Cheap One Owner Wagon: 1971 Plymouth Satellite

After spending a lifetime with its original owner, this 1971 Plymouth Satellite wagon is looking for a new home. In good shape with some signs of age, this Satellite does have air conditioning for you family oriented car enthusiasts! With a very cheap asking price we suspect this one will be sell quickly! Get it while you can at $1,399! Find it here on craigslist out of Reno, Nevada. Thank you Pat L for the submission!

Equipped with a 225 cubic inch slant 6, this Plymouth would be a “cool” family cruiser as this is an air conditioning car. There are some not so conventional fixes in the engine bay, as there are zip ties holding the radiator overflow bottle, and a few butt splices are visible as well. Certainly not the end of the world, as we suspected this Plymouth needed a little attention for the asking price. The engine and bay look pretty good, as much of the factory paint is present. A little time set aside for detailing would do a lot for the engine bay. The engine is described as being in good health but having a vacuum leak. We suspect the automatic transmission operates as it should as well.

Looking over the interior reveals a pretty decent condition cabin. The carpet looks great, as does the back seat. We suspect the front seat has split having succumbed to the desert heat and sun. There is some shag installed on top of the dash much like a dash protector, and there is also a tachometer mounted on top of the dash as well. We are uncertain of the entire condition of the front seating area, but if it’s anything like the back, then this Plymouth is an awesome deal. Finished with a lovely copper penny like color, this Satellite looks pretty good. There is a dent in the tailgate, and in the rear bumper. Both are relatively minor. There looks to be a small area of rust at the bottom of the front driver side fender, and the passenger fender has a light crease around the headlight area, and rust forming in the bottom of the fender as well. The passenger rear door is cleverly matched, but appears to be a matt finish spray paint. By no means perfect, there is plenty of potential for either a family cruiser, or an awesome daily driver with cargo space galore.

Already carrying a fair load of tires and beer, we are sure those gifted with “Tetris” skills could utilize the full cargo capacity of this station wagon. What would you do with this ’71 Plymouth Satellite?


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WANTED 1970-1976 Pontiac Trans Am Must be 4 spd. Like big block. I can fix motor or tranny. Needs to be somewhat sound other than that Contact

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  1. Bingo


    • Bingo

      Who would vote negative on the statement “gone”? It’s a very simple fact.

      I love a good negitive just like most of us older than 30 but really?

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      • Howard A Member

        Somebody that dragged their feet, and now it’s gone.

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  2. Rock On

    Like the old saying goes……. the early bird catches the worm.

  3. whippeteer

    Now that’s basic! If it were near me, I would have bought it in a second.

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  4. RicK

    Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!!!!

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  5. nessy

    Oh man, a stripped down basic big puke gold Plymouth wagon from the early 70’s with a brown interior, a slant 6 with a dented up rear and a very yucky front seat cover. I would not want it if you paid me to come get the turd. Oh and don’t forget those beautiful dog dish hubcaps and black wall tires. With that said, I know there are alot of people who do like this era Mopar station wagons, however, I am not one of them. Whoever ordered this thing must have been out on the lunch wagon that day and shame on the salesman who let someone order it like this. This bomb is so ugly, I would rather look at the back of a garbage truck or a cows butt. How do you like those apples? OK guys, bring on the thumbs down for me!

    • KeithK

      Hey , no thumbs down , to each his own. I’m personally in the ugly is beautiful club. I had a base valiant with a 225. Couldn’t kill it. I always wondered how it was that an engine that just sits there and buzzes can actually move a thing like a car. Now that I’m older I’d love to have this. Forget the body. Funnel some cash into the slanty and see if we can make her run. Is it possible?

    • Larry K

      Thumbs down. Not much to like but I still want it.

    • Chebby

      I agree with everything you said Nessy AND sadly I still think it was a great deal. Bet we’ll see it soon on eBay with Rallye wheels for 12k.

    • Ck

      Nessy,stop sugar coating your posts .Why don’t you tell us how you really feel

    • John Kulp

      Could always hyper pack the slant six as it was an AC car. Not my favorite but it does bring back memories.

  6. Busyditch

    Back in the day you could get the dealer to build you whatever you wanted. My uncle ordered a 68 Plymouth Fury wagon with three on the tree. Cost him an extra $600 in 1968 dollars!

  7. CCFisher

    Same color as the one from the Brady Bunch, but I believe theirs was a ’72. It even has a dent in the rear from that unfortunate supermarket incident with Mr. Duggan!

    • Joe

      Mr. Dugan was an old drunk. Idiocy at its finest!

  8. Blindmarc

    Deal of the day!

  9. ROTAG999

    This Buds for you free beer….. what a deal.

  10. Mark PRND

    Drop a nice crate 360 4bbl in it and have a muscle wagon…

  11. Rustytech Member

    Still don’t like brown, but I could fix that. I don’t think I ever saw one of these with the 6cyl, and I worked at a Chrysler dealer in these years. It’s probably not fast especially with the a/c but would be a fairly economic and dependable driver, and priced fairly.

    • mike d

      they are out there, ( or were) utility companies, state and local vehicles . I would imagine a low budget family would have ordered one of these.. brown was probably the color of choice in a low budget car

  12. Rustytech Member

    Somebody must like Brown!

  13. Pookie Jamie P

    Throw some Cragars on it. Good wax job. Make it safe and go!

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  14. Rocko

    Finally something i can afford, something i don’t hafta worry about someone stealing, something that will haul anything, a color that wont show the rust after driving it tru ten winters .

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  15. Howard A Member

    While I enjoy the reference to the Brady Bunch, love the old shows strictly for the carspotting, in most cases, and the car is vaguely similar, but Mike Brady, well respected architect, wouldn’t drive a bare-bones Satellite like this. His car was top of the line.

    • Joe

      His wife drove it, and that closet alcoholic maid they had did. Mike drove it when he had to but he had a two seater sports car when he was out galavanting around with his boyfriend on the weekends.

      • Howard A Member

        Joe, the maid too? She was a little creepy. Apparently, there was a rift of trouble on the set when it came time for them (Robert and Florence) to hold each other, he was, well, you know, and while they showed the bathroom many times, they never showed the toilet, which was taboo, leading people to believe, the Brady’s were so clean, they never crapped, and the family dog got killed in the 1st season ( not on camera, of course) and they kept the dog house, but the replacement dog didn’t work out. So now you know the rest of the story.

  16. Jubjub

    Love it. The ’70s as they really were.

  17. Jubjub

    Damn. Maybe the only one of these I’ve ever seen without the turn signals on top the fenders!

  18. Wayne

    Plain-Jane’s need love too…
    If it were closer or for sale in a more favorable time of the year, it would be in my stable undergoing minor repairs and some body work. Keeping it original would be the focus and it’s also a lot cheaper that way.

  19. Ben T. Spanner

    I lived in Ohio and my friend worked for the State. The State motor pool cars were base Plymouths of various sizes with slant sixes, and AC. They were all beige in and out. Many were full size and occupied by one person.

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