Cat Collection: 4 Jaguar XJ6s For $1,600

Sleeping Cats

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The seller somehow herded these four cats, listed here on craigslist in Creighton, PA, and three of them went willingly; as in, under their own power. The gold one wasn’t as cooperative. An asking price of $1,600 for all four cars seems quite reasonable as there surely has to be enough Great Britain goodness here to more than break even if you were to just resell the parts.

Looks Nice From Behind

According to the owner, each car has around 100k miles, give or take, and the buyer must take all four cars. But, he also states, “..or make a really good offer on one or parts.” The cars, all XJ sedans between 1975 and 1986, would seem to be parts cars at this point, being stored outside for who knows how long a few miles northeast of Pittsburgh.

Jaguar XJ6s

Jaguar XJ sedans certainly aren’t the coolest cats ever made, but at $400 apiece, do you think they are worth pouncing on?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Jesse JesseStaff

    If these were mine, I would pick the one with the best body and then use parts from the other cars to make it complete. Then I’d sell the other cars off and order a V8 kit for my new cruiser. I typically wouldn’t encourage that kind of behavior, but that does seem to be the best use for these cars.

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  2. Rich

    Jesse, I think you’re right. The only other option is to just walk away from this. Sadly these just don’t have much value.

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  3. junkmanMember

    These cars are wicked frame rusters and the electrics are a nightmare. The fuel doors leak so there is always water in the tanks. Junk value only isn’t $1600, closer to half that. Sorry to bust your bubble but these cars are of no value.

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  4. van

    Sad thing is these drive great
    Much better than a Mercedes

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  5. rancho bella

    Remember when these were a big deal?………..And now? Nothing

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  6. Doug M. (West Coast)Member

    Wonder how the ebay parts market is for these cars?? a Lot of parts there??

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  7. MountainMan

    The parts may not be of any real high value due to the number of non running jags out there. That being said if this were close to me I don’t think I could resist. Like van said these cars are very nice to drive. I’ve put a lot of miles on XJ’s and th same era Benz as well and the overall ride quality is very comparable. Jesees plan sounds like a winner but I think I would want to keep one with the jag 6 alive if possible. It’s a nice running engine when it’s actually running. The problems are generally caused by all the other components surrounding that engine

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  8. skloon

    Enough to make a Jagamino a limo and a coupe !!! plus one to live in when the wife kicks me out

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  9. Ben T. Spanner

    Just west of Pittsburgh is one of the largest independent sellers of used Jag parts. I doubt he would want them. Trim and interior pieces are in demand. These cars have none that are usable. I’m certain they look worse in person.

    I had a series I for 20 years. These are toast.

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  10. jim s

    i think parts only. if i was going to part them out i would keep one of the motors. i always like the looks of the 6 and V12 motor. put a see thru top on them and use as a table in the cave. interesting find.

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  11. Muz

    Sad to see this like this. I had a Double Six Jaguar Sovereign (XJ12) from new. It was a fabulous car which I kept for years….. Had a few problems but nothing serious. The car on the right in the last picture above looks to be the same colour blue as mine was…….

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  12. Jay

    I owned a 1989 XJ6. It was the nicest driving car that I ever owned. I wish that I had kept it.

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  13. Greg Stegall

    I Have owned a series 2, series 3, and series 5 XJs among other Jaguars. By far the later series the best. However the series 1 has always aloofed me. I am just not ready to take the plunge.

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  14. Cebo

    These Jags run great once you drop a small block Chevy in

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    • Muz

      You’ve obviously never driven a Double Six (V12)….. You can keep your small block Chev for small Chevs 😄

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