Cheap Grandeur? 1982 Zimmer Golden Spirit

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I think we are all guilty of spending more money on an object to make it look like it’s worth more – punching above its weight in the looks department. Lots of enthusiasts take basic cars and put the top-of-the-range body kit or grills on them to make them look more expensive than they actually are. I know as a teenager I wanted my base model Fiat with 60hp to look like the hot 180hp version, but my skills or budget didn’t allow this. However, sometimes a company does just that – and becomes very successful for a short while. The Zimmer Motor Cars did just that – by taking Ford Mustangs and completely recladding and redoing the interior. So if you want a classic 1950s car, but with slightly more modern underpinnings then take a look at today’s listing, from Huntersville, New York and available on Craigslist here for just $15,000.

It really is another fascinating story about a small company that faded into obscurity in the 1980s, only for it to be reborn of late and only just going under in 2020. At their height, the Zimmer Motor Company had 125 employees with millions in revenue – but it was to all go wrong and bankruptcy was declared in 1988, before being reborn in 1996. So this is a quirky car from a time when anything went and was caught up in the same bubble. Our car today is the Golden Spirit from 1982, one of the early models based on the Ford Mustang.

Our car looks to be in great condition – just 44,000 miles on the clock and coated in good condition with black paint. However as with all fiberglass-bodied cars – although they don’t suffer from rust and look great from 10-ft away, when you get closer they are often blistered and peeling (ask me how I know – a 1999 Lotus Elise S1 project which suffers from all of the above!). However this overall looks good – clean chromework, clean paint and the interior although is a little tired, also looks to be well worn and loved and probably just needs a deep clean.

Unfortunately, there are no photos of the engine which is a 4.6l V8 unit, but with only 44k miles it should have plenty of miles left in it. We don’t know if this has been kept in a field, but the condition of the accessories would make it seem like it’s been inside for a while. Now this is such an oddball car, that it would take a dedicated fan of Zimmer’s cars to take a punt on this and buy for their collection. It could be perfect as a wedding car if in white, but our black model might not offer those same opportunities. So what would you do with this Golden Spirit – drive around and get lots of admiring looks or try and use it as an unusual wedding car – Other suggestions are welcome!

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  1. Tim

    Ugh. How about use it as a hearse? Strap the casket on top that god-awful hideous butstle on back?

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    • jwaltb

      Or do the world a favor and send it to the crusher.

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  2. Howie

    Better hurry!! Posted 24 days ago.

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  3. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Not a big fan of Zimmers or Stutz or any of those 80s fiberglass makeovers, but, this guy has a ton of Lincoln and Cadillac hearses in the background and I’d love to see and know more about them.

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    • Scoot

      I agree with Angel. I had acouple of caddillacs. 68,69,70 and 72. Always wanted a hearse. I got excited too when they said Huntersville NY…I’m in pa. wanted to go look around too. But they are in Huntersville NC!!!

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      • bobhess bobhessMember

        Had a ’48 Cadillac hearse in college. You can use your own imagination on what went on with it.

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  4. CCFisher

    4.6L? Ford didn’t build a 4.6L V8 in 1982. Did someone find a way to shoehorn Ford’s OHC V8 under that pinched hood, or is it really Ford’s best forgotten 4.2L V8 that was available in Mustangs of the day?

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    • Richard B Kirschenbaum

      Had to be transplanted on a full size traditional frame for the extended wheelbase and torque. No way this could be built on that Mustang ll unit body..

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      • CCFisher

        I would guess there is a subframe under the front, since the body panels are fiberglass, but from the cowl back, it’s a unit-body Fox Mustang.

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  5. Alexander

    The target market for this car is any movie production company that wants to redo, or spoof, a “Blaxploitation” movie of the 1970s with the classic pimp with drooping mustache, white furs, big white hat, boots, and one of his “working girls” on each arm……..

    See Also: Stutz Blackhawk.

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    • John EderMember

      Actually, the real market for this car is a balding older white guy with a stained golf shirt that is two sizes too small to cover his protruding gut, accompanied by plaid pants, wide white belt and loafers with tassels. Add a few gold accents and, of course, a questionable “trophy” wife to complete the scene.

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      • Everybody's Got One

        That sounds like me! Only mine is a Hawaiian shirt with one button missing.
        I am impecunious though so I would need someone with a big heart, deep pockets and a sense of humor to gift it to me.

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      • JohnnyStang

        Holy cow! John’s right, I have a guy down the street with that exact description with one sitting in his driveway in my neighborhood. Classic!

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  6. John S

    It looks like this opulent automotive Frankenstein creation is in Huntersville, North Carolina – near Charlotte, not in New York. Maybe New York will take it away.

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  7. jwaltb

    Calling Old Ranger! He likes these!

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  8. Autoworker

    This car reminds me of Captain Picard after he was assimilated by the Borg.

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  9. George

    30s look with “modern” underpinnings.

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  10. Neil R Norris

    “Chubby Elvis” describes this thing perfectly.

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  11. Arfeeto

    I’m not a Ford guy, yet the Mustang drive train and platform are the least of my problems with this hermaphrodite.

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  12. bruce

    such dislike on this car. Its a mustang underneath. The outside has always been a hoot, though black is not the most flattering of colors. I’d have fun driving it

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  13. Elbert Hubbard

    Would like to purchase this for my home in Los Angeles however wondering if it would be possible to register with new CARB rules. (CARB – out mission is to promote and protect public health, welfare and ecological resources through the effective and efficient reduction of air pollutants). The only time it would be driven is once a year to the Burning Man Festival and Bohemian Grove Encampment.

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  14. Sidedraught

    Lots of hate and calls for crushing here, for what should be a fun, over the top car.
    I sense some folks think they are too smart or too sophisticated to be seen in such an out of fashion vehicle.
    It is going to take a certain type of man, comfortable with who he is and not given to worrying about what other people think of him to pull this off.
    But personally I envy that man because he and his pretty wife are going to have a ball in this fine looking car.

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    This car rules my Dad had a white one..

    Don’t listen to these calamity Clowns making negative comments..

    They are probably driving a rusted Maverick they gad since they dropped out of the can,,

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    This car rules my Dad had a white one..

    Don’t listen to these calamity Clowns making negative comments..

    They are probably driving a rusted Maverick they had since they dropped out of the can,,

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  17. DAVID B.Member

    So for all the haters of this car I worked at the factory from 1980 to 1983 when this car was built. It was a different time then and many celebrities and movie stars liked these over the top Neo classics as they were called. At 19 years old it was a cool car for me to be involved with. They were a little gaudy then but had a following and it didn’t come with a 4.6 but a 5.0 HO which was the motor then.

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