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Cheap Longroof: 1965 Dodge Dart Wagon


I have to admit my ignorance here–I didn’t even realize there were Dodge Dart wagons before seeing this great find from reader Bill M. Just look at the neat curves of the rear glass! It’s located in Cobb County, Georgia and is listed for sale here on craigslist for $750. While it may not be perfect, there are some interesting things about this wagon that might warrant a closer look.


There’s some trim missing in the front but as a while the front end doesn’t look that bad. I’ve got some questions about the passenger side front fender, though. The bumper does look nice and straight, although it would need rechroming to be perfect.


There is some weird rust on this car–look at that C-pillar. Why would the rust be so dark there? And I don’t know exactly what’s going on with the driver’s door, either. But the rockers and quarters look relatively solid, and what do you expect for $750? It’s interesting how the Dodge stylists were able to add the little pods to the rear panels to use the regular Dart tail lights.


Under the hood we find the famous 225 cubic inch slant six, that has supposedly been rebuilt, although I have a hard time believing that given the way it looks. The seller maintains all it needs is a battery and fresh gas; I’d be tempted to show up with a battery and a buddy tank and see what happened.


And yes, it’s a manual transmission! So you’re looking at a manual transmission, reliably engined, American wagon for less than $1,000. Yes, there are issues, but again–it’s an entry-level hobby car. So can you look past the ragged details and find a home for this Dart?


  1. Avatar photo JC

    I like how the rear quarter is shaped to flow into the bumper. That is all the rage right now with the custom builders, to reshape the bumper/quarter for tighter lines. Pretty cool old wagon, would love to check it out.

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  2. Avatar photo redwagon

    and in general i like wagons.

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  3. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    “All it needs is a battery and fresh gas”………….but I’m too lazy to do that in order to sell it. Trust me it runs

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  4. Avatar photo skloon

    Rebuilt slant 6 ? no such thing the cockroaches will be driving them long after we are gone

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  5. Avatar photo Rick

    If you look down low above the bumper on the rear quarters you can see the rust around the factory patch panels over the tailight openings that would have been used if it had come off the assembly line as a Vailant station wagon

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    • Avatar photo Jamie Staff

      Thanks for the knowledge, Rick — I was wondering about those!

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  6. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    a lot of rust, but love me stick shift slant sixes.

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  7. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Jamie you’re right on all (your) counts – wouldn’t touch this black hole tho’

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  8. Avatar photo Robert

    WOW, If it was here in Washington State or in Oregon it would have a GOOD home, I Bleed MOPAR and this is COOL.

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    • Avatar photo Jim Baldwin

      Anyone interested in an original two owner 1964 Dart Wagon here it is. Located in Big Timber, Montana. Certainly less rust than the 1965 listed here. You can contact me at the listed email.

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  9. Avatar photo Paul B

    Black hole for money is right. These are great cars but this one is so rusty and filthy you’d spend forever and all your money making it decent. Otherwise just buy and drive it as an old car. These were quite popular in their day but most are gone now because in general they were used hard by growing families and then thrown out. Slant six and stick shift transmission will far outlast the car and should be saved when the body breaks into pieces!

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  10. Avatar photo Rich G

    The first car I got to drive extensively was a 1965 Valiant Wagon, the sister to this car. The first summer I had my license, my Mom had foot surgery, and wasn’t able to drive relegating the car to me as a primary driver.

    It was actually more rusty than his one around the fenders, rear quarters, and rockers, but it was a rocket ship. 273 ci V8 with four barrel, Torque Flite, and 3.55 Sure Grip. Basically the Barracuda drive train.

    This one is pretty much a mess. That rust is deep in the metal in some bad places.

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  11. Avatar photo Steve

    Very cool. Run it in Lemons as a Wonder Years car.

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  12. Avatar photo Tundra/BMW Guy

    That is not an original Georgia car! Do not know where it originated from but they don’t rust up like that in this state. Now if it were banged up, dinged, up, broken glass, bald tires, ect. ect. ect. then I would firmly believe it to be a GA car. It is SCARY what they allow to be driven on the roads in this backwards state!!!!
    With that being said, sadly, I do not live too far from this vehicles advertised location. If someone is looking for a beater but doesn’t want it to break in half going down the highway, I would be happy to go take a look at what’s left of this thing. Just respond back with contact info and we will go from there.

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  13. Avatar photo Leon

    what is the man in the picture exactly trying to do ? he’s pushing on the tail light ?

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  14. Avatar photo Bob C.

    A neighbor of mine had one of these when I was growing up. His was a lot rustier.

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