Cheap Kit Car: 1975 Bradley GT

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The Bradley GT was a kit car that was available in various levels of completeness, from just a fiberglass body all the to a fully assembled vehicle. It was dependent on the VW Beetle for its chassis, suspension, and drivetrain. This 1975 edition has been sitting in a barn for the past 25 years and its body is said to be in restorable condition. But it does not roll or move, so it will have to be winched and towed. Located in Waterford, Wisconsin and here on Facebook Marketplace, the GT will go to the first party who shows up with $650.

Beginning in 1970, Minnesota-based Bradley Automotive built and sold kits and components for kit or finished cars. The GT was their first product offering and – over 11 years – it’s estimated that 6,000 of them were built in one fashion or another. These were two-seat coupes with low curved sides and no doors. Entry or exit was via frameless plastic panels that extended into the roof and hinged up in gullwing style. The body was designed to mount on a VW Beetle chassis, and front and rear tracks could vary depending on the builder’s choice of wheels and tires. More times than not, a standard Bug air-cooled engine with a 4-speed transmission was found in these cars.

This GT looks to have been long forgotten. Everything is in rough condition from sitting for ages, including the frame, engine, and wheels. Small furry creatures have chewed away the interior. It perhaps can be saved by moving the body over to another VW frame. Parts are usually not hard to find because many of them came from a variety of production cars over the years. For instance, the windshield is the same one used in the 1963-67 Chevy Corvette.

These are said to be fun, little machines to drive in part due to their light weight. A completed Bradley GT only weighs about 1,600 lbs. The last year these cars were built was 1981 when the company ceased operations. Besides its poor condition, the value of this car is also hindered by the lack of a title, but a new donor chassis and engine resolve that problem.

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  1. Tony Primo

    The seller will probably have better luck paying somebody $650 to take the car away.

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  2. Raymond

    I dont like these…i love vws but i just cant…doors never fit right, side windows are just plain stupid, taillights are stupid big…its an ugly design….

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  3. Gene

    This is actually a Bradley GT II… The second generation model.

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  4. Dusty Rider

    They should have opted for uglier mirrors.

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  5. Ike Onick

    Had they only known back in the day, the 11th Commandment would have been “Thou shall not ever considereth a Kit Car as an attractive mode of transportation”

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  6. Edselbill

    As stated, this is a GT II – thus the write up is pretty much inaccurately describing the wrong car. Same company, newer model intended to address the shortcomings of the original GT in a slightly more usable and upscale model. Everything else being described in the write up is about the original GT.

    The value in this offer is the windshield. It is NOT from a Corvette as stated, (that was the earlier GT) and is a custom unit – currently un-obtainable at any cost. So if this glass is intact, the car will be sold on that merit alone.

    I suspect as soon as this hits the GTII social media pages, it will be gone.

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  7. Howie Mueler

    With Facebook down i can not check it out, but in this case that might be a good thing.

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  8. sweitzel

    Yeah, it’s a GT2. My buddy had one in the late 90’s. People underestimate how low the roof is, I am 6’2″ and I couldn’t fit in the car and close the gull wing door. Just impossible. Looked really cool though. My buddy scrapped the car but he kept the glass if anyone’s looking for some.

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  9. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    Listing has been marked SOLD.

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  10. Keith

    Saw a pots about a windshield that someone has for the GT II. Can you please e-mail me as I am interested in the windshield. Thanks….

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  11. Keith Gsell

    Who has the “spare” windshield to the GT II? Looking to buy one.

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    • Sweitzel

      My friend isn’t sure if he has the glass anymore and needs to look. I will reach out privately if he does and put you in touch.

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  12. T-rex

    How much I love this style car

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