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Cherished Equestrian: 1973 Ford Maverick

How many times in your life have you looked back at a car only to realize that it had become old, and uncommon to see? As time marches on, the cars you remember seeing as new, become rarer and rarer in everyday life. Some lesser cars are easily forgotten, while others always manage to stand out in your mind. Ford Mavericks are one of those cars that have become classic and greater appreciated than they were when new.  Many having been modified, wrecked, and forgotten, some cars do slip through the cracks. This particular 1973 Maverick is an excellent condition survivor. Having covered 92,000 miles, this old pony was well taken care of, never left out at pasture.  Although this is not a more desirable V8, or stick shift car, this Maverick is a real treasure that has aged beautifully. This historic machine is offered at $7,650. Find it here on craigslist out of Atascadero, California. A great thanks goes out to Pat L for sharing such a wonderful machine. Thank you Pat!

Nearly clean enough to eat out of (depending on your tastes), it is apparent this Maverick has lived a life of use, but is still relatively clean. There is minor surface rust on some the engine’s accessories, and brackets, but over all this 200 cubic inch inline 6 isn’t too scruff. The paint in the engine bay appears unworn, and shiny. I always seem to bring up engine detailing, but on a car of this quality, the only thing that brings it down is a mildly dirty engine bay. Execute a fine detail job under the hood, and this Maverick is ready to compete in a concourse showing for survivors.

Taking a look within this Maverick reveals a lovely factory original interior. The ocean of blues all match in a lovely harmony, and the condition is wonderful. It is clear someone really valued, and took care of this Maverick. As this car is original there are a few minor issues that need to be brought to light. The steering wheel is slightly off color, with a crack at one of the “spokes”. The carpet has a few minor stains on the tunnel section, and lastly there is a minor split in the driver seat, as well as some painters tape on the seat.  Getting past those issues, this interior is close to “show room” new.  When this Maverick was purchased by the original owner, some extra interior fabric was purchased. Rather an odd but genius request, the first owner may have seen the potential for the material to age poorly, or perhaps she wanted to make a cover, or line the trunk. Whatever her intentions were, are unclear, but the extra fabric to maintain this survivor is a true gift.

How many of you grew up with a Maverick in your life? Riding with friends, or family, where this one automobile holds the memories of our past. This Maverick is much more than a clean classic. It is a story teller, a memory builder, a history that can be told in many different harmonies.  The beautiful shine of the metallic blue paint is as refreshing as a cool drink of water out of one of those anodized aluminum cups that so many of us drank from in our youth. Rust is a word that doesn’t really apply to this classic, and this Maverick is very short of being “perfect”. The only issue that can be seen from the exterior is a spot on the passenger side of the front bumper. It almost appears as paint, but it may be an area where the chrome may have had an issue. The trunk is like new, and even the inset trunk area where dirt and water collects is clean enough to drop your bubble gum onto and keep on chewing. There are so many times that cars like this Maverick go unappreciated. But when was the last time you saw a Maverick this nice? Whoever the future owner may be, I only hope that they maintain this classic as well as the original owner, for others to see and appreciate. Would you take on the responsibility of maintaining this American classic?


  1. Bill

    I lost my virginity in one of these back in 1986

    • Genomicdoc

      Just goes to show…if you love them, they will love you back

    • Edward Finnesey

      The tailpipe never forgave you.

      • Mike H. Mike H

        I think he said “in”, not “to”.

  2. Luke Fitzgerald

    God – if all cars we liked were like this – nice to see a color coded engine bay – like an Australian Ford – preserve & conserve

  3. Billy

    Truly beautiful. I have always loved the shape of these. Even like the wheel covers. The Ford in line six is a nice mill too.

  4. Rob

    My folks had one and my Aunt and Uncles have had several. I may get booed for this but I would love to turn this into a sleeper.

  5. milotus

    I need to find a car like this,for our Son,
    who’s ’94 Volvo 940t got rear ended,& will probably
    be totaled.It still runs & drives great,but can’t use the trunk.
    Our kid can break a rock in two,& is not a car
    person,so a car like this would be great.
    Of course,we’ll probably only have about $2500
    to spend.

  6. kevin w

    Before I got my driver’s license ( remember drivers ed?) I would hitch a ride to school with a friend of my big sister. She drove a red Grabber with Crager mags
    Had duals with Cherry Bombs. Looked sporty, sounded good too!

  7. JW

    My ex-wife had one like this but in red and a couple years old when I met her and hers didn’t look this nice. Someone really took good care of their car. Nice find.

  8. Fred

    Me Dad had one of these and loved it. I drove it sometimes, and enjoyed it a lot except for the lack of A/C. Pretty good starting price, but I’d get some off for mechanical restoration.

  9. SunbeamerStu

    I’ll have whatever the writer of this writeup’s having.

  10. Bob S

    I drove a school teacher’s Maverick once with some Chums, because she thought it was driving poorly. We floored it repeatedly and perhaps got some carbon out of it. My only memory is that Fords of that day were junk compared to a GM product. Drove awful.

    • Steve m

      I have a 73 maverick org 250 in line 6. It now has a 302 v8 in it . Love this car

  11. Mike H. Mike H

    It’s gorgeous! Reading it through and looking the ad over I find that I really want to buy this one. I’d prefer the 302 version but I’d be content enough with the 200. . . Unfortunately, as I look at the price I realize that the ask seems pretty fair for what it is, but with the ability to only have one-at-a-time I’m still thinking that my money is better spent on something I’d fall in love with every time I see it, and a clean yet pedestrian Maverick just won’t do it.

  12. Chuck Cobb

    Dash appears to be a factory A/C car, but don’t see any compressor in engine compartment. No room for one under alternator on passenger side and none seen on drivers side.

    • Dave B

      The factory A/C dash has vents in the middle of the dash.

    • z28th1s

      A factory AC car would have a set of air registers on the dash beside the ash tray.

      I see you beat me to the punch Dave!

  13. Chris in WNC

    minor editing needed:
    “equestrian” relates to horses
    “maverick” is a name for cattle.

    VERY cool car, love it!

  14. don comfort

    I’ve had mine since 1988. I love these cars!

    • RayT Member

      Makes a good-looking convertible! I’ll bet there’s a LOT of added bracing under the skin, though!

      • doncomfort

        Nothing for over 25 years. Has subframe connectors now.

    • Frank

      Very nice!

  15. DJS

    It was my first new car in 1972 boy it was a lemon, kept it one year had only 10,000 on the clock, went back to GM and never bought another Ford till 2001 ,

  16. Dave B

    Nice clean car. I’ve been driving Mavericks for over thirty years, I love these cars.

  17. z28th1s

    Very nice, well taken care of example!

  18. Dave Pyatt

    2015 Maverick Comet Club International Roundup Nationals in Washington, PA

    All in attendance say “AYE”


    See you all in Dayton this Fall!

  19. rmward194 Member

    This beauty is in amazing shape for 44 year old car. Absolutely love the interior!

  20. Luki

    The tooling went to Venezuela. Used to see them by the dozens at traffic lights in Venezuela in the 90s.

    Nice two door but not family friendly.

  21. Alan (Michigan)

    My mother had one, in red with a fabric interior. Yes the trusty 6, and a 3-speed on the column. I got stuck on flat ground at a stop sign, in an inch of snow! It took me 5 minutes or more to make a cautious getaway.
    Dad figured that lack of traction would not do, so he had my brother (worked part-time at a tire store) stud up 4 snows to the max for it. That car would simply go anywhere, in a foot of snow, after that!
    No issues at all with the car, ran great the entire time the family had it.

  22. Frank

    Here is my 1971 with 59K In this pic 100% original except rims and tires.

    • JW

      Super Nice !!!

    • Mike H. Mike H

      OUTSTANDING! Not usually a fan of aftermarket wheels, but those really help set it off, don’t they?

      • Frank

        HI Mike, I don’t know if I can call them aftermarket rims since they came stock off aFord Mustang Bullet, lol

  23. Dan D

    I had a ’73 Mav in college – dark green with black houndstooth bench seat, Big Six and auto. Loved that car. Very reliable and great looking after I added JC Whitney ’65 Mustang wheel covers and mini fog lights!

  24. Rustytech Member

    While I like the 1970 to 1972’s better, especially the Grabber’s, this is a nice, well cared for car and well worth the asking price on condition alone. They weren’t the most sophisticated cars in production, and I remember some problems with suspensions were common, but they were a reasonably reliable. They were easy to work on and, to a mechanic that’s always a plus.

  25. HeadMaster1

    When my family came to the states from the UK in 72, my Dad bought his very first brand new car, a 73′ Maverick 4 door……A mustard color with brown vinyl top and hubcaps that had a painted ring to match the car…It was a 4-door but had front buckets. As a 4yo I always sat on my knees in between those buckets, so I could see the road and how he operated all the controls. His was a 6cyl, auto with drum brakes. When we moved out to CA he learned how drum brakes and heavy rains didn’t go well together. We also learned that A/C wasn’t just a luxury if you live in the west coast…..He traded it in 75′ for a the brand new Cordova…….Love this maverick, and even the 4-door looks cool if you get a 73 or earlier with the small bumpers….

    • rando

      I remember standing in the floor and such when riding in a car as a youth. through me early teens, my grandpa had and old econoline work van with eth engine between the seats. I sat on the engine cover when I helped him in the summers. For sure I would have seen a crash up close. And that cover got hot in the summers.

  26. C Brand

    Had one the same color (1970) w/black interior w/302 and an automatic…was a nice little ride. With a few tweeks here and there it really came to life. It was also the first car i ever bought….(brings back some good memories)

  27. Britcarguy

    When I was living in Tennessee in the 70’s, there was a guy in the town that was so enamored with the simplicity of the Maverick that he bought 3 brand new ones. He figured they would last him the rest of his life so he rotated them in and out of his garage as he drove them. Never knew if his plan worked or not.

  28. Robert White

    My Maverick days started in 1971 with a four door blue Maverick that was purchased at the factory in Oakville Ontario in July of 1971. My Chartered Accountant father previously owned a 1963 Plymouth Fury blue 4 door, but he needed a new car because our family was being uprooted and moved to Ottawa because the government pouched him from Bay Street in Toronto.

    When I first saw the car I was disappointed in it and thought that my father should have purchased a Chev instead. By the time I turned 16 the car was a piece of crap, but it got me from A to B for low cost. I eventually saved up enough money and purchased a 1966 Acadian Canso Sport Deluxe to offset the embarrassment I felt for actually driving a Maverick. Before I finally got my Acadian I manged to drive my brother’s car which was a 1967 Beaumont Sport Deluxe SD 396 12 bolt pozi so my youth was not entirely destroyed by driving that 4 door blue crappy Maverick that I have never enjoyed remembering whatsoever.

    God I hated that Maverick.


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