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Cheap Daily Dart: 1963 Dodge Dart Wagon


We love these early ’60s small Mopar wagons. This 1963 Dodge Dart Station Wagon is clean and ready for duty. Having great vintage looks, a small footprint, and loads of versatility, to meet any car enthusiasts needs. Priced at just $6,500 we can’t stop coming up with ideas, and trips to take with this Dart Wagon. Find it here on craigslist out of Los Angeles, California.


Powered by a trusty slant 6 and automatic transmission, this Dart will likely be very reliable and easy to maintain. The engine bay is pretty clean, though a little detail cleaning would do wonders. We personally wouldn’t change anything about this wagon, though a small part of us would think it would be neat to swap in a more powerful engine. Either way, no matter your opinion on the subject, this is still a great looking wagon.


Loaded with modern seats, the interior looks quite pleasant and comfortable. The door panels, dash and steering wheel look excellent. The modern seats, don’t hurt our feelings that much, but we would prefer the original interior appearance. The exterior of this wagon looks great. The paint looks suitable as if it would polish up nicely, and the trim and chrome look about perfect. From the photos that we have to look at, there are no real apparent flaws with this little wagon.


So who is ready for a road trip? Or perhaps a vintage reliable daily driver that can haul anything you can think of? No matter what your plan may be for this Mopar wagon, it is in great shape at an affordable price. What would you do with this ’63 Dart Wagon?


  1. Bingo

    Those seats gotta go….a max wedge gotta go IN!!!

  2. larry

    Ah the first year for the small body dart my first car is white like this one and this would look proper right next to it. Mine is also a 1963 Dart 270 grandma bought it for me when I was 12. 23 years now and counting. Same 225 pushbutton automatic 2 flaws the front seats are incorrect as is the color of the valve cover the motor and valve cover came painted Red

  3. Rando

    Needs a bench seat so my new wife can slide in close. May as well get a necker’s knob too.

  4. BradL

    Looking for something just like this for a DD. Gotta have a/c, though.

    • Brian Staff

      If its the right car, you can always come up with some vintage air conditioning options! But I do know what you mean. Great car though.

  5. Pontiactivist

    New seats, 340 4 speed period speed shop graphics set of patina Americans and use it as a shop vehicle/daily driver. Kinda like this Pontiac Tempest/LeMans at the Pontiac Nationals in August.

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Shooting brake ?

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    One day when I win the big one, I’m going to start a wagon museum. I love wagons.

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    • Brian Staff

      Wagons rule, sedans and coupes drool.

    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      Dibs on being the curator.

  8. Scot

    ~ Still quite a bit of SlantSix speed stuff available. I like the plush individual seats especially compared to ’60s Dogde bench.
    Loved the picture of it in loaded mode, going fleamarket-n?

  9. waynard

    I wonder why all of the overspray on the firewall and surrounding parts. No steering wheel center, new seats. Did this car have an under dash / engine fire?

    Cool car though, regardless.

    • Krash

      Very observant on the steering wheel center…didn’t notice until you pointed it out. You have a keen eye for detail, Sherlock…
      Cool car…perfect fit for the SoCal surfing set….not so much up here in the road salt empire, New England.

      • waynard

        Thanks for the compliment. I appraise collector vehicles. I’d better have a sharp eye.

  10. Steve B

    Nice Rallyes too. Looks relativity unrusted, and it’s great that it is in regular use. Correct that the correct slant 6 engine color for ’63 was red, blue was used beginning early 70’s. Which might be a plus if it was swapped, as the ’73-up slantys had hardened valve seats.

  11. G 1

    Engine should be red

  12. Roselandpete

    Was that roof rack taken from a Ford?

  13. Joe Haska

    I had a 65 Dart convertible with V-8, and I loved it. This car has tons of potential, don’t know about the price , how many have you ever seen?

  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Parents had one of these for awhile when I was a kid. I remember being fascinated with the push button tranny and those lever-style interior door handles bring up a good story.

    My brother and I were in the back seat and my brother was apparently holding onto the door handle when my father was taking an exit off the freeway. Taking the exit, the door opens and my brother falls out. Not harm done, but these cars always remind me of that.

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