Cheap Truck: 1941 White Semi Truck Flatbed

The White Motor Company began its 80 year history in 1900 building steam cars in the corner of a sewing machine factory. Over the years they built steam cars, tractors, trucks of all kinds and equipment for the military. This 1941 White Motor Company truck is listed here on eBay in Eugene, Oregon for $5,500. It’s old, it looks cool, it is big and it doesn’t cost much, especially when you consider the price per pound. It runs well but needs some reassembly as you can see.

Here’s the White 340A flathead six 362 CID engine with 36 horsepower. That doesn’t sound like much, but 285 foot pounds of torque sounds a little better. It is said to run well, so that’s a plus.

I have no idea what one might do with this old truck. You could create a giant speedster. Perhaps a home made wooden body would look interesting. All you can say for sure is it’s old, it looks cool, it is big and it doesn’t cost much per pound.

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  1. Marvin Granger

    It would make a very heavy duty woody.

  2. Dave Wright

    You can buy a White 1/2 track project for 5500……..I think this Is really expensive. They are great trucks.

  3. Howard A Member

    Thanks David, what a beast. 1st, I’m not sure this is a 1941. I believe this is a post-war White, ’45? Also the 362 engine, which I believe was White’s own design, put out 116 hp, which still isn’t a lot, by today’s standards, but as stated, torque up the ying-yang, and geared properly, could probably hold maybe 40 mph on the flats with a load, hills, you could get out and walk next to it. Diesel’s didn’t catch on until long after the war, so this was as good as it got. Those 2 sticks will keep you busy. If that’s the 5th wheel, this was a short city tractor, and could have been a military unit. It does have Budd style wheels, still tubes, though.
    Make a great truck to pull around a flatbed wagon to haul your toys, but not much more. They say, half the fun is getting there, and it would be fun grabbin’ gears however, after “getting there” with this, you’ll be glad to get out of it.

  4. Loco Mikado

    Think it is an Autocar. It matches this one down to the frame crossmembers.

  5. Lance Walker

    This is an Autocar not a White.

  6. Dustin

    Make into a woody wagon motorhome or a big rig or a moving van.

  7. ronn

    anyone need a 1941 White truck title?

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