Cheap Grandeur? 1982 Zimmer Golden Spirit

I think we are all guilty of spending more money on an object to make it look like it’s worth more – punching above its weight in the looks department. Lots of enthusiasts take basic cars and put the… more»

Neoclassic Barn Find: 1981 Zimmer Golden Spirit

The Zimmer Golden Spirit is a car that needs little in the way of an introduction, representing one of the peaks in the neoclassical revival era that impacted the collector car and truck world in a big way. From… more»

20K Original Miles: 1981 Zimmer Golden Spirit

Another day, another Zimmer Golden Spirit. I recently wrote about a similar model that looked like it had been abandoned in a private driveway; this 1981 Golden Spirit hasn’t seen much use but it’s in far better condition overall…. more»

Abandoned Luxury: 1981 Zimmer Golden Spirit

Ah, 1980s luxury. There’s very little that has come close to the time in which you were considered a member of high society if you drove a car like the Zimmer Golden Spirit. I can’t really fathom this same… more»

Neoclassic Driver: 1982 Zimmer Golden Spirit

The Zimmer Golden Spirit is a neoclassic automobile. And what is that you ask? It’s a modern car made in the image of the classic rides of the 1920s and 1930s but not as a full replica. Underneath, the… more»

BF Auction: 1987 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe

Built for a driver with “distinctive personality and impeccable taste,” according to its sales literature, the Zimmer Golden Spirit combined a reliable and robustly-engineered fuel-injected V8 platform with the luxury and neo-classic styling of a bygone era. This one… more»

Neoclassic Ford! 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit

A neoclassic automobile is a modern car made in the image of the classic rides of the 1920s and 1930s, but not intended to be a full replica. The Zimmer Golden Spirt is one of these vehicles. It was… more»

32K Mile Custom: 1986 Zimmer Quicksilver

Dare I use the term “garish”? Yesterday it was this 1978 Lincoln Mark V and today it’s a 1986 Zimmer Quicksilver which sounds like the name of a Ramada Inn house band but looks like a Buick Riviera/Regal Coupe/Cadillac… more»

Big Deal Owner: 1984 Zimmer Golden Spirit

This 1984 Zimmer Golden Spirit is listed by the nephew of the original owner, who was apparently a titan of real estate in the Henderson, Nevada market. The Golden Spirit has sat idle for a few years and the… more»

READER AD: 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe

If you are into unique and odd vehicles, look no further than Reader Robert D’s Zimmer Golden Spirit Coupe! This neo-classic luxury cruiser was the brainchild of Paul Zimmer as an attempt to recapture the grandeur and style of… more»

Mustang Roots: 1987 Zimmer Golden Spirit

I recently scanned through a few old hardcover books of mine that documented 80s supercars. Among the various one-off AMGs and Gemballa Porsches was the classic Zimmer, apparently captured for its off-the-wall looks and V8 power underhood. I don’t… more»

6,749 Original Miles: 1986 Zimmer Quicksilver

“Neoclassical” models describes much of what Zimmer’s U.S. lineup consisted of, and while creativity was through the roof, driving dynamics were largely an afterthought. Believe it or not, there is a Pontiac Fiero hiding underneath that swoopy exterior, and… more»

Stalled Dash Replacement: Zimmer Golden Spirit

The Zimmer Golden Spirit is perhaps one of the most recognizable vehicles on the road today. Seeing those soulful headlights staring out from an expansive garage in Joshua, Texas, can give one the chills. Despite its unusual styling in… more»

Pony In Wolf’s Clothing: 1983 Zimmer Golden Spirit

Several companies built “era” cars like these, including Clenet, Excalibur and Stutz Blackhawk. They were typically a new car modified to look like a classic with a long hood and big headlights. This one has been parked for 20… more»

1987 Zimmer Motor Coach: Executive Decision

By the same seller of the dilapidated Mercedes 6.9 comes this executive-friendly motorhome made by Zimmer in the 1980s, listed on eBay with the reserve unmet. It’s funny to think how things like a VHS player meant you had… more»