Cheap Survivor: 1970 Olds F85 Cutlass

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It is amazing to me that cars of this caliber are offered for such a reasonable price, and yet they get little attention. By no means perfect, but beautiful, and in original condition, this Oldsmobile was owned and driven by the original owner up until a few months ago when she was put into a nursing home. Packing a factory 350 V8 and air conditioning, this very solid original condition driver is ready to go for the buy it now price of just $5,500! Check out this beauty here on ebay out of Knoxville, Tennessee.

The 350 V8 is a healthy runner having recently received a fresh tune up and fluids. Equipped with factory air conditioning and power steering, the only thing I would consider changing would be the manual brake system. The engine bay is a little dingy in appearance, but could certainly be cleaned up. Let’s face it though, a running driving sleek looking muscle car era Olds for just $5,500?!  The appearance of that engine bay wouldn’t stop me from picking up this beauty.

Looking inside of this Cutlass reveals like new dealer brochure photos of the current day interior. Although extremely photogenic, the interior does have a few minor concerns. The driver side headrest has split, and the carpet while present, appears a little worn. Perhaps a good shampoo job may add some life to the carpet. The dash and door panels are also in very nice shape, and for a car of this age, it is in awesome driver grade condition. The seller has also mentioned that this F85 reflects 13,000 miles on the odometer, and is unsure of the actual mileage. Although based off of service records, this car had 6,000 miles in 1998, and now reflects 13,000 meaning it has been driven very little in the last 19 years.

Just like the interior, the exterior is very photogenic, and the paint has a lovely luster. If you look carefully you will see that there is some surface rust present on the car. The quarters have some small evidence of rust, but appear solid with no missing metal, or holes. The driver side is less photogenic than the passenger side with a fair amount of surface rust spots, and some rust blisters at the bottom of the front fender, and in the rocker section. A little heart breaking to see, as the car has such a lovely “20 foot” appearance. Although this isn’t a desirable 442 model, this F85 version is still a decent looker, which could be enjoyed for a cheap entry fee, and enjoyed for a long time as is, with use of a garage. Would you jump on this F85 Cutlass?

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  1. Bob c.

    A 2 door post with vent windows? I would say this is pretty rare. Most of these were hardtops.

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    • SanityFactor

      I thought theyre wernt vent windows after 68 but could be wrong

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    • Tricky

      Well picked up Bob. I think that is peculiar to the F85 and not the Cutlass? Still, a decent find for a decent price…

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    • Bob Mac

      I had a Cutlass S with vent windows

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    • Ralph

      Any A-body with pillared doors(4 door, 2 door sedans, wagons and El Camino) had vent windows through 1972, the hardtop cars only had them in 1968.

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  2. Anthony R from RI

    Maybe its just me, but this car with bucket seats, console and a shifter on the floor would make this car a lot more desirable

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    • Sonya t Foote

      i had one of these. and your right. we put bucket seats in it snd took the 3 speed off the column and put it on the floor. yeah,she was a bad ! sure miss her.

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  3. Andre

    Different strokes.. I prefer a column shift any day. Makes much better use of space for practical and *ahem* impractical purposes.

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    • Jeffro

      Get your mind out of the gutter…and drag mine out when you get yours! LMAO!!!!

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  4. Solosolo UK KEN TILLYMember

    What are “Manual brakes” exactly?

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    • jdjonesdr

      Non power brakes

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    • Jerry Brentnell

      he live some place in mexico! his wife hates him she goes broke buying new stuff because manual lives up to his name!

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  5. Miguel

    Well is it an F-85 or is it a Cutlass? They were different models.

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  6. Miguel

    According to the VIN it is an F-85 Standard, 2-Door Plain Back Pillar Coupe.

    If it was a Cutlass the VIN would be 336 and not 332.

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  7. Chuck Sibio

    I think it’s cool- Cutlass or not. The seller is not making it out to be anything other than what it is. Non power boosted brakes, drum front and rear.

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  8. RC46

    The finest tailights of all the Cutlasses.

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  9. Tom

    Learned to drive in one of these with the mighty Rochester quadra jet. Two blocks from home pop the hood flip the air cleaner top over and the sound made
    a teenage boys Friday night. :)

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  10. LAB3

    A cold front blew through last night and there’s a pretty stiff breeze blowing. It’s chilly in the garage but not really cold enough to fire up the wood burner. With that considered I’ll offer the following comment:

    Nice car, great price for a rebadged Chevelle!

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  11. Nrg8

    Astro turf hiding something on the package tray. Back window is quite rusty. Check that car is quite rusty. Seller sounds like a shyster with all his: never looked under it, original paint ( color), old lady story. It’s not really that bad in terms of shape. Seller needs to be a straight shooter, he took enough pictures so I highly doubt he is oblivious to what lurks below.

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  12. Dave

    Cutlass offered 7 body styles in 1970. The F85 was the base model 2 door sedan Cutlass. Was not a different model. The sedan body style would explain the vent windows. Still a nice ride for fair price.

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    • Miguel

      The F-85 was a different model than the Cutlass, which is why they have different VINs. The Cutlass was an upscale F-85 but they were different models.

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  13. Tom

    I like the bar bones GM models. Always have. Kind of a sleeper. Kind of an underdog. There is a lot that can be done with this car. Good news is you don’t have to spend a ton on body and interior repair. Funds can go to fun. The Olds 350 can be made to perform without too much cost. It already has a TH 350 trans. Which can be worked. Rear can be upgraded to posi. Add a brake booster and disks upfront. Wolf in sheeps clothing. And good looking too.

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  14. Rush Meade

    Buying this for a tribute to Grandfather. So much 66s-70s 442’s, few F85’s also Cutlass. Sadly he’s not gonna see this one wish you were still here Sgt. Billy Coman R.I.P thank you for serving in Vietnam grandpa.

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  15. rough diamond

    Looks decent enough, but moneywise, I would be surprised if it brought that much. If I went to look at the car in person, my attention would quickly shift away from the Cutlass to the very sharp looking ’69 (?) Charger R/T parked in the garage?

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  16. Rob

    Man, When you go to eBay and look at all the pics. She is like that girl in the bar that when the lights get turned down is pretty. This thing is good from a far but far from good. The body is in truly rough shape. Truly sad.

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  17. Troy S

    It’s got manual brakes, just like those nasty W-31 olds cutlass screamers had.

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  18. Tyler

    These cars were usually well used up & didn’t survive all of us in high school in the 80’s. All things considered, not a bad price for a decent running car that can be enjoyed while it’s being improved upon. Plenty of aftermarket support for these. I would leave it stock, but options are endless if you didn’t want too.

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  19. howard maryles

    Reasonable price? Ha!

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