Cheap Fastback? 1965 Ford Mustang Project

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The owner of this Mustang Fastback has commenced the job of transforming the car into a street/strip vehicle but has decided to sell it. While this has resulted in a number of modifications, the project hasn’t proceeded to the point of no return, so if the new owner wanted to restore it to original, that’s still possible. The Mustang is located in Cold Brook, New York, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner has gotten to the stage with the Mustang where the external rust issues have been addressed. The car has been fitted with new quarters, new fenders, and new valances. The doors and rockers look solid, and the car is also fitted with a Shelby hood. There is still some surface corrosion there, but it looks pretty promising. There is a fair amount of exterior trim and chrome that is not fitted to the car, and it isn’t clear how much of it is present in amongst the parts that virtually fill the car’s interior.

Under the hood, the Mustang is equipped with a 302ci V8 and 3-speed manual transmission. It’s pretty obvious that in its current state the engine doesn’t run, but we get no indication as to whether it turns freely. The engine certainly looks pretty crusty, but from what we can see, it looks like the shock towers might be solid. The owner certainly doesn’t mention any problems with those in the advertisement.

Now we get to the area where some major changes have been made. The Mustang has been fitted with a roll cage, a frame has been welded into the rear of the car, a fuel cell has been fitted, and the car has been tubbed. None of this work is irreversible, and given the fact that the car is also in need of new floors, then removal of these modifications could be part of the restoration project. The interior is pretty well non-existent beyond the dash. It looks like there might be some interior trim pieces sitting in the car, but it’s unclear how many pieces are there, or their general condition.

The ultimate fate of this Mustang is going to depend on the intentions of those who are bidding on it. The project as it stands now could head in two entirely different directions. There is no reason why the car couldn’t be returned to standard, or it could just as easily be completed as a strip car. To me, the interesting aspect is the price. At the time of writing, bidding has only reached $2,150, but the reserve has not been met. There is also a BIN option of $4,000. However, with the work that has already been done, coupled with the fact that the car is being sold with a salvage title, I suspect that the future mileage for this car may be accumulated a ¼ mile at a time.

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  1. TomMember

    SOLD! At a 4K BIN does not surprise me. I thought I would have seen a like $18K BIN price and I wanted to comment that the seller may as well be in “Cold Brew” NY….but Noooooooo, finally a reasonable BIN price.

    Got be be 4K in value in a semi solid 65 Fastback. Love those cars and I am a GM guy all day.

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  2. h5mind

    Very well bought- congrats to the new owner. At that price, why bother reversing everything that’s been done? Make it streetable and enjoy it. There would be plenty in the budget for a new crate engine and modern transmission.

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  3. TortMember

    From one on today’s Barn Finds worth a maximum of $4000 and asking $26000 to this one a good buy at $4000. I would continue on with what the owner was doing at this stage and have one nice car!

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  4. Emory Long

    Wish it hadn’t sold already. I have a stroker 289 from a 68 fast back That was ready for it. Oh well always a day late.

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