Cheap Classic: 1973 MG Midget Find


I guess this could be called a Quonset hut find, based on the pictures? Anyway, it’s a 1973 MG Midget complete with hardtop for year-round driving. It’s located in Toano, Virginia and is listed for sale here on craigslist, where the asking price is only $1,700!


We don’t get to learn a lot about the car, which the seller says is “all original” and “runs and drives”, but adds few other details. It may well be original paint; that color has graced (?) many 70’s MGs, but the exhaust, trim rings and hardtop are all not original, nor is the side view mirror.


On the brighter side, I can’t see much in the way of rust, and the usual crease in the A pillar (from the vinyl door retainer strap inevitably breaking) isn’t too bad. I’m hoping the hood being proud of the front fenders is because it’s partially up rather than bent, but we can’t tell because there are no pictures of the nose. And yes, if you aren’t familiar with Midgets, the three wiper blades are original. The hardtop may not be original, but it is nice to have in winter if you drive it all year.


I think I see overspray here on the side of the door latch; if that’s the case it has been resprayed at least once. The seats look to be in pretty decent shape, and the dash is split like most, but can be covered. The steering wheel and door cranks aren’t original either, and I’d want a flat wheel rather than this dished one; there’s very little room in there to begin with! That yellow bar is actually floor reinforcement, and would normally be covered.


The engine doesn’t look bad. This should be a 1275 cc engine that is a good little performer for its size. It looks like someone was playing with a timing light, probably in an attempt (apparently successful) to get the little sports car running. So what do you think? It fits our $2,500 ceiling with a lot of room to spare, but that’s one thing you won’t have in the cockpit!



  1. Howard A Member

    The Midget was/is a good entry level sports car, kind of like the Spitfire, but their shortcomings become evident soon, and a bigger, nicer ( faster?) British roadster is usually next for the owner. ( MGB, TR-6) Midgets are fun, dependable little cars no doubt. I knew someone with a car just like this ( but no hardtop, a welcome option) and these still have the non-synchro 1st, a PITA, and many have that 1st gear whine from people clashing 1st gear at a stop sign. Great find.( I don’t see a timing light, I think that’s a battery tender hooked up to the battery)

  2. ron

    no one ever mentions the length of the doors. short, to say the least. takes a particular ‘twist’ for ingress and egress, but fits like a glove after that. nimble and one of the best cars for the ‘tinkerer’. parts availability is very good and fairly cheap, this year is one of the favorites w/the rounded rear wheel arch, larger a-series engine, and the preferred ‘ro-style’ wheels, versus the splined wire wheels, that seem to need constant cleaning, and regreasing.

  3. Howard A Member

    To put things in perspective, if this makes you nervous, you may want to go with a little bigger car. Parking, however, is a snap.

  4. Rad

    I had a 79 for my first car, in high school. It was a blast. The trunk is big enough to put a buddy when you’re going to a drive in movie (ask me how I know).

    I think this is the last year for chrome bumpers before the less desirable giant black 5mph bumpers. These look much cleaner. I’ve always wanted another Midget. Good think this one is across the country.

  5. angliagt

    Early ’74’s were the last of the chrome bumpers.
    I have a ’74 sitting in the garage,& am looking forward to
    getting it going,in time for the Winter driving season.
    If this one isn’t too rusty,it’s a good deal.

  6. Alan (Michigan)

    Would have been a great project for my brother, if I could have talked him into it….

  7. Biggles21

    I bought this exact car in 1973, cost me $2495 CDN. I drove it year round in the snow belt of Ontario. What was I thinking? Duh. Oh yeah I bought this because someone turned in front of me at an intersection thereby destroying my mint red 67 Firebird.

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