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Cheap European Car: 1977 Citroën Dyane

At first glance, the Citroën Dyane looks about like the 2CV upon which it was based. The styling of the latter car, though a bit odd, is iconic, and the Dyane helped carry the torch from 1967 to 1983. The seller’s is the Dyane 6 which has a larger engine and is said to be in “fair condition” which sounds pessimistic but we’re only given a few photos. Located in Dallas, Texas, this Dyane is available here on craigslist for $5,500. Hats off to Rocco B. for another interesting tip!

Though the Dyane and 2CV looked quite similar, none of the sheet metal was shared. A hatchback was incorporated into the design since the target audience was families and their stuff. The company sold a ton of these vehicles in 17 years, 1.45 million copies plus 250,000 panel vans that were derived from it. While the car initially had an air-cooled 425cc engine, the Dyane “6” soon came on the scene with its larger 602cc motor that boosted horsepower from 21 to 28 and increased top speed from 63 to 71 mph, important for the few that were exported to the U.S.

While Citroën is a French company, these machines were built all over the place, including Spain which is where we’re told the seller’s version originated. Two trim levels were offered, the “Luxe” and the “Confort” with the latter providing a higher level of trim at a 10% premium in price. From the photos, it appears the seller’s car is one of the fancier ones and is said to have 65,000 miles.

The seller is short on details, though we’re told the vehicle runs and has a new carburetor and fuel pump. I can’t recall the last time I saw one of these on the road, so you’d probably turn a few heads with it at Cars & Coffee!


  1. Avatar photo Rich

    All I see is Richard Dreyfuss in American graffiti. The car was ugly then and it’s still ugly lol.

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  2. Avatar photo Mister Green

    You know, these ARE ugly, but they’re kinda fun to drive. You really need to come to it with zero expectations, as I did. It really is the French Volkswagon, but it’s lighter and… well, it’s easier to park than any other car, in places you could never see as a potential parking space. It does its job, and very cheaply.

    There. I liked a car (kinda). Most probably thought I dislike everything.

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  3. Avatar photo Kevin Simmons

    If you are in the area, this one is worth a look see. Microcars are still fetching premium prices. Parts are relatively inexpensive and available but shipping costs from across the pond make the price jump. Best to make a large purchase to at least make you feel better about the shipping costs. There are parts sources in the states, but they pass the cost of getting them into their inventory on to you. Good luck!

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  4. Avatar photo Tom

    Are we going to see someone selling a Yugo next? Same quality level

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    • Avatar photo Boot McHoot

      Hi Tom, I suggest that you might enjoy a deeper dive into 2cv history, engineering marvels, and this larger engined descendant. The Citroen engineering is far above and beyond Yugo quality. Even if looks are something the mother is not proud of…

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  5. Avatar photo Rod Cherokee

    Memories. My mom had a chain smoking friend who had one when I was a child. Her friend and I used to go bouncing on country roads and she would take the sharpest turns – the 2cv simply leaning what seemed dangerously but all 4 wheels stayed on the road !

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  6. Avatar photo stillrunners Member

    Well they do know where the Gas Monkey headquarters is….

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  7. Avatar photo Big C

    Were all the Citroen designers far sighted, and couldn’t afford glasses, at this time? This car exemplifies the word “fugly.”

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    • Avatar photo Derek

      No, they were foresighted. Have you ever seen an Edsel, incidentally?

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      • Avatar photo Big C

        You mean the quality automobile, that safely and effortlessly moved your family down the road in comfort? Yes, I remember it, why do you ask?

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