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Carport Find: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS

Rumors started the circulate in early 1965 that Chevrolet designers were already working on their answer to Ford’s newly successful Mustang. It was code-named Panther and – 18 months later – the final product would debut badged as the name Camaro. In its first year, Chevy would sell one Camaro for every two Mustangs, so they had their work cut out for them. This first-year Super Sport would see more than 34,400 copies built, the large majority being the SS 350 like the seller’s rolling project, which may also be a Rally Sport. Located in Marvin, North Carolina, this Camaro’s interior is full of parts and the car is available here on craigslist for $8,000. Thanks for the tip, Chuck Foster!

The 350 cubic inch V8 was new to Chevrolet in 1968 and exclusive to the Camaro until the following year. The L48 SS option at 295 hp added $210.65 to the sticker price. But 85% of the Camaro Super Sports built in ’68 came with the L48, making it not especially rare. However, these cars were built for speed, and many were abused and found their way to the scrap yard way too soon. The seller’s L48 has avoided that fate so far – but not by much. We surmise this car may have been an RS, too, given the likelihood of hidden headlights whose trap doors are no longer there.

This Camaro is a chassis with wheels at this stage. The engine and 4-speed transmission the car was built with have long since flown the coop, along with its glass. It’s hard to tell how complete this rusty, once-blue Chevy is because a lot of parts and components are piled up in the interior. It still has its original 12-bolt rear-end, but most everything else may be subject to a search for replacements. At least an attempt has been made to keep the car covered, but that may not have prevented rust from becoming Public Enemy #1. And the title is missing, so is this car viable for a restorable, or do you buy it for the VIN?


  1. Avatar photo Melton Mooney

    It’s going to cost a fortune to bring this poor baby back to life, but it’s worth a couple grand in parts.

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  2. Avatar photo George Mattar

    Another pile only a fool would spend money to buy and then dump thousands into a restoration. These early Camaros have been valuable for decades. Strange how they end up like this. I will never understand people.

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  3. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    “Hello, Cars For Kids”? About the ’67 Camaro I wanted to donate; you came by and left without it…hello? Hello?”

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  4. Avatar photo A.G.

    Unfortunately this is/was an RS/SS. Move along, there’s nothing to see here.

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  5. Avatar photo mike

    No title,a lot of rust and missing parts…for how much??

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  6. Avatar photo Another Mike

    Another person that can’t take a cover off. Is this the new normal?

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    • Avatar photo Steve Clinton

      It is when you’re ashamed of it.

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  7. Avatar photo Grog

    Even if it was complete $6k is crazy, $2k is questionable.

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    • Avatar photo John S Dressler

      $1,000 car – tops! And that’s just for the VIN.

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  8. Avatar photo AndyinMA

    I’m not as good with cars as I used to be, I thought this was a pile of scrap metal

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  9. Avatar photo Sarge

    This makes me sad. I’m not sure if the hood is of value and the badging and drivetrain but not much else.

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    • Avatar photo Sam Shive

      What Drivetrain ? Engine and Tranny are GONE and at any GO PULL IT A Rear End Is $50.00. Hood $35.00

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  10. Avatar photo Robert Collins

    What’s the going price for scrap metal these days????

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  11. Avatar photo Greg Williams

    Don’t think so !!!

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  12. Avatar photo ChingaTrailer

    Not a car. But the right to build a car and have a V.I.N. for it when done.

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  13. Avatar photo DON SICURA

    Aside from the rust, missing parts & all the other problems, this baby should be back on the road in about 5 or 6 years………..lol

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  14. Avatar photo charlie morrison

    We all love the muscle car era but let’s face it these were rare in some cases but mostly a daily driver. They looked great for sure but to make this one great once again it’s going to take a lot of spit and shine. The car has been sitting way too long, in some cases the new buyer may spend a couple of thousand just to get it to a destination. I think $4000.00 tops

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  15. Avatar photo TK

    Complete garbage, nothing looks usable, even the hood latch is rusted, only worth a vin maybe

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  16. Avatar photo GW-45

    $4000. tops

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  17. Avatar photo walt

    $3000 tops 4 me if I owned my own commercial Sand basting machine

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  18. Avatar photo walt mcclurg

    $3000 tops 4 me if I owned my own commercial sandblaster

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  19. Avatar photo Jerry

    When the author says “buy it for the VIN”, I am assuming to be used on another vehicle. Rebodies are illegal, and I am surprised he would say or condone breaking federal laws. There are already too many shady individuals cheating unsuspecting buyers like that.

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  20. Avatar photo Steve

    Some days this column show be called Junkyard Finds. 😳

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  21. Avatar photo Mike Napo

    How can’t anyone have a car turn to garbage

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  22. Avatar photo Terry Shanahan

    When you cover a car witha tarp and leave it for an extended period of time this is what all that trapped moisture does.

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  23. Avatar photo Jeremy

    The Craigslist ad lists the car in fair condition. Was that the only option. I think it’s FAIR to say “NOT”

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    • Avatar photo Gerald Edgar

      Indeed, it’s not even a ‘car’ any longer – just a few rusted parts.

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  24. Avatar photo Frank

    Typical seller. Waits till the car is junk. Then thinks it’s worth big money. Whats with people are they that ignorant when it comes to car storage? You don’t cover a car outside, with a plastic tarp. You might as well spray water on it everyday. It would be same thing.

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  25. Avatar photo Karl

    It is 100k away from being a 60k car.

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  26. Avatar photo Russell Ashley

    Looks like someone started to restore it and gave up when they decided it was too much for them. You can see a new floor pan in one of the pics that is tacked in but not completely welded in. I wonder what the story on this car is, how it got to the condition it’s in and why was it allowed to get that way. I doubt anyone is going to pay the asking price so it might wind up sitting and rusting away. I think for a car like this it’s best to put it on EBay and let the highest bidder take it.

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  27. Avatar photo Eugene W.

    Do I sense instant gratification here? Seems many folks here don’t want to put some hard work into a project. They want to just say how bad it is. Someone will buy this and bring it back very nicely, and then all you naysayers will be standing in line to buy. Or will you criticize it to death and still say what you would have done instead? What’s up with that?

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    • Avatar photo Jeremy

      It’s not the car , I love all Camaros. It’s the price, and the fact that someone let’s a car be that far gone before trying to get top dollar out of it

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  28. Avatar photo walt mcclurg

    It’s a 1/4 mile dirt tracker shell car shell, $1,000 bucks

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