Cheap V8-Powered 1977 Chevrolet Nova Concours

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From its introduction in 1962 to its retirement in 1979 as a rear-wheel-drive compact, the Chevy II/Nova was one of Chevrolet’s biggest sellers. The fourth generation debuted in 1975 and the magic was still there as the 1977 model year would be the car’s third-best in terms of sales. The ’77 Concours was the luxury edition (but not like a Cadillac), and the seller’s example looks to be well-used but in good original condition for being 46 years old. Located in Los Angeles, California, it’s available here on craigslist where the seller is asking only $2,600. Kudos to Rocco B. for another vintage tip!

The 4th-gen of the Nova (1975-79) would be its last, as it would be replaced by the FWD Citation in 1980. The latter car would prove to be a major headache for GM, so we’re betting they wished they had stuck with the tried-and-true a little longer. But since everyone else was moving away from RWD, it was inevitable that the Nova and its corporate clones would go away. Chevy built 365,000 of them in 1977, a near-record year. And close to 40,000 of them would be the Concours 4-door sedan, like the seller’s car.

Chevy stepped up the level of trim on the Nova in 1976 and dubbed it the LN, switching to the Concours name the next year. The idea was to better position the auto to compete with the new Ford Granada and Mercury Monarch, as well as upscale versions of the Dodge Dart and Plymouth Valiant. The biggest engine still available in ’77 was the 350 cubic-inch V8, only available with a 4-barrel carburetor, and that’s what’s indicated as being under the hood of this vehicle.

We assume this Nova Concours could be called a survivor. It has 113,000 miles with no indication of the drivetrain ever being apart or the paint refreshed. It’s not a shining beauty, but reasonably acceptable in appearance, especially for the money. The interior is tired, but the brakes are new and the tires are “new-ish”. The auto comes with a ton of service records, mostly from the same shop. The registration is current and we’re told the machine drives great. You could probably do a lot worse for $2,600.

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  1. Jack M.

    Nice cheap entry into the old car hobby.

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  2. Maggy

    If you like this body style it’s a good deal.

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    • Duke

      I had one back in the ’90s. Exactly like this except the 76. I figured the only thing to do with it was to try and cop it out. Put Rally wheels on it blacked out the windows trunk antenna. Served me many years Dependable new family car.

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  3. Chris Cornetto

    WHAT! Something reasonable that is workable, all there. A nice old car.

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  4. Howie

    Mighty close to me, but 4 doors i will pass.

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    • Chris Cornetto

      I said that ions ago when the hair was long and the music loud. I was given a 61 Lesabre 4 door sedan. Yup got the usual adolescent comments. The car took me from Niagara to New Orleans and dozens of other road trip adventures. They might not be the glamor queens of the parking lot kings but they are always there for you and ready to go.

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    • jrhmobile

      Different horse for different courses, I guess.

      I actually prefer the looks of the four-door version of these late Novas. This was the era of “European-izing” for malaise US cars, and these Nova sedans reflected the BMW 528s of the same era faithfully. Plus, the sedans were lighter and stiffer, since they didn’t have to account for all that glass found in the pseudo-hatchback setup of the coupes.

      I had a Nova Concours that was equipped a little posher than this that I used to autocross regularly and fly anonymously on the Texas interstates. That’s essentially a second-gen Camaro under the skin, and most anything that’d make a ’70s Camaro faster works just as well underneath this Nova.

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  5. Conrad A

    For $2600, how far wrong can you go? The body looks straight, and being a California car, it probably isn’t rusted underneath. A price that low leaves plenty of room for whatever improvements the next owner might want to make…

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  6. John D

    This would make someone a nice ride, looks like a really good clean and buff may bring the exterior back, the interior looks to need a little more lovin but a though clean new carpet and maybe dye the faded plastic trim would do it wonders. With a 350 4bbl dual exhaust for $2600 how can you go wrong. If this were in NY I would buy it.

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  7. Frank M

    Posted two days ago and it is still available?

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    • John D

      Might be due to the fact it’s in commifornia they all need to be buying electric cars in what 7.5 years and gas there is higher than anywhere.

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  8. Tom

    I had a retired ‘76 9C1 Nova. An absolute blast to drive! Of all the cars I’ve owned that Nova is one of my favorites

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