Cheap 1970 Lotus Europa Project

Somewhere in Pennsylvania, a 1970 Lotus Europa is sitting quite forlornly, a shadow of its former sporting self. Those graphics along the bottom of the door would suggest a previous owner was excited to own a mid-engined Lotus, perhaps before some calamity occurred that deemed the engine should be removed and the carcass tossed aside like yesterday’s trash. That said, the abundance of resources and passionate owners should prove helpful should the next owner wish to return this battered Lotus to its former glory. Find it here on eBay where bids have reached $1,000 and there’s no reserve.

The Lotus has the hallmarks of belonging to a property owner that moved in and discovered there was an old car on the premises, and one that they certainly did not want. The listing is so short on details and there’s clearly been no attempt made to pretty it up for sale, leading me to believe the current caretaker could care less what it sells for – they just want it gone. Though it’s impossible to say from this side of the computer screen, it doesn’t look awful – the bumpers are still present front and rear, and the lenses aren’t smashed out.

What is smashed out is the windshield, which likely hasn’t done the interior any favors. Or perhaps that’s the front glass sitting there, across the front seats, making it possible that it was carefully removed at some point. The cabin is a mixed bag, and even with some parts still present like the gauges and seats, there’s little hope for anything short of a complete gut if the water has been coming in unfettered. Door panels and the steering wheel appear to be gone for good.

And, of course, the drivetrain likely went missing eons ago before the Lotus was left in a heap on someone’s driveway. There’s always the chance the current owner took it in trade for something else, under the premise that perhaps there was some value in the carcass that would compensate him for whatever services were rendered. I know this feeling, having brought home a few dead cars in lieu of payment that I late realized were too far gone to save. Whatever the scenario, this Lotus looks quite lost at the moment – can it be saved?

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  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    After you start with a new frame you will have something to buy an engine and transmission for, fuel tanks, suspension and probably a total interior. After having two of these I don’t see any value at all except for maybe the bumpers, glass and doors. Pretty much junk.

    • Spit Grtzr

      yard art?

  2. sir_mike

    What a shame…

  3. TB

    My guitar gently weeps.

  4. Maverick

    To late to repair. The good parts are already gone. Nothing here .

  5. Poppapork

    I would like to see an electric conversion done to this, its an ugly model but still an important part of automotive history.
    Get a rolled over tesla and use the electrical system, motors battery packs and maybe some interior bits (gauges, seats)
    I do realize this would require making a new frame since this car is most likely gone and prolly is very counterproductive (this car + tesla donor + all the R&D and hard labour would definetly not yeld a profit). Still a worthy project!

  6. DualJetfire

    In nomini Patri, et Fili, et Spiritu Sancti, Amen.

  7. ken tilly UK

    There’s no such thing as a “cheap” Lotus, and the proof is right here. Even for free it’s over priced.

  8. Gary JORDAHL

    LOTUS=Lots Of Trouble Usually Serious

  9. JMB#7

    Lots of work, but custom frame, whatever drivetrain that pleases you, and a racing seat or two. You would not feel bad about Frankensteining a Lotus, you would be saving it. Please do not ask if I am nuts, I already know the answer to that question.

  10. William Conway

    Had one, ended up donating to local HS shop class for tax write off. One of the best automotive decisions i have ever made…

  11. KEVIN

    one word of advise- RUN!

  12. JagManBill

    I just sold one like this in a bit better condition for $200….

  13. don

    Looks like someone already used this as a parts car and then abandoned it . Not much left parts wise, but I’m sure the bits that are left would still have a high price tag .

  14. Leslie Martin


    Three words that never belong together in the same sentence.


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