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Cheap Muscle? 1967 Pontiac LeMans

When it looks like a GTO and has those great lines, but it’s not, it’s probably a Pontiac LeMans, the more “civilian” version of Pontiac’s go-to muscle car. Like the GTO, the LeMans was based on the “A” body Tempest but the GTO and the LeMans took divergent paths as they cottoned to two distinctly different markets. The GTO gets most of the press on here Barn Finds, but not today as we are going to examine a ’67 LeMans, located in Hortonville, Wisconsin, and available here on eBay for a current bid of $2,950, seven bids tendered so far.

Obviously parked outside for some period of time, this LeMans has a world-weary (or maybe an out-in-the field-weary) look about it. It’s worn Tahoe Turquoise Metallic (code L) finish is completely flat, with some surface rust bleed-through, but is in better shape than one would expect for 53 years – a good deal of that time having been spent outdoors. The body is straight and not showing immediate signs of rot-through, unusual for this vintage of “A” body – as the seller states, “pretty good shape for a ’67”. While the frame is supposedly sound, the floors and trunk pan need help, they are both rusted through in places. The trim appears to be all there and the Pontiac Rally II wheels are a nice addition.

Take a good look at that interior, that’s the sort of thing that happens when you leave the windows down. It could actually be a lot worse but the door cards, mold, and rusted out floor are evidence of water intrusion. It is completely restorable and the seats can be reupholstered, it’s just that there will probably be more to the task than is originally visible, it always seems to go that way. Fortunately, nothing of importance appears to be missing, so that will help make the restoration task manageable.

Upfront, the original 326 CI V8 has been replaced by a 1977 vintage, 400 CI, TransAm donated, V8 engine. The motor has been bored .030″- over, about another six or seven cubic inches of displacement, and there is an upgraded cam with roller rockers in place and an exhaust system capped off with headers – a good basis for noticeably improved power. The seller suggests, “should be able to get running with little effort”. Obviously, this a non-runner, it would be good to know if the engine will at least turnover. In place of the original Super Turbine 300, two-speed automatic transmission, there is now a Turbo-Hydramatic 350 in place.

Upon initial review,  I was a bit turned off by this LeMans, it just looked too dismal. But when you consider what’s here, and the current low, no reserve bid, this could prove to be a good buy for someone willing to do some metalwork, though admittedly the engine is an unknown. The rotted out floors are actually a pretty common occurrence with this vintage GM intermediate and they aren’t a huge challenge to replace. When you consider the trading price for a real-deal GTO, this LeMans starts to look better all the time, don’t you think?


  1. TimM

    This would be a nice car to build!! The rust in the body looks minimal but that frame could be of some concern after sitting in the field for so long!!

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  2. Clem Feldman

    Good GTO clone material!
    If I was ambitious and up for a project, I’d go for it!

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  3. Ken Jennings

    I would locate a good 350 and call it a day. Better yet, the 326, was pretty good, but they are somewhat hard to find. 350 might be better anyway, though. Too many GTO clones, Tempest name should stay on the car. The tempest was a Billy Shakespeare play ya know, keeping the name shows some class, lets people know your brighter than you look. (I get that a lot, for some reason, people think I’m a doofus…wonder why)

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    • Turbo

      Ken, I’ll give you credit for wanting to keep it original, unlike Clem and his ilk who would clone every decent Tempest and Lemans that are remaining. It is actually a Lemans – you can tell by the ‘gills’ on the quarter panels. I remember when I lived in south Florida years ago. You would see a nice Tempest or Lemans and then the next year you would see the same owner driving an amazingly similar GTO. A couple years later he would have an amazingly similar Judge. At least nobody said they would put a 4 speed and a big block (no big block Pontiac) or a Hemi in it. Then my head would have exploded.

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  4. 19sixty5 Member

    This could be a nice project, but of course it should be checked in person. The seller obviously knows a bit about the car, why not take a few minutes to see if the engine turns over, pull off a valve cover to show the rockers and the general cleanliness (or not) of the engine? There is really nothing scary in the photo’s. I bought a 67 LeMans parts car a while back for $500. Sounds like a lot 30 years ago, the engine was gone, but this was an AC, PS with tilt, PDB, column shift auto with bucket seats, no console, factory rally gauges, AM/FM, reverb, power antenna, posi, Rally ll wheels, roof rail courtesy lights and more. Looked like every option except the console was checked. The LeMans letters on one rear quarter had been changed to LeMaus, the “n” was mounted upside down, pretty funny. The day I was unloading it in the driveway, a GTO guy I knew (who by the way had one of the 17 1971 Judge convertibles) stopped and offered me $500 for the radio. Still one of the better parts cars I ever bought. I hope this one remains a LeMans and doesn’t get cloned.

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    • Bmac777

      Those were cool radio’s, my friends mom had a station wagon with the reverb and when we borrowed the car we would try to pick points in songs where we could hit the dash and hear that shattering spring noise.

      • 19sixty5 Member

        It was fun to hear the noise, but… the reverb unit with the springs was mounted in the trunk, not up front!

      • Bmac777

        I didn’t even know it was a separate unit, nor did I say where it was located.
        I was 15 and it made the noise when we hit the dash. I was reminded of it when someone mentioned doing it in an article a while back.
        Maybe it being a station wagon with no rear speakers it was mounted elsewhere, but who really cares?

  5. 1-MAC

    Seen lots worse. Might be a good car when done.Why was a car like this put out in the field in the first place. So many idiots do this it is discouraging.

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    • pugsy

      Why were people idiots way back long ago when they parked a $50.00 car in a field? I read these comments and I just don’t get it.
      Besides, it’s the owner’s car. They can do anything they want with it.

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  6. Terry Bowman

    The 67′ LeMans had a Hi-Po motor. Mother- in-law had one, bought new. It had a aluminum 6 cly, with a 4 bbl carb.. Hauled butt on a roll, but a little sluggish off the line. She had to put in 2 motors during the seven years she owned it, due to over heating. I think they only made that option for only two years because of the over heating problem.

  7. George Louis

    Am I color blind or is that BLUE? The interior sure looks like it is blue. For a 1967 vehicle this could be cleaned up and made a nice ride. I would like to know why the original engine was replaced and is the original engine still around? A rebuild of the original engine would be in order.

    • FRANKY Member

      He says original engine still around and goes with the car. Started to smoke so replaced.

      • Terry Bowman

        Franky, that’s interesting, valve seals are easy to replace, if it is a low mileage motor.

  8. FrankY Member

    You would think… maybe someone told him something else? But if that’s the case it should be a easily fixed original motor

  9. Troy s

    Hopped up LeMans works just fine, the GTO clone thing is totally unnecessary. Good lines, nice wheels, even the gauges. The 400 should work better with unleaded fuel anyways. Always thought an unleaded friendly 455 with mods would make a friendly screamer in of these older Pontiacs.

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