CB and a 351: 1979 Ford LTD


There is nothing quite like a big, comfortable American-made sedan. Factor in their relaibility and utilitarian qualities and it becomes clear why so many are used as police cars and government vehicles (in additon to being the right thing to do to use Amercian iron for those civic duties). This 1979 Ford LTD here on eBay clearly was cherished by its previous owners for its reliable performance and low-mileage condition, with just 45K miles on the clock.


The body on this broad-shouldered sedan is in impressive condition, a theme that carries over to the interior. The seller claims he did not intend to sell this car for a variety of reasons, including sentimental attachment. While the car may be up for grabs, it does have some minor issues that the seller notes which stand out more as annoyances than anything detrimental to the driving experience.


The CB radio is a factory installed item, and comes with its original instruction manual. Unfortunately, the handheld device is not working but the amp at least still powers up. The carpets and dash remain in excellent condition, and it’s nice to see a center stack that hasn’t been hacked apart for a modern radio. The seller claims the sticker price for this LTD was over $10,000 when new, which would have been quite the investment back in the day.


The venerable 351 makes its home here, and the seller highlights just a few minor mechanical issues, like the valve cover gaskets needing replacing. The power windows and A/C are both wonky and tend to come and go without warning. The seller has already performed a fair amount of work, including adding new sparkplugs, cap and rotor, transmission filter and new shocks and struts front and rear. Overall, this will likely be a solid performer for years to come – but where will the no-reserve bidding end up?


  1. Howard A Member

    This was exactly the kind of car grandpa would have bought. I’ve never seen a factory CB in a car before, I know Ford offered them in their Bronco line. The unit was made by Motorola, and the rest of the unit is under the dash. I don’t see the antenna, which was a 3 phase deal, AM, FM, and CB, with splitters for each. They are quite scarce now, and regular CB antenna’s will work, but I wouldn’t waste my money. There was a time when the CB radio was king, but with the advent of cell phones, they are almost non-existent now. This car was, and still is, just a basic, dependable family hauler with a little class. Not for me, but just a nice car.

    • ChevyTruckGuy

      CB radios were actually a factory option on several American vehicle lines, not only trucks. CB radios were even a factory option for Corvette, from 1978 to 1985. I’d like to think that CB radios are a great vintage touch to vehicles of this time period.

      • Pookie Jamie P

        1978-1982… for the factory cb radio… corvettes had their new design and dash in 84…. and the 83 Corvette was non existent….

    • Bobsmyuncle

      CB still remains the best ‘radar detector’ going on the interstates.

  2. Bingo

    Bad combo of non functioning items. A/C and power windows? Even up here in Minnesota.

  3. dirtyharry

    Whatever it sells for will be a bargain and you will still have a “Lincoln-like” experience on the highway. These are safe cars and would be great on a road trip. The few things that are wrong don’t amount to much and parts are often cheaper than lunch. I just don’t like green.

  4. Dutch 1960

    I am holding out for the package used in the tunnel in “Men in Black”. Certainly that was a factory option?

  5. Francisco

    Am I color blind? That car looks blue to me.

    • Bobsmyuncle

      BTW for you guys having trouble deciphering the colour, ‘blue/green colour blindness’ is very, no VERY common among men. As is orange/red.

  6. Neil G.

    Not blue. Seller states it is Green exterior and green interior

  7. JB

    I’m color blind too, but it looks like a pale green to me.

    I am a big fan of these cars.

    The factory CB was an option on the LTD/Crown Vic right through 1991. Windows usually fail because of the nylon gears on the motors. Not too hard to change out. You can do one in a couple of hours. Just have window up and hold it with tape when you remove the old motor, or it will slam down

    If you have a freon manifold, vac pump and a little time AC is no big deal either. Change out the condenser though-you can never get the oil out, and the old oil is not compatible with R134a. You need to blow out the oil in the rest if the system too, also new need accumulator and orifice tube.

    They all have valve cover leaks, but an easy repair on this one.

    I have two 91s right now, and actually had an ’80 with a 351 bunch of years ago. Motor was good, but car was whipped. Used it for parts and rebuilt engine.
    With throttle body EFI and good overdrive transmission this will cruise very nicely for a long time.

  8. Rob

    Chocolate Chip Mint green aka Federal Green. Hate that color.

  9. JCW Jr. Member

    Glad to see others that don’t like green.

  10. grant

    A few thoughts. At 10k in 1979 (damn) and bid to $2500 now, that’s a terrible investment; although the qualifier “quite a” still might be somewhat accurate. These cars are boring to me, although the factory CB is an interesting option that I wasn’t aware of. Lastly, Grandma Mary called, she wants her car back.

  11. Jubjub

    I remember riding in one, this same color scheme and wheelcovers but with single head lamps, to go see “Every Which Way But Loose” at the theatre.

    Kinda like a pail forest service green.

    My ’82 Mk VI had a digitally tuned AM/FM, 8-Track with a built in CB.

  12. VR LIVES

    To quote Rod Stewart “You Wear It Well”, it suits the car, even if pastels reflect the big bodied behemoths of the 50’s. I feel green is a color that matures with age, my Father told me green cars are prone to wrecks. Had a 98 Mark VIII,.beautiful car car, wrecked the expensive neon tail light. Nice transportation piece.

  13. Glen

    This car appears to be in great condition. Bidding is at $2550.00, I think that’s a great price for this. This isn’t a real classic, but a useable everyday driver, that happens to be in really good condition ( for the most part ).

  14. Tom S.

    The handy online value calculator I looked at says $10,000 in 1979 had the same buying power as around $34,000 in 2016. That’s about the msrp of a mid-range 2016 Ford Taurus, and half the cost of a current deluxe pickup truck.

    • grant

      Well to be fair, a midrange taurus msrp is about 29k, the limited is 34k but it’s a step below top of the line. Imagine my surprise to see a fully tarter up on runs 40+…

  15. Bobsmyuncle

    If this wasn’t green I’d have no interest. The CB is just icing.

    Very cool.

  16. Rock On Member

    grant- not a great investment, but it only cost him about $22.00 a month to drive this car for 37 years!!!

  17. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    “it does have some minor issues that the seller notes which stand out more as annoyances”… Ya, like that bumper sticker. Never understood why people put stickers on their cars. Heat gun & acetone will take care of that though.

  18. Lion

    Bought one of these new in ’79. Beautiful two tone maroon, dark over light and matching interior. Looked great and was a nice highway cruiser. What a lemon! It blew a tranny and the engine was smoking. Lasted only four years and I always treat my cars well. Traded it off for an ’83 Chevette for my wife’s commute to work and the Chevette is still on the road today. (ugh, and I’m a Ford man.)

  19. ChevyTruckGuy

    Jamie P. – I realize that there were no produced-for-sale 1983 Corvettes. As for 1984 and 1985, RPO UN8 would get you a factory-installed AM/FM/CB radio, for $215.00. 178 sold for 1984 models and 16 in 1985. Just FYI.

  20. Nova Scotian

    My neighbours very old dad had bought a sharp new dark cherry red one, red interior. We all really liked the car, and had a few spins in it. Drove excellent. After the old man was done with it, which was like 5 years, he passed it in to his 20 something son. He drove what ever life was left in it. Took about another 10-12 years of heavy pounding though. Tougher car than I thought.

  21. angliagt

    This same car just showed up on our local craigslist.
    Flipper……..or scam?


  22. Francisco

    This car supposedly sold on Ebay for $3000.00. Something stinks here. I’ll bet the Ebay people will find this interesting.

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