Cheap Rallye Spec: 1976 International Scout

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This 1976 International Scout is described as a project-grade survivor with just one repaint and several desirable factory options. The seller acquired the Scout from a longtime owner owned it since 1982 and let it sit beginning in 1989. With minimal rust believed to be mostly cosmetic and great colors, this Scout is an attractive project that shouldn’t take too much to become a reliable driver. Find it here on eBay with no reserve and one bid to $3,250. 

The seller says it came from the factory with some desirable options, including Rallye package, 304, Borg Warner T-18 4-speed, Dana 20 Transfer case, Dana 44 axles, with 3.73’s and disc front brakes. The Scout does currently run off of a bottle, though the seller cautions he has not cleaned out the fuel system which should be addressed before any attempts are made at further restoration and/or driving. You can see some of the rust at the edge of the quarter panel; it’s in the same place on the other side.

The interior is presentable, with no major damage to report. Not much is said about the cabin, other than noting that the rear shell has had a hole cut into it for some sort of crank-up vent for camping. Otherwise, it looks completely stock insider with a factory radio remaining in the dashboard fascia. The original steering wheel is a treat, too.

The seller notes, “….I put a fuel bottle on it, installed a battery, dropped in a points distributor, rebuilt the carb, topped off the coolant, and it fired right up with no internal noise or smoke.” These trucks have good reputations for being that turnkey reliable, even after sitting for years, and this one looks great in its desert tan color combination with a desirable manual gearbox and other equipment. Seems cheap at the moment, too.

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  1. Matt steele

    Love these

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  2. KevinLee

    Same color interior as the one I had. Mine had the obligatory white wagon wheels. I looked in all the wrecking yards in my area for a set those Rallye wheels, which look great on all Scouts, but with no luck. This one is crusty in the usual places, but is still a good looking Traveller.

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  3. The Walrus

    Too bad it’s a Traveller…

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    • TC Oztralia

      At least with the longer wheelbase of the Traveler you didn’t need a neck brace on rough tracks like you did with the Scout II, Toyota FJ40’s were even worse, we used to cal them ‘noddy wagons’, terrible, just about shook your head off.

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  4. John Coleman

    I had A 1976 Traveler for a few years. It had a wrought iron bushguard that looked really cool, but it weighed a ton. It was fun, especially in the N. Georgia mountains. But something was always breaking and it was impossible to find parts, and it was a huge rust bucket. Calling them reliable is a huge overstatement at best based on my experience. If something wasn’t breaking, it was coming loose or falling off. When I was selling it the emergency brake line broke from rust after the test drive. I discounted it to pay for a replacement and waived it goodbye. I never regretted buying or selling it.

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  5. BeeMoe

    …it came from the factory with some *standard* options, including 304, Borg Warner T-18 4-speed, Dana 20 Transfer case, Dana 44 axles…

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  6. txchief

    “Minimal rust” in an IH…hilarious! Been there and done that.

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    • BeeMoe

      Some rusted before they left the dealer’s lot… so that makes it a dealer installed option I guess. ;-)

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    • TC Oztralia

      Funny how all the rust was in the sheet metal, the frames and rails on these were amazingly strong and durable but the bodies rotted terribly, the windshield frame was the worst part, there’s no such thing as a good used frame anywhere, they’ve all dissolved into rust dust. A friend had to make one out of fiberglass.

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  7. Jasper

    Much nicer, more original and cheaper than most Scouts I’ve come across lately. One benefit of the Traveler is the fiberglass top and tailgate. At least those won’t be rusty.

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  8. Dan B

    A good friend had an orange one of these in college. White top, middle row buckets, and third row baby bench seat. With the 345 V8 and an automatic, it seemed to get gallons per mile, but it was hoot.

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  9. Neal

    I saw that listed on eBay. Looks like a great start to a good project. Rockers don’t look too bad. Lower quarters look gone, but aren’t they all?
    But those front body mount wedges certainly need some attention.
    I wish the listing pics would show that hole in the fiberglass roof. I guess another vent window could be added to fill it in, along with some creative gasket work to seal that irregular roof surface. Might be a good ventilation option to have: open the front vent windows and that roof hatch at the same time to get a good flow going as you’re cruising.
    I’m sure the floors are pretty crunchy under the rear vinyl cargo mat and the front (non-original?!?) carpet.
    I do like the original graphics even with the “patina” fade. Looks like an honest rig. Not my very favorite color, but I know it was popular at the time.
    If it were closer I’d give it a look, especially with the low bidding and no reserve.

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  10. chrlsful

    80 & 800 R da ones ta have…

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