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Cheap Three-Wheeler: 1982 Honda ATC110

The three-wheeled ATC is such a small vehicle and yet they’re so scary for so many people. It’s not like there isn’t a good reason for their reputation, which is at least partially due to rider inexperience, overconfidence, and whatever other reasons. The seller has this 1982 Honda ATC110 listed here on eBay in New London, Wisconsin, southwest of Green Bay. There is no reserve and the bid price is $560.

I recently got my first three-wheeler, but it’s not what I consider an ATC. It looks somewhat similar to this Honda, but in a crude, almost homemade way. It’s a Commuter Industries TE-380, and I’m hoping that one of you will have heard of them because there is basically zero information on them on the entire internet. To compare that crude piece of farm equipment to a Honda-designed and engineered ATC is like comparing the space shuttle to a paper airplane.

The ATC110 was an updated version of the company’s first ATC: the US90, which came out in 1970. After retaining the trademark for “All Terrain Cycle” (ATC) in 1973, from then on, starting with the second-generation models in 1974, they were known as ATCs. The ATC110 was the company’s third-generation ATC (1979-1985) with a bigger engine and other improvements.

This example looks pretty nice overall with some cosmetic tinkering in store for the next owner to bring it back to showroom condition. The seller doesn’t give a written description, just a checklist of the things wrong, and this one sounds almost hopeless if you read that list, and see the boxes that are checked. It doesn’t look as bad as that list makes it sound, does it?

The seller has the box checked for this one being in non-running condition due to electrical problems and shifting problems due to it not going into gear. The engine is Honda’s 105.1-cc OHC four-stroke single-cylinder, which was rated at 6.5 horsepower and 5.1 lb-ft of torque when new. I’m sure that most Barn Finds readers could have this one on the trail again in no time. Let’s hear those ATC stories!


  1. Howard A Member

    Oh, you know the kinds of stories we’ll hear, “I ran over my ankle”, “it tipped over easily”,” my doofus nephew from the city, who knows nothing of these, got really hurt”,,, and so on. It’s missing the “rookie” guards by the back wheels, a hoaky attempt on later models to prevent running over your foot that were usually removed. They were a lot of fun, for the purpose intended. Saving steps while mending fences in the lower 40, it’s prime objective. It wasn’t until hooligans, like me and Scotty G that came along, jumping and fish tailing these things, it was never intended for, where the trouble began. It, after many lawsuits, was determined, 4 wheels is better than 3. I have considered a vintage 3 wheeler, to be pulled behind the Jeep. I know, sounds silly, but many roads are simply too rough for the Jeep, and too far to walk, a 3 wheeler would be perfect. Maybe later, great find.

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    • Howard A Member

      Oh, we took many a lump, but t’was all in good fun,,

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      • Doug

        Yes. I had one. Rode a fat friend with me on a logging trail once and he didn’t lean into a turn with me. Straight into a sand pit we went. Him and the thing landed on top of me. I cursed it for two weeks looking at the bent handle bars while hobbling by on crutches knowing it wasn’t the the things fault!

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    • Terrry

      4 wheels wasn’t just better than 3, it was more.

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  2. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    “Saving steps while mending fences in the lower 40.” “Many roads were too rough for the Jeep.” Change the first sentence to “checking oil wells” and the second sentence to “Ford two-wheel-drive”, and you have the purpose for the one my Dad had in the early 80’s. Late in his career it sure made his life easier. He treated it with respect and had no issues. I rode it a few times but can’t say I know much about them.

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  3. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    The other day I was at a moving sale. I saw a Honda ATC70 ! WOW!! That brought back memories! 😂 I check it out. The engine turns over easy. The shifter work good. The oil is clean.. then open the gas cap.. Rust city!! Oh my! All the body parts where there and it looks good. Someone brought it I didn’t ask how much. I should of… I talk to him and he built many of them and gas tank is a common thing. He said I will have this running in no time. Good luck.. I remember when they came out and saw the commercials on TV. Then so many years later after so many people got hurt or killed on these they stop making them. Because people didn’t know how to ride them properly. Then the 4 wheel came out. I like the ATC for the wheelies you can do! Good luck to the next owner. 🐻🇺🇸

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  4. eric22t

    please keep your hands and feet inside until the ride comes to a complete stop. i still ride one today for fun. abit bigger with suspension. the biggest problem with these was that the logic for leaning the turns was different from these to bikes or fourwheelers. just like its different with snowmobiles. with these and sleds you typically lean off the high side of the turn to keep lthem down. while you lean into the turn with a bike.

    this one is actually pretty well unmolested. so it needs brakes tires and a tune up(maybe a abit more here). as for won’t go in gear… the were clutchless standards so not running you may not feel the tranny engage.

    someone is gonna have some fun on the cheap with this

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  5. Howie

    What? No blood stains?

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  6. Scrapyard John

    Oh, boy. My generation grew up with these things. We used to tip them up on two wheels in a turn on purpose…just for funzies. Rip around on frozen farm ponds..all kinds of stuff that I’m glad I survived. Between these things, a slew of dirt bikes, a CBR 600, Jeep CJ’s, and foxbody Mustangs, how’d I make it through with no broken bones? Grace of God, I suppose.

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  7. Maggy

    I almost found out the hard way at 10 years old not to leave your feet swinging up and back otherwise that big old wheel will run your foot over. Mine was an 80 cc if I remember correctly.That was almost 50 years ago.My z50 was a lot more fun.Memories glwts.

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  8. Terrry

    Not just the 3-wheeled ATCs, but any vehicle is dangerous if you don’t treat them with respect.

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  9. Jay E. Member

    These 3 wheelers would kick your ass as you just lay on the ground wondering what happened. They were unstable, non intuitive and humbled you pretty quickly. Their only saving grace was low power. Their cartoonist looks were disarming, they were ridden by children and caused terrible injuries far beyond a run over foot. I am surprised there isn’t a recall by Honda just to remove the liability of them.

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  10. Jack Quantrill

    They rented these at Pismo Beach sand dune park. They had an EMT, standing by to treat injuries!

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  11. FrankD

    A friend of mine has a owns a storage place and he collects these bouncing death traps. Most of them are in damn good shape. I wonder why?

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  12. Nebraska Mike

    Your Commuter 3 wheeler reminds me of the old Heald Inc. mini bikes and3 wheelers. Maybe you can find what you need thru them? Good luck.

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  13. Jerry Lacy

    I had the first model year, the ATC 90, brand new when I was in 3rd grade. Andy Anderson , owner of Anderson’s Honda in Bloomfield Michigan and my father were friends. He talked my dad into one of these instead of a snowmobile because snowmobiles were dangerous! I loved that thing and rode it everyday of the year. Strong as a tank!!

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  14. Andy

    A Commuter Industries brochure and manual download are available… search “commuter industries 3 wheeler” and they will come up. Looks like they were in business into the 90s. What information were you looking for, exactly?

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    • Scotty Gilbertson Staff

      Thanks, Andy. I was just looking for very basic information, like when were they made, what models were made, etc. I did get a pretty poor-condition brochure from the seller that I spent hours on in Photoshop “restoring”, but I still don’t know the exact years that the TE-380 was made. Some say the 1970s, some say the 1980s, etc. Mine has an 8hp Kohler engine with electric start and there was a TE-390 with a 9hp Kawasaki engine and reverse, that’s about all I know. John Deere apparently bought the company and they evolved into the Gator line of ATVs.

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