White Motor Company

Yellowstone Park Bus: 1924 White 15-45 Touring

Yellowstone National Park, established in 1872, covers parts of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. Much of its growth and success tracks with the advent of the automobile, which led to more visitors. Touring buses became popular in the early 20th… more»

Special Delivery: 1940 White Horse Van

This fascinating bread box once delivered actual bread, and then had a spot in a museum, but it’s now available here on craigslist in North Carolina and looking to be saved from the scrap heap! It’s a 1940 model,… more»

World’s Largest Street Rod: 1951 White Moving Van

This old truck has had an interesting history. It was first purchased by D.J. Jones Storage and Hauling of Shamokin, Pennsylvania and hauled household goods for many years. The next news we have is that it was restored in 1989… more»

Coast Runner: 1953 White 3000

While I’m not much of a truck guy, I do love old White commercial haulers. This 1953 White 3000/Model 3022 PLT semi-tractor is hanging out in Oregon, where its tired paint and mossy coating offer some indication as to… more»

WWII Veteran: 1940 White M2A1 Half Track

I first saw these photos on a Facebook page and did a double-take when I saw there was an eBay listing. Surely, this is someone’s idea of a joke – but no. This is a real-deal WWII-era M2A1 Half… more»

Cheap Truck: 1941 White Semi Truck Flatbed

The White Motor Company began its 80 year history in 1900 building steam cars in the corner of a sewing machine factory. Over the years they built steam cars, tractors, trucks of all kinds and equipment for the military…. more»

Mystery Year: White Motors Boom Truck

Do you know what year this truck may be?  I’m guessing late ’40’s?  The seller doesn’t indicate much in the ad (including the year), but it looks like a fun and unique project.  This White Motor Company boom truck… more»

Speedster Conversion: 1913 White Project

This speedster was once a police “squad wagon” for the St. Paul Minnesota Police department and then it was converted to a fire truck. It’s been in storage since the late 1960s. The steering box and column were repositioned and the seat… more»

Here’s An Oddball: SuburbaTrac or HalfBurban?

What do you get when you cross a White halftrack with a Suburban? You get one of these, and you never have to worry about not being able to get through that mud puddle again! What ever you want… more»

1939 White Model 706 Yellowstone Bus Find

This old 16 passenger coach is listed here on Hemmings for $75,000. It was used as a ski bus beginning in 1991. It needs some rust repair, but otherwise appears in pretty good condition. In the early years of the national… more»

Magic Bus: 1945 White Motors Model 782

We have always had a deep appreciation for vintage buses, there is just something mesmerizing about them. Well if you’ve been on the hunt for an incredible bus to call your own, have a look at this sweet 1945… more»