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Cheaper Than A Porsche: 1965 Morris Convertible

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This little convertible is listed on craigslist for a seemingly reasonable $1,600. It’s in El Cajon, CA, a dry area so perhaps the seller is correct and it is a “dry car” without much rust. The seller seems to know nothing about this car. He thinks it’s Italian and even compares it to a Porsche? I wonder where he came up with the price. The museum sold a completely rusted out Morris convertible similar to this missing a drive train and many parts for about $1,000 last year.

This appears to be a pretty complete car except for bumpers and trim. I don’t see any daylight through the floor, but I’d want to see more pictures before going to see it. If this truly has little rust and the engine isn’t seized, do you think you could bring this back to being a nice car for less than you could build one or would this be better used as a parts car?


  1. Avatar photo Kevin Harper

    Gone already
    I was hoping to at least look at it

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  2. Avatar photo Jamie Staff

    If it really was dry (i.e. little to no rust) that was a heck of a deal! Not surprised it’s gone.

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  3. Avatar photo brakeservo

    I don’t know why we think this is such a good deal at $1600. Let’s look at the numbers to restore – at least $5,000 for paint and body work, perhaps $2500 if lucky for interior and new top, if you do most of the work yourself you’re still looking at $500 for brakes, at least $500 new tires, $1,000 for chrome, engine overhaul – maybe $1500 with all machine work, new clutch, water pump and all the other “as long as we’re here” stuff if you do the labor yourself. Basically you’ll be into the little car for $12,000 – $15,000 and frankly they are a very tough sell at that price level when done. Better to take say $8500 in cash and your best negotiating skills and buy another one that someone else has sunk $15,000 or more into! Now, that’s a deal!

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  4. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    But give the title writer credit. The title is spot-on: it is a lot cheaper than even a much rustier 1965 Porsche that’s missing half of its parts.

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  5. Avatar photo Gazzer

    Not a 65. Wrong lights front and rear and wrong steering wheel. !963 or older back as far as 1957.

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    • Avatar photo Dolphin Member

      Good eye. But then the title writer is even more spot-on, since much rustier 1957-1963 Porsches that are missing half of their parts are usually worth even more than a much rustier ’65 that’s missing half of its parts.

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  6. Avatar photo CT

    Hey there you all, I LOVE these cars and have a yard full of them. If anyone is looking for a project I’d be happy to discuss parting with one or all! I should really write up a big BF collection post and see if someone wants to takeover my addiction……!
    Seriously though, if there is any interest feel free to send me an email offsite and we can exchange emails or numbers or something.

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    • Avatar photo ROBERT KING

      Looking please let me know what you have ..

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  7. Avatar photo van

    Build a lead sled chop and chanel

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    • Avatar photo rusty

      Hi Van

      been a couple of sedans done that way here in Aussie in the 80’s [usually earlier 4 doors with split front screens], every now and then one comes up for sale.

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