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CARS! 9 Full Size Replicas

CARS collection

You probably know the story, may have seen the films or the toys but you may not have a full-size collection of your own, now do you? Well, here’s your chance! Listed here on craigslist in St. Louis, Missouri is a full size set of 9 of the “charters” from the film “Cars” with a price of $100K or $80K cash. We can’t help but wonder though if there will be some type of future Intellectual Property problems? Is there a license to use these designs? We don’t know, do you? A question to the owner along these lines maybe in order.

CARS collection 2

This “collection” is located in Texas and the ad does not give the specific location. You will have to contact the owner for more information.

CARS collection 1

There is very little information included with the photos in the craigslist ad. The owner is hoping these end up along Route 66 somewhere for tourists to enjoy. They state they cannot donate these to a museum. The owner wishes for serious inquiries only, again no jokes. These can be delivered. We don’t know if “Mater”, “Lighting” or any of their “Friends” run, can be driven, or will drive themselves to your location. Again, remember no jokes!



  1. Avatar photo Walter Joy

    Someone needs to restore them to their former glory

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  2. Avatar photo John T

    Ad is taken down already. I’m guessing they were not officially licensed by Disney….

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  3. Avatar photo randy

    Someone is in deep kimchi. Maybe Disney bought them.

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  4. Avatar photo David Member

    They were just cars and trucks modified to look like the movie cars. We had a Fiat 500 and a Hudson in the museum for awhile that were used as models for the characters Luigi and Doc and were “in costume”. They were a big hit with the kids.

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    I really like that Chevy tow truck, I would put it back to original and drive it.

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  6. Avatar photo Stefan

    There would only be an IP issue if the owner monetized them claiming any sort of official status.

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    • Avatar photo Brad

      Exactly. You can’t randomly sue someone for making something. They have to be profiting off it… and I don’t get the sense this is less of a repeat performance, and more of a seller realizing they’re no longer interested in this very odd project.

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  7. Avatar photo Charles

    Mater is a Dodge!

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    • Avatar photo BradL

      Dodge never made a truck in that era where the hood opening dropped between the lights.

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      • Avatar photo Charles

        According to Google Mater is based on a 1951 IH, however the truck is also listed as a combination of trucks.

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  8. Avatar photo Ian C.

    Lol that tractor is glorious

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  9. Avatar photo ImpalaGuy

    Love this collection. Radiator Springs, not heaven, is where I want to go when this road trip is done and I go off to that great garage in the sky. Not sure if Disney has any type of legal claim. If there’s any justice in this world we should sue all of those folks who made the “General Lee” clones.

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  10. Avatar photo randy

    Good point, but it was different world back then, wasn’t it?

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