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Chauffeur Required: 1959 Mercedes 300D


Up for viewing is some new inventory from our favorite Porsche 356 skeleton hoarder. Located here on craigslist is a 1959 Mercedes 300D for $13,500. The car is a rare dividing window model, which is basically a glass partition that created a barrier between the fore and aft cabins. That feature better be worth it to you, however, to justify taking on this restoration. 


Cars like this were designed to shuttle the kings and presidents of nations, in addition to high-net worth executives. Though the woodgrain dash and leather seating surfaces have perished, Mercedes actually operates a very well regarded classic specialist division, full of spares and reproduction parts of every shape and size. Sliding behind the refurbished wheel of a well-running M189 engine – the same one used in the 300SL sports car – would be a treat.


Given the volume of surface rust on the chassis components and the lack of solid metal along the base of the doors, I’d wager this big Benz was sitting on damp ground or at least routinely exposed to water. I’m guessing some of this could be cleaned up with media blasting but I’d want to replace all of the suspension bits before parading down the road. These 300D’s featured an enlongated wheel base to match the length of the competing Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, so there is a lot of weight being carried on that rusty chassis and corroded suspension.


With only 3,077 300Ds made, this is a special car. It was almost certainly owned by someone of impressive means, and if I were to restore one, I’d want the interior fitted with all of the high-dollar bits: writing tables, curtains, and of course, the glass partition. Compared to a 600 Pullman, this will be a breeze to restore! Would you want to bring this one back?


  1. Clay Bryant

    Who would want it……………….no radio.

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  2. Mark S

    I’d be willing to bet that it would be about 200K or more to bring this car back from the dead, media blast this and there’d be no car left time to put it in the big metal press and lower the roof line.

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  3. Luke Fitzgerald

    Jeff – you’re joking – a breeze?

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    • Jeff Staff

      Have you seen the estimated restoration costs to bring a similar Pullman back from the dead? Not joking. This would be cheap by comparison.

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  4. HoA Howard A Member

    I should have known,,, California. They seem to have a gilded sense of what things are worth. ( maybe because everything is so expensive there) After looking this up, it apparently is called an “Adenauer” limo. It was definitely high-class, and who knows what bigshot rode in the back. Looking at this gives me the “heebie-jeebies” ( the front suspension alone is a work of art) and couldn’t imagine tackling this. And where did a snow tire come from in L.A.?

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    • francisco

      It could have belonged to good old Conrad himself. I heard he didn’t like music.

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  5. Texas Tea

    Could someone please pass me a fork…………………….

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  6. Lee

    Did they park it in the salt water? Sand blast it and put it in a burial urn on your mantle/Lee

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  7. Fred

    This old girl needs to provide parts for a more worthy candidate.

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  8. Mark

    Did you noticed the racks of Porsche’s, this must be an interesting place. Looking at the pics on Craigslist, I wouldn’t get under that thing while it’s on a lift.

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    • Ed Williams

      Well, you gotta trust the lift.

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  9. Wayne

    I have hauled hundreds of neat cars from the crusher including this Rolls Royce but this car should just be sqaushed and forgotten about!

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    • Jeff Staff

      Whoa, tell me more – you rescued this one? What else have you saved?

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    • Ed Williams

      Hey, Wane! Let’s hear the story about the Rolls. Was it in running condition when you got it? I have always loved those ’70’s models.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

        Love these Silver Shadow cars from afar! The quickest way to lose interest in one is to buy one needing lots of work!

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  10. Tundra/BMW Guy

    Whoa, has anyone looked at their site? They have other vehicles (that is a stretch to call them vehicles) in as bad, if not worse, condition for absolutely nutty prices!?!?!?!? I agree with Mark S, if you media blast, or even let a good gust of wind, near this thing, you will need a broom and dustpan to clean it up!!!
    As for Wayne and his Rolls, do tell……………………. gotta be a good story behind that “rescue”!

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  11. Ross W. Lovell

    Greetings All,

    Have worked on a few of these.

    The frame had no rustproofing and the metal isn’t the thickest so the rust here is more than worrisome.
    Great motor, but this is basically a parts car unless you have a lot of skills and money.
    Chaffeur driven adds nothing to the price, certainly didn’t add to the condition. Maybe if the owner drove it himself the money saved on the cahaffeur could have gone towards maintenance, upkeep and possibly dry storage.
    Price is shall we say over-optimistic.

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  12. Horse Radish

    I’ve seen it listed for the better part of a year.

    I considered it for about a second and then I am thinking:
    IF A JUNK YARD specializing in Porsche and Mercedes parts cannot find enough parts on this to take off, then what is the sum of all (worthless) parts worth ?

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  13. Wayne

    Hey Jeff! I could fill 3 pages of the rescue cars but noteables would be a 60 Metropolitant 60 Electra 225, 66 Mustang, 59 Chrysler, 53 Packard, 75 Olds cvt, 67 Riviera, 68 NewYorker, 53 Desoto 8 pass, 56 Dodge Royal 64 and 65 Thunderbirds and on and on and on.

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  14. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskey Member

    Buy a decent 300 sedan & transfer the division window assembly into it. This one is a parts car at best.

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