Certified Original! 34,290 Mile 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass S


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It’s not often that you get the chance to purchase a car that’s actually been certified by the marque owner’s club as being 100% original. Now we realize that isn’t really 100%, but what that does mean is that 100% of the paint, chrome, upholstery, carpet, glass and vinyl roof are original. It’s located in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is up for auction here on eBay. Bidding is starting at $10,000 and of course there is a reserve.


The car’s cloth interior, carpet, headliner, trunk mat, vinyl roof, tinted glass, and even the T-3 headlights are all the original parts it left the dealership with. The car even has it’s original radiator hoses and brakes, although I’m not sure I’d want to drive it very far with those hoses! According to the seller, the drive belts, battery, exhaust, tires, and tune-up items are the only items that have been replaced.


Just look at that shiny paint. I’m amazed at how nice this looks! Someone must have really loved this car–the seller says they purchased it from the original owner in 2007.


While I can’t say I like the interior, it’s certainly in nice condition! The dash, gauges, steering wheel and other components look just as nice. I can’t believe no one has sat in these seats with an uncapped pen, or spilled black coffee, or any of the number of things I or other family members have managed to do to our fabric interiors over the years!


Under the hood looks nice, but obviously not as nice as the exterior of the car. I’m not sure at what point you would want to clean up and repaint some of those components, but remember, it’s only original once!  I would certainly be proud to both drive and show this cool original vehicle. Speaking of cool — the air conditioning compressor is the only non-working component; it’s seized and the seller has removed the belt. However, they are including a functional age-appropriate spare if you choose to replace the original and make the system functional. I guess that would depend on what you were doing with the car, but with everything else working, I think I’d do it. Could you find a home for this really original car?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Paul R

    Nice Cutlass..
    Its been along time since I have seen yellow Ziebart rustproofing plugs all over a car! Must of worked as these cars were bad about rusting under the vinyl top and around the rear window.

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  2. piper62j

    I recall the Cutlass S was one step above the Cutlass back in 68 69 model years.. This one seems to have some nice options added. Very comfortable cars to drive and not too peppy on the road, but they were not made to be muscle cars..
    This one is nice and should bring its’ new owner many smiles per mile..
    I like it..

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  3. fordfan

    Looks like it has a leak of some kind as there is a wet spot under the front of the car.
    It may be just a water mark from washing the car .
    If I were selling it I would have moved it foward ,then taken the picture . Nice car
    The cutless s was the ” malibu” model while the supreame was the formal roof line model

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    • Kalo

      Malibu is a chevy.. smdh
      In order
      Cutlass “S”

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  4. Kincer DaveMember

    Wow this car brings back so many memories, my first car was a triple green 72 Cutlass Supreme, if I had the cash this would be mine! I know it’s not some screaming muscle car but neither was mine, just a very nice first car and I would love to be behind the wheel again.

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  5. Howard A. Howard AMember

    Ok, THIS car clearly has the original mileage. Can you see the difference from some of the other “alleged” low mileage cars? Trunk clean, original spare, super clean interior and dash, engine, relatively clean. The underside is the only thing that has me a little concerned, but is entirely possible for an original car this old. I knew a guy whose mom had a car like this. It was/is a very nice car, probably the best years for Cutlass. They were very popular and not the most collectible ( yet) but just a great Oldsmobile. ( fast forward 25 years, people will say ,”what’s an Oldsmobile?”)

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  6. redwagon

    lovely car, obviously well taken care of and strikingly original. ( is ‘strikingly’ even a word?)

    however, that green. ufda. it screams early 70’s. we had a triple green ’72 impala that I learned to drive in. loved the freedom it gave me but hated the colors, even had a green vinyl roof. thankfully this one has bare metal roof. much cleaner looking. nope just looked again, this one is afflicted l f .

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    • jackthemailman

      Ufda?!? This is where I put my hand over my mouth and point at you with the other. Svensk? You betcha!

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  7. rdc

    Amazingly nice. I like the green exterior color. Dislike the green interior and vinyl roof. My wife had a blue 71 when we first married. Nice car.

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  8. DolphinMember

    Way more appeal with this Olds than with the Reatta. I’m guessing that it doesn’t have all the scarce, expensive-to-fix stuff like the Reatta, and that it will have bulletproof, or close, reliability.

    This is a really good looking design that I think looks even better as time passes. It might be a bit expensive as it sits, but it looks good, has believable low miles, and you could get a way worse car for the same money. I hope it ends up with a sympathetic new owner.

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  9. Poppy

    Only a 2bbl, but it has disc brakes that I think were still an option in ’71. My first ’70 Supreme had a 350 2bbl and it had really nice throttle response (larger throttle plates than the Q-jet primaries) and good low end torque.

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  10. Ralph Terhune

    Keep the Reatta….I’ll take the Cutlass!

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  11. WhatDidHeJustSay?

    Nice example. Beautifully shaped, especially in these colors. They’re not great to drive, though – I learned to drive partly in one of these (it belonged to my mother’s girlfriend), but I much preferred to drive my mother’s Peugeot.

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  12. erikj

    Back around1978 My uncle knew I was ready for a better car. He called one nice summer saterday and told me to go to the local chev. dealer,ask for a certain salesman to show me a 71 cutless that some older people had just traded in.It was super nice with only70k miles,2door with the rally wheels.Green with a white painted top rocket 350 4 barrel auto and like new buckets with a consoleloaded with most all the options.even though the int, was green it was perfect. I drove it ,loved it and than the sales guy said it was something like $1700. I told him that I did not have that money,not even close. He told me to call my uncle and the uncle asked me if I liked it and yes of corse.I gave the phone back to the salesman and they talked then the sales man hungup.All he said was do I like it and if I want it I said I love it just no money. He bascily handed me the keys and said its yours my uncle and I would work the money out by working on the farm . I even got a coupon for a free fill up.I had a grin ear to ear for a week. best summer saterday ever-no idea that was going to happen.

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    • Jk

      I can’t help but to love to hear a story like this , your uncle was very nice to do this , awesome👍👍

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  13. sparkster


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    What color are those seat belts? Blue? Black? Dark green? Just look out of place to me, or it’s my monitor that is a bit old I guess. It is a lovely car. Fix the AC and it’s a driver in my opinion. I don’t see it as a museum piece or a trailer queen. Just a really nice clean reliable driver.

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  15. Mark 'cuda man

    I came across a 1968 Cutlass in Traverse City, Michigan in the late 1990’s that had 28k one owner miles. It had been garaged since the day it was brought home from the dealer. The 90 year old owner was not very responsive when I tried to buy it. It was white with a light colored interior (can’t remember) and was mint with a squirrel living on the top of the engine. I often wonder what happened to that car.

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  16. Prowler

    In 1968 or 1969 there really was no S model…they all had the same roofline
    In 1970 the entry level car was the F85
    It came in the S…fastback body style
    If I remember right choices were post or no post…pretty bare cars
    The cutlass S body style was the only way a 442 came unless it was a convertible…then you got the more formal supreme body style
    The Supreme was also the only body choice when ordering a Cutlass SX….the bankers 442
    This 71 looks like a very honest car
    As far as the green goes…..that’s the way people wanted them…..I don’t get it but they built a ton of them

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  17. piper62j

    I was a line mechanic at Kason Oldsmobile in Fairfax VA in 1968 and we did sell 1968 Cutlass S models.. Here is a Hagerty clip.
    History of the 1968-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass

    Oldsmobile’s fully redesigned 1968 Cutlass models were built on two wheelbases—112 inches for 2-door “Cutlass S” styles and 116 inches for Cutlass/Cutlass Supreme 4-doors.

    And, here’s a pic.. or two..

    Just an fyi

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  18. piper62j


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  19. Roselandpete

    Up to 12.6k.

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  20. Charles H.

    I don’t think this car would have came from the factory with a dual exhaust system…..and which type Rally Wheels did it come with?…..the ones it is wearing, or the one that the spare tire is wearing? still an extremely nice and well cared for example though! The best looking generation of Cutlass, as far as I’m concerned ……

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  21. Car Guy

    What a nice example. I have never been fond of the dark green that seemed to be the rage back them. However, to see this car in basically unaltered condtion I can understand why many people purchased this color combo

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  22. Mark Hungerford

    I purchased the car and it is just as nice in person as it looked in the photos. Very happy with it!

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Terrific, Mark! We’d love to see a update with pictures!

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