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Cheap Hurst Edition: 1984 Hurst/Olds

The seller of this rare 1984 Hurst/Olds contends that he’s done lowering his price, and that the $10,500 asking price listed here is the final offer for any interested parties. The car is described as a garage-kept example for the last 20 years, and comes with all the goodies that set the Hurst/Olds apart. These were interesting cars, not very impressive by modern standards but certainly a big improvement over some of the other so-called performance cars of the era. Despite the limited production and desirable options, they’ve never exploded into top-dollar collector cars, so check it out here on craigslist if you think it’s a bargain at $10,500.

The standard-issue 307 V8 was thoroughly massaged in Hurst/Olds formation, with multiple tweaks made to give it a healthy 180 b.h.p. and 245 lb-ft of torque. This was made possible by numerous changes under hood, including a special camshaft, valve springs, ignition distributor, and Rochester four-barrel carburetor. The Hurst/Olds also benefitted from a true dual exhaust, and several cosmetic changes to let fellow Olds owners know you weren’t driving your grandmother’s Cutlass. The silver/black two-tone with red striping and custom badges, along with a power bulge hood and front and rear spoilers, help complete the conversion to a true Hurst/Olds edition.

Inside, the cabin was largely standard-issue except for one glaring change: the crazy Hurst Lightning Rods shifter. Honestly, whenever I see one of these, I automatically salute the drivers who were quick enough with their hands to make this shifter work as intended. Reading the directions on how to use a shifter like this makes me a bit dizzy, but I’m sure it’s easy enough to master if you drive it everyday. The changes were significant, allowing owners of Hurst/Olds far more control than a standard car, including the ability to hold the transmission in gear for times when overdrive wasn’t wanted. The cabin of this example isn’t perfect, with noticeable wear on the steering wheel.

The only other photo is a solitary picture of the rear bench seat. This isn’t very helpful, and could explain why the seller hasn’t been able to find a new home for his Hurst/Olds. No mileage reading is included in the ad, which further makes it difficult to assess the value of this limited production Oldsmobile. The “Dark Maple” upholstery looks to be in decent condition, certainly not displaying the kind of wear and tear you’d associate with a daily driven example, but some additional photos of the interior in daytime would help buyers make a more informed decision. Overall, the Hurst/Olds seems to be an unloved yet hard-to-find muscle car. Do you think a car like this will become more collectible in the future?


  1. Avatar photo Flmikey

    Could be a good buy if in good shape…I always wondered if you could chirp second gear by shifting these manually….

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    • Avatar photo Jcs

      Yes, you can.

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  2. Avatar photo Jcs

    I wonder how many “deposits” the seller will receive on this car. Ten? Twenty?

    My suggestion, for obvious reasons do yourself a favor and do not send this character one red cent without actually seeing and driving this H/O, in person.

    Very cool cars, have missed mine for years.

    Barn Finds and Jeff Lavery – you are doing your readers a disservice by not pointing out the blatant suspiciousness of this posting.

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    • Avatar photo Nicajmar

      Listings with phone numbers encouraging prospects to call and talk in person are totally legit. Not everyone is good at online listings with great verbiage and photos. What the heck… wasnt too long ago, in the days of classified ads, that most cars were privately sold like this listing.

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  3. Avatar photo Drew

    My daily driver, no garage – from October 1989 to October 1993 – was a T-top equipped 1984 H/O. Between leaky from new T-tops and a transmission that had been improperly rebuilt a few times before I bought it – and therefore, constantly giving me problems, until I bought a NEW case, my H/O left me in 1993.

    There are times I wish I still had that – but without those T-tops. Not going to venture out to places ‘unknown’ to see this one. Interioir on my car was worn similar at 100,000 miles.

    And, yes – you could get a chirp out of it in second, by shifting manually – but – it did better – foot to the floor and letting the transmission do it’s thing at the programmed near redline shift points.

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  4. Avatar photo Poppy

    Goodyear quit making Eagle GT+4 tires at least 25 years ago. Mileage, though not listed, should be relatively low.

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  5. Avatar photo morrisangelo

    Had one of these for a few years when I lived in Northern Virginia.

    A good performing car that was great at chirping the tires from 1st to 2nd, but beyond that, the car suffered from all of the typical GM cheap cost-cutting issues from that era which ruined it for me.

    Weak silver paint, two transmission failures of the original 200R4, stuck Lightning Rods (not GM’s fault), crappy radio, very weak/fragile interiors (namely the burgundy seat fabric), faulty tachometer, jumpy speedometer, clogged catalytic converter, etc.

    Just not a good time in GM’s history, but the general effort to bring back some performance and good looks was successful on the 83/84 H/Os.

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  6. Avatar photo Comet

    If that’s mold throughout the interior, it may have been garage stored, perhaps unfortunately in a damp garage.

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  7. Avatar photo Terry

    They should have put those shifters in the Grand Nationals. Just sayin.

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  8. Avatar photo Super Glide

    I always thought the 84 Olds Cutlass was a beautiful example of 80s style. The 442 version is beautiful. Eventually sheer passing of time will make these more valuable, the 59 Impala comes racing to mind. The asking price is a bargain.

    Of course this can’t compare to my 64. Olds 98 Sport Coupe with console shift.

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  9. Avatar photo Jcs

    A 64 Olds 98 Sport Coupe with console shift is very cool indeed Super Glide.

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  10. Avatar photo Thomas J Bradish

    My cousin has an 83 with only 200 miles yes 200 and it is for sale. He bought it drove it to his business and covered it up. Been in a heated garage ever since.
    It has every option available even an engine heater.

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