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Cheap Luxury: 1956 Lincoln Premiere


The Lincolns were my favorite luxury cars growing up. I sometimes got to ride in a new yellow and green beauty with power windows and air conditioning! This Premiere listed on craigslist runs and drives and is original and complete, but has the usual rust in the floors and needs lots of interior work. They are asking only $2,000 for it. Could this be worth the work to restore it enough to be a nice driver? And can someone tell me about the carburetor?


  1. Avatar photo Mark E

    I love the wording in the ad: “runs then drives”

    Sounds like every good project car I ever had! ^_^

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  2. Avatar photo joeinthousandoaks

    The carb is typical of the era. Similar to the T-bird t-pot style. I’m not sure what they are showing with the picture of the ground? It looks like the area next to the battery. Is it possible that it has been off the road for over 40 years and that’s why it still wears the yellow plates? I thought they were all handed over in the 60s. They look original to the car.

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  3. Avatar photo Rick

    See that compartment in the floor on the front paasenger side where the battery goes? You put your weed in there!

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  4. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    What a barge. It’s amazing cars like this barreled down our roads at one time. And they all were this big. Lot of work. Is pretty cool, but cost a fortune to fix. I think they called that the “Holley T-Pot” carb. ( never worked on one of those) Does the vice grips come with the car. (pinching off vacuum line to the brake booster, so that’s shot) If cars like this aren’t in nice shape to begin with, gonna be a tough sell.

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  5. Avatar photo John

    That does look like a Holley Teapot carb. The float bowl and throttle body are mounted above the throats. Here’s a Hemmings article about them http://www.hemmings.com/hmn/stories/2011/07/01/hmn_feature17.html.

    I worked in shops and dealerships in the late 60s through the 70s and never saw many in the wild even then!

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  6. Avatar photo Reg Bruce

    This carb. was also known as the “Cathedral” Holley. No guessing needed as to why!

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  7. Avatar photo john

    I always heard it called a bee hive carb and they were on most all 56 ford 4 barrel cars. They were very hard to rebuild back then and not many people would rebuild them when the cars were newer. It was not a good design.

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  8. Avatar photo David G

    Yup, the Holley ‘Teapot’ is right. Came on baby Birds and some Lincolns in the 54-56 era. Aka the ‘Towering Inferno’ carburetors, due to their nasty tendency to ignite topside if there was the slightest backfire thru the venturis below, since the (typically-leaky) fuel bowl was way up there…

    57 FoMoCo products debuted the MUCH more user-friendly and conventional Autolite and Holley square-bore 4-bbl Carbs, RIP-ing the Teapot forever thankgawd..

    That said, i remember some old-timers that revered the Teapots for super performance on the track once properly massaged.
    Guess those dudes knew some special tricks that made them good enough to outweigh their obvious design disadvantages…

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