolina for 27 years, I’m assuming it was garaged during that time considering how well it still presents. The owner stopped driving in 1989, after which point its registration expired and it sat until the seller snatched it up.

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I dig the old-school South Carolina license plates, and the inspection tag on the windshield offers further confirmation that this Corvette entered retirement in 1990. Don’t you wonder about the owner – who it was, how they lived, what they used the Corvette for? Was it a sunny-day driver that went to the country club, or just a daily that handled grocery runs? We may never know, but it’s clear to me its caretaker did his or her best to preserve this gorgeous example even once driving became an activity of their past. The asking price is $44,900 with the option to make a best offer.


  1. dirtyharry

    What a great find, a 4 speed car. I just think it would be great to get it running and give it a good cleaning. I think I wouldn’t change anything except for removing some corrosion from the rims. I don’t know what it is worth, but I want it.

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  2. 68 custom

    Nice vette with the L-79 350 horse 327 and four speed. nice car maybe even worth the 44k it is at now.

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  3. ccrvtt

    I want it, too, but for about $10K less than what they’re asking.

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    It is a nice car don’t get me wrong but think I am growing tired of seeing Corvettes. If I wanted to look at them I could watch 15 minutes of ANY collector car auction and see enough.

    These have always been wildly popular and have always been around. BUT are NOT rare and most importantly are TOO expensive for the average car collector. I have worked all my life and would NEVER consider spending the money it would take to obtain a nice example. I have the money so not a dreamer. I would feel guilty as hell on even thinking on spending that much money on a car. I would rather buy my wife that getaway cottage in the country or put the money in a trust for my son. There are 100’s of other cars that would have the same fun factor at a fraction of the cost. Most all would have A/C and such. That you could actually take out and enjoy and not have a care in the world.

    Seems like a lot have been featured here and even more posted for sale throughout the web. It isn’t hard to imagine the from the 1990’s tag on this car the guy bought in his 40’s and paid premium money then. Thought on maybe on restoring it and life got in the way. There are 1000’s of other Corvettes just like it. Older empty nest individuals have been the only ones to afford them. Never wanting to sell only to die off and now their families are cashing in.

    Besides this isn’t a forgotten then found “Barn Find” it has been in a climate controlled environment. Pampered etc. There are many other sites for this car. Lets keep to the original format and post some odd and original cars and the ones that have fallen through the cracks and wayside. Give them needed exposure and hopefully find them a loving home. This car needs no advertising. There will be someone to swoop in and write a check spend some money and we will see it soon enough at West World in 2017 with 400 others.

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    • 427Turbojet 427 Turbojet Member

      I see cars on BF that aren’t my favorites, ( don’t care for any imports) but realize that many people do like them and enjoy seeing and reading about them. I often just skip over the ones that don’t interest me as much, especially if I’m short on time. I wouldn’t presume to tell you not to present them because they’re not my favorite. I’m 59 years old and have had the opportunity to keep many of my cars, still have my 55 Chevy Delray (first car) 39 Chevy sedan delivery ( bought when I was 16) and a 66 Corvette 425 HP coupe bought in 1978. I hope BF will continue as it is and hope it continues to entertain and provide some dreams for all.

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  5. Dan

    No keep posting cars like this also….

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    • DA

      Agreed Dan. All finds are interesting regardless of make model or year.

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  6. 427vette

    Corvettes are often featured everywhere because they have always been the “everymans” car for people of all ages and backgrounds. Most people can relate a fond memory from their youth about a corvette they saw or rode in or were exposed to.
    While many of the later model corvettes are fairly common, early examples like this 67 in this kind of condition are fairly uncommon. Add in the fact 67’s ARE the year to have in the minds of many Corvette fans, that is why you see them featured whenever they show up. They make great eye candy.
    Personally I find this car interesting because my 67 Corvette was built 11 cars after this one, most likely within the same hour. If Barn Finds hadn’t featured it, I would have never known this one was still out there. My car is the polar opposite of this one being a coupe and Marina Blue in color. Just goes to show that there was no color batches being made back in the day. Just build them to order!

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    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Fond memories is correct! My only rides in a mid year was my buddies 63 SWC. So cool! So cool it prompted my to buy 1972 that I still have. And still enjoy looking down that long hood. And a great Labor Day to all!

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    • AMCFAN

      Curious 427vette what is your age range? Your statement about the Corvette being the everymans car is not correct. What everyman can afford a 1967 Corvette in your opinion? (maybe the $2500 one featured the other day but certainly can’t afford to restore) No one I know as they are smarter with their money certainly never paying retail. The collector hobby has these priced way more then what they are worth.

      Certainly not many 30 year and younger care for them like in my era. The demographics are NOT the same. My son didn’t grow up with them in my household because I wasn’t selfish with having a family and a two seat car in the driveway. I made the choice and sold mine. I found alternatives to have a collector car that everyone could enjoy. He made up his mind on what HE likes Now in college his dream cars are located on the other side of the world so by the time he graduates will be legal in the US.

      I married late in life and am a former Corvette owner not someone from the sideline making comments. I had a first gen solid axle car as well as a 1969 427 435 and a driver 1977. My friends all had them and one still does. He is in his late 60’s now (no kids).

      The Corvette featured “seems” rare because almost ALL are over restored. This car is still over priced. It still needs restored. There are still 1000’s left. In fact the ones getting torched or destroyed so someone can collect insurance money are still NOT going away as they are being featured here as well which I think is more appropriate then a climate controlled and pampered car. I stand by my earlier comments. This simply isn’t a barn find.

      Bring on the thumbs down. The truth is always hard to accept.

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      • 427vette


        I am in my mid 40’s, and have been involved in the corvette business since I was 10 when I helped a local body shop owner in the restoration of a 58. I didn’t mean to imply that the corvette was everymans car in the sense of being able to afford one. I simply meant that there are a great number of admirers of these cars across the globe, and almost anyone you ask has a corvette related memory to share, even if they did not own the car.

        While not everyman can afford a 67 corvette, there are PLENTY of other Corvette year models that have a low $$ price of entry, and are just as enjoyable to the hobbyist. Nobody ever said you need to pay retail for a corvette, you just have to be a smart shopper when looking for one. Pictured is my 67 when I found it behind a mechanics shop 13 years ago, and no I didn’t pay retail.

        While it is true that there are 1000’s of corvettes left out there, unrestored midyears are like finding a needle in a haystack. Most of them have been restored and had their history erased. Finding a quality car that has an “honest” history is becoming harder and harder as people chase the $$ in bringing restored cars to market. I can”t tell you how many nice original corvettes have been unnecessarily restored just to make it pretty for the buyer.

        As far as the hobby having these overpriced, it is true that corvettes with chrome bumpers are priced outside the range of a casual hobbyist. These earlier cars have become tradeable commodities in the marketplace, and the prices are due to the popularity of the marque, not some arbitrary number picked out of the air. People will invest in something that has a “perceived” value, and while it may not make much sense to the rest of us, it is what it is. I could make the same argument about the price of Facebook stock, trading at $126 with a P/E ratio of 60. Even though to me there is nothing “there” about this company, it’s perceived value is very high among the millions of people who use it every day. Same with the early corvettes, while the prices may seem insane and out of touch with reality, the popularity of the cars drives the price. At least the corvettes are a concrete asset, and not a screen on your computer blasting ads at you.

        I wonder if you are around many under 30 year olds when you make the comment that they don”t like these cars. My children have grown up around our corvettes, and EVERYTIME we take one of them out for a drive, or pull them into the driveway to wash them the younger kids and parents from the neighborhood will stop by to look at, take pictures, and talk about them. Demographics have nothing to do with whether or not you think a car is “cool”. It is all about how it looks and makes you feel, and these cars still give many younger people an adrenaline rush.

        As far as being selfish for owing a two seater car with a family, that is a bit of a short sighted comment. The corvettes we have belong to my FAMILY, and have been a great way to instill the love of cars in them and share my hobby with them. While we may not all get to pile in the corvettes at once, I certainly don’t mind taking multiple trips in the cars so they all get their turn. It just means I drive my cars more. Furthermore, since I will NEVER sell these corvettes while I am alive, how selfish can it be leaving my wife and kids bankable assets to sell if/when I die?

        Keep on trucking and have a great Labor Day

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      • Rocco

        Most of you here, that recognize my name, by now know I’m a Ford man. I’ve always, since the ’60’s (Rt. 66 TV show) have always admired a Corvette. I just knew I couldn’t afford one. I was realistic about what I could afford and maintain. I had a ’56 chebby in high school. I loved chebbies. I was converted to Fords in the Navy when a buddy had a ’67 Mustang 289 4-speed that would routinely beat my dream car (’66-’67 SS 396 Chevelle). I found out I could do a little work to my ’65 Mustang(I was forced to buy or walk since my parents were co-signing) and have a lot of fun beating those big muscle cars with big engines.
        Well, enough about that. As a Ford guy, I would love to have this ‘Vette or any ’65-’67 ‘Vette in my driveway or garage, as a keeper.

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  7. Bruce

    I know I’ll get a host of thumbs down for this,but…This is a great car and I like pretty much everything about it, but being a professional body man I think if I were to buy it and spend 40+ thousand, I would want nice paint. I know, I know, they are only original once and I could live with solid paint that needed a good buff & wax. This one has already had the front fender tops blended in, there is a lot of cracking and the top of the deck lid looks like it was in a hail storm. The rusty wheels don’t do it for me either. If it were me I’d offer $35 thousand and plan on putting some $$$ in it to make it look sharp. $45 thou all in….

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  8. stillrunners

    It’s on EBAY for Juan’s sakes! And I’m with AMCFan and/or 427vette. I’m ALWAYS watching for cars I’m interested in on all sites – if only to see what they sell for – It’s always been a gauge to see what they will bring as much as to see what’s out there. Think there is some slipping away going onhere but who I’m I to say.

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  9. Russ

    Very much appreciated the comments from 427vette. Well said!

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