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Cheap 1966 Pontiac GTO Project

1966 Pontiac GTO

How wouldn’t love to own a GTO? It’s the car that kicked off the whole muscle car craze. It had power, good looks, and street credibility. The problem today though is that nice ones can cost an arm and a leg. So, what’s a normal guy to do? Well, you could try to get a loan, but if the bank doesn’t share your enthusiasm you may have to start with a project and pay as you go. This GTO is listed here on eBay and bidding is at $3k with only a few hours left to go!

389 V8

This one has been off the road since the eighties, but is claimed to be the real deal. It’s an automatic a/c car, so it may not be the street racer that we all envisioned, but it should make a nice cruiser for the average car guy. Since you are restoring it, you could always throw a 4-speed in there while you’re at it. I wouldn’t start hunting for one just yet though.

Rotten Floors

There’s a lot of rust to repair in the bottom half of the body. Lesser cars would have gone to scrape heap, but a GTO is something special. There was also something mythical about them and that magic still seems to exist today. We hope it goes to someone with the resources to make the restoration happen.

Rusty GTO

The idea of starting with a project instead of a nice car is a good one, but we should probably all start with something a little less labor intensive before taking on something like this. Then again, the best way to learn is to jump right in. It will probably cost more than a nice one in the long run, but just think of how good you will feel when it’s done!


  1. Alan (Michigan)

    Favorite body style for me…

    But this one is rough. Not sure I have enough years left to spend bringing this one back, no matter how cost-effective it could be.

    • Jerry Herrera

      Never to late to try i have two that im doing and having fun .

  2. JW

    It’s worth restoring and like Alan said you best have time left on your mobility clock and skills / $$$. If I was younger I wouldn’t mind tackling this one.

  3. OhU8one2

    Call me an idiot,but if money didn’t matter,since this has A/C. I would add P/S,P/B. Bore the engine to 421 or 428 cubes,and install disc brakes. The Goat would have creature comfort as well as the @#$%& to back up the look’s. One last thing is to install a set of Hurst wheel’s. Would I get my investment back? Who knows,but the reality is. I’d have the car I wanted and would make me happy every time I took it out. Can you really put a dollar value on happiness? Not really,but you see I’m easily amused. Two long black tire mark’s,with smoke to boot,and the roar of that Poncho motor! Yea, I’m smiling😁

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    • Marty Parker

      Can’t bore a 389 to 421 or 428. Would have to change to the 4 inch crank.

  4. Oingo

    If you look at the pictures you see a restored one right behind it. I am guessing that this was the parts car and as mentioned is missing many parts that likely are not repopped and has severe rust. No expert here but IMHO might be a good parts car but not a good candidate for a resto.

    • One4speedo

      Didn’t restore any and one behind it is a 67 convertible and have many more to sell

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  5. David Montanbeau

    That is an Air car. Here is mine in 77. It had air, power bucket seat, windows, steering and brakes, reverb with am-Fm- trunk opener, rear defogger, tilt, and cruise. 389 glide car.

    • Barzini

      The sales person checked a lot of boxes the day this car was ordered. Those are rare options. Too bad PHS can’t produce a report the way Marti does for Fords. It would be interesting to know how many came configured this way.

    • OhU8one2

      Very nice Goat,they were just cheap used cars back then. If I could a, should a,would a……..

  6. stan

    maybe this was the one he started with until he figured out what it was going to cost him, then he bought the one we see in the backround

  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    My first grade buddy I talked to today has his mom’s bought new Lemans with about 76,000 miles still in the garage. We talked about getting rid of the cars/trucks out front of it and the 1 owner 1955 Stude that’s in there as well…’s a start…..there’s always a clean donor car around for these “rust buckets” you guys call them.

  8. TimberTies

    Sep 8, 2016 at 9:10am

    Didn’t restore any and one behind it is a 67 convertible and have many more to sell


    Hi, where are you and what others might you have for sale?

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