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Charlie’s Angels Car? 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia

“Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the police academy.”… Three little girls? It was a different era I guess. The seller of this 1977 Ford Mustang II Ghia thinks that it may have been used on the TV show Charlie’s Angels and they have it posted here on craigslist in the Phoenix, Arizona area. They’re asking $8,300 or best offer. Here is the original listing.

Charlie’s Angels reportedly came about after the success of Angie Dickinson’s show, Police Woman. I can’t even think of the cars used in that show but for some odd reason, I remember the Ford Pintos and Mustang IIs used in Chuck’s Angels. It’s hard to see the documentation that the seller provides about the possible Jaclyn Smith connection to this car. They provide a few photos here of the possible celebrity connection or connection to the show and it’s almost impossible to read any of the documents.

I’m not sure if this car would have actually been used in the filming of the Charlie’s Angels TV series or if the connection would really add a lot of value. What do you think, would it? Car show bragging rights for sure, if anyone could or would brag about owning a 1977 Mustang II Ghia. I’m kidding! I really like this era and Hagerty is very bullish on the Ghia from this year, giving a #3 good condition car a value of a whopping $9,000! I kid you not, that’s up from $5,200 at the end of 2020, a 73% increase in one year. Yes, certain cars are great investments, even Mustang II Ghias.

There are a couple of flaws on the exterior, mainly the paint on the roof, but I don’t see anything alarming inside other than a wrinkled dash which may be from California and/or Arizona heat? The front seats look great as do the rear seats. They don’t seem to have suffered from the heat but there appears to be some discoloring on the front seats unless that’s a trick of light and shadow. Sadly, this one doesn’t have the optional sunroof.

The Ghia model isn’t seen as often as the regular Mustang II or even the Cobra it seems. They really were decked out in all of the mid-1970s goodies such as a padded landau roof, wide bodyside moldings, fancy wheels, a little opera window on each side, etc. This one, thankfully, has the top engine, Ford’s 302 cubic-inch V8 which had 132 horsepower for the California version. It looks appropriately dusty and the AC works! This looks like a really nice car for anyone who is into unusual Mustang II models, not to mention a possible other model connection… What are your thoughts, is this a Charlie’s Angels car, and does that add value if it was the car used in the TV series?


  1. Avatar photo Bluetec320 Member

    Here are a few pics of the original car from IMCDB. I must say that they do look-alike. Even down to the V8 emblem on the lower front fender.

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    • Avatar photo Bick Banter

      Excellent research there buddy. This is where we actually need a Marti Report. To tell us how many were made in this color combination with the trunk rack and the V8. From there, you could calculate the odds that it is the TV car.

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  2. Avatar photo Bob_in_TN Member

    Obviously the same model, but hard to say it’s the same car; perhaps examining the documentation would help. For me it wouldn’t matter, I would be more interested in the car as it stands. Ghias equipped like this aren’t common but aren’t exceptionally rare either. This one looks nice and would be something different at Cars & Coffee.

    As Scotty points out, values of Mustang II’s, especially clean ones (which are hard to find) are increasing. People are appropriately recognizing their important place in Mustang history. Popular in their day, they clearly represent the 70’s and bridged the gap until the revered Fox Body platform arrived. And no, they are NOT “Pinto based”, as has recently been discussed.

    Craigslist seller flunked the use of periods.

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  3. Avatar photo Jake8687

    And I think I have a car driven by Jon Voight. There’s a pencil in the glove box with his teeth marks on it. I need to find his dentist to confirm.

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  4. Avatar photo Stevieg

    Whether a famous car or not, still a cool car. I never drove one with the 8 cylinder, I would like to.

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    • Avatar photo gaspumpchas

      Stevieg, dont get your hopes up, even with the lightweight and the v8 these were a dawg. Had a Customer that had the so called “cobra” fastback, and steppin on the gas was like sticking your foot in a bucket of mush, that was a 4 speed. As Far as the Pinto connection, not sure if it used a pinto platform, but it used the same components. Hated to see them roll into the shop.
      My $.02 worth.

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      • Avatar photo Bick Banter

        It was built on the Pinto platform. Agreed it would be a dog with the stock 302. But if you modified it would make it considerably livelier.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve Clinton

    A mediocre car, on a mediocre show, from a mediocre decade.

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  6. Avatar photo Shawn

    A cool car that wasn’t loved for a long time, but it’s good seeing folks start to pay attention to these. Ties to the show or not, this is a nice clean example that seems worth the price.

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  7. Avatar photo Mutt

    Farrah Fawcett did not sign the glove box door,
    so, I’m out.

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  8. Avatar photo Jeff Nolden

    Nice looking car, but for 9k it would have to include Jacklyn Smith.

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    • Avatar photo Srt8

      I don’t know man, with inflation you may want to rethink that.

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  9. Avatar photo Chris Manuel

    This was “my” first car I drove in high school (it was my moms daily driver). It was the Ghia package in the same color all the way down to the padded vinyl top, but I think a 78. Seats were cloth and housed the screaming…I mean moaning 4 cylinder. One of those cars you had to turn the A/C off to get on the highway. Not good in mud. Bumpers must have been police grade as they were able to push many things without leaving a mark.

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  10. Avatar photo marlon w smith

    Today is Farrah’s birthday

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  11. Avatar photo SincerePolack

    Farrah’s was a a Cobra II

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  12. Avatar photo Rich Townsend

    In 1975 while in college, I bought a silver 74 Mustang II Fastback – 4 cyl 4 spd. I got married to a girl who had a copper colored M II with a white vinyl top, 4 cylinder auto. Then I met a more agreeable girl with the same color M II, standard model and without the vinyl top. The first one went away, back to her parents – I’m still married to #2!
    3 Mustang IIs in a very short period of time!

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  13. Avatar photo GeorgeL

    Could be, but the car being advertised is missing the front and rear bumper guards that are present on the TV car. Maybe someone removed them; maybe it’s not the same car. I’m sure there were plenty of those built.

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    • Avatar photo GeorgeL

      Found this page with several photos. At least one of them doesn’t have the bumper guards. Several different license plates, some look Cream color, some look Tan (2 different colors offered in ’77). At least one photo has Farrah in it and she was only in the ’76 season.

      Suffice to say, if this Mustang was used in the series, it wasn’t the only one.


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  14. Avatar photo Joe

    Smith drove a 1976 Mustang II Ghia in the show, not a 1977.

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  15. Avatar photo Sean G

    Looking online it looks like Kelly Garrett (Jacqueline Smith) car was a 1976 nit a 77 like the one pictured here, but it does have the same color and roof combo

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  16. Avatar photo D-man

    somebody just go sniff the seats…. problem solved

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  17. Avatar photo Howie Mueler

    Mighty clean and low miles.

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  18. Avatar photo Terry V

    I’m not sure that the car from the TV show had a V8 engine.The photos of the car from the show do not have V8 emblems on the front fenders and this car does.Still a nice car for the money.

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    • Avatar photo Bick Banter

      See above imcdb pictures. The TV car does have the V8 emblems, and trunk rack.

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  19. Avatar photo Little_Cars Member

    Marti report, if they include this year Mustang, would be essential. I am guessing cars equipped this way numbered into the 5 figures, but I could be mistaken. They made close to 30,000 Ghias each year. Dealers would probably have to check the box next to V8 option and maybe luggage rack, but otherwise this might be quite common variation.

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  20. Avatar photo Scotty Gilbertson Staff

    Excellent sleuthing, folks!

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  21. Avatar photo Little_Cars Member

    Thought this was funny, from the Mustang site, regarding Marti — “one of a kind” doesn’t always equate to a high street value. Sure, maybe not a lot of people ordered a Mustang in beige with a parchment bench seat. But that just means not many people wanted one then, and they probably don’t now.”

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  22. Avatar photo Eddie

    If I remember correctly Smiths 1st Mustang 2 got blowed up and she got another one in the show.

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  23. Avatar photo That Guy

    Seems like a fair price for this car in this condition, regardless of any TV connection. They really weren’t bad cars, just disappointing Mustangs. But they sold huge numbers, so the market spoke.

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