Cheap Road Runner Wagon? 1969 Plymouth Satellite

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Ever fancied a Road Runner station wagon? That’s one thing you could make out of this 1969 Plymouth Satellite, and after a quick google search, you wouldn’t be the first person to do so. The car is being auctioned here on eBay, with bidding starting quite low at $500 but there is a reserve. I wonder how high it will go? If you are interested in inspecting the car in person, as Marty Robbins said, it’s “Out in the West Texas town of El Paso.”

The seller tells us that this was originally a factory 440 V8 car but that it is now equipped with a lowly 318. Honestly, that would be fine with me as if it’s equivalent to the factory 318 for that year, it’s still plenty of power for me. The auction listing states that the exterior “needs work” but they aren’t specific as to what that work is apart from refitting the front bumper (which is included). I’m a big fan of the Magnum 500 wheels and all four come with center caps.

Although there were some third seat versions of this car, not only is this one not equipped with the third seat, the second seat is missing as well. Perhaps that works for you if you want to use the car as a hauler, but I’d like to at least have the option of taking family and friends along with me. It’s nice to see how straight and clean the tailgate and rear bumper are, though.

If this is the original upholstery, I’m surprised it’s so unmarked by the Texas sun. Maybe it lived elsewhere for part of its life. Regardless, the seats look nice to me, but I can’t get into the brown upholstery and carpet with the silver and black exterior — which means I’d be looking into a color change. Of course, we don’t know what the original color was, either. No matter, I think Road Runners look best in orange anyway!

A pressure washer would do wonders under the hood. I think you could make this an interesting driver without a lot of effort, and it doesn’t look like there’s any point in returning it to stock anyway. How about a late-model Hemi drivetrain? Sorry to offend the purists, but I think this would make one heck of a restomod. What do you think?

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  1. Joe

    Always wanted a wagon that i could load the family and a couple of small tool boxs and run 13’s with. This thing could be really mean.

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  2. mike D

    looks to be a good head start to building one, with the exception of being equipped with a 440, looks to be just a base Belvedere wagon ( note the manual rear window) not my choice for a color combo which can be changed.. the interior is not the original.. most likely a bench ( I’d switch back) maybe a donor 440 out of a beat New Yorker? would love it

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  3. glen

    How do you get in the back?, no door handle.I looked it up, and the Roadrunner wagon looks very cool! and is going to stand out on cruise night. I’m guessing the 440 went into some other project.

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  4. Joe

    Love it!!! Long roofs rock!

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  5. RoKo

    I love 68-70 B-bodies, but I absolutely hate it when some doofus decides to make a 2-door out of a 4 door by removing the rear door handles. You’re not fooling anyone! Besides, you’ve made the car less practical and silly looking.

    Also, no Satellites originally came with a 440. Only the GTX came with a 440.

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    • Eddie Diener

      The Road Runner also had a 440 & Hemi option

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      • Joe

        The roadrunner had a hemi option in 69 but no had to get a gtx to get a 440

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      • Ken

        Uh… so we’re not counting the 69 A12 440 6 pack roadrunners now?

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  6. jdjonesdr

    It irks me at times that folks put in their auction the comment “it’s for sale locally so it could end at any time”

    How does the seller know there isn’t somebody willing to pay more than what a local buyer will pay for it?

    If there is a interested local party, let them bid on line just like everybody else.

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  7. glen

    Searching the vin on Allpar, the original engine was a 318 2bbl.

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  8. Pete in PA

    With the brown interior I’m guessing that the original color of this wagon was tan or white.

    My aunt and uncle bought a brand new 1970 Satellite wagon. Of course it was green with a green interior. I don’t remember what engine it had but I do remember that it had factory a/c, a rarity where I grew up. In fact I’m sure it was the first car I ever rode in that had a/c. It also had power front disc brakes. I wished they still had that Satellite wagon when I bought a 70 Road Runner years later. I would have swapped their disc brake setup for my RR’s front drums.

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  9. 68 custom

    I think the “original””440 was dreamed up after a twelve pack under a tree on a warm afternoon, it’s pretty easy to see this motor been with the car a long time! still make a cool wagon project!

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  10. Maestro1

    To my knowledge no wagons of that era had bucket seats. Wagons had bench seats for obvious reasons. I agree with those who think that the interior was in the original color, which means exterior was either tan, beige, or white. And yes, the 318 is fine. Maybe the solution is do whatever is least expensive; the interior to match the exterior or at least complement it, or paint the car so that both inside and outside are compatible. Reminder: Wagons are notorious for unsprung weight in the rear. If you want to put big inches in this car you have suspension work to do afterwards as well as brakes.

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  11. jerry meiergerd

    Someone is missing some boat seat material!!!

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  12. John Compton

    Click bait. There never was a Road Runner station wagon.

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    • Charles G Van De Sampel

      True. But some have been built and shown in various magazines over the past 40 plus years. Car Craft had one or two. I believe MOPAR mag had one also Whether it was one of the others, I don’t recall. It’s no different than some Chargers being customized into station wagons.

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  13. Joe

    Original green 318 wagon according to fender tag

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  14. Taco Juan

    It’d be cool to fix this up.

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  15. Skip

    I’ve always liked the Plymouth wagons. People who are used to seeing me here know that I ran a small ambulance service for many years, providing standby service for sporting events. I grew up in ambulance service from my teen years, and one of my favorite ambulances was a ’57 Plymouth ambulance one of the funeral homes here had. It was lit up like a Christmas tree and was a fast runner. The downside of that one was that it didn’t have an adequate electrical system to handle all the lights and the big siren. I mention on another post about a ’68 Plymouth wagon that I saw a ’68 Plymouth wagon that had been an Air Force ambulance that had been stationed at Canon AFB in NM and eventually the previous Reese AFB in Lubbock. An Air Force buddy of mine drove it after it got to Reese and always liked it as being a fast-runner. I’ve always been a MOPAR fan, though, and over the years have had three Plymouths and a Dodge.

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  16. Car nut from WpgMember


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