454 Big Block! 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

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What better canvas to showcase color-changing orange paint than the vast and flamboyantly styled ’59 Cadillac? This 1959 Cadillac Coupe de Ville custom in Edmond, Oklahoma deviates from stock in numerous ways without robbing or mocking the car’s original purpose as a high-rolling two-door for folks who don’t mind showing off. Cadillac got all-new body panels for 1959, and while the outgoing 1958 Cadillac’s grille resembled a 1958 Chevrolet on steroids, the ’59 Caddy will never be mistaken for anything else. A later Chevrolet 454 powers the 82,000 mile classic, which is said to be dependable even for long trips. Lively bidding here on eBay has at least 16 suitors competing for ownership, with the market value ratcheting above $38,000.

You can’t talk about a ’59 Caddy without genuflecting to the world’s tallest and arguably most outrageous fins. Thanks to SecondChanceGarage for some details. The rocket theme continues from double tail lights in the V-shaped fin to rocket exhaust backup lights in the bumpers to an echo fin below, with acres of chrome all around. It could be the most deliciously excessive Coupe de Ville of all.

A 454 cid (7.4L) Chevrolet big block replaced the original 390 cid (6.4L) mill. An updated Corvette-style brake master cylinder offers big reservoirs and the safety of two-channel braking so you never suffer complete fluid loss. A ’59 de Ville tops the list of vehicles you do not want steamrolling toward you without brakes. Vintage Air air conditioning, power brakes, and power steering make life easier for this Caddy’s driver and crew.

Few people know this, but Section 710 of Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission Laws states that anyone driving an orange ’59 Cadillac is required to fit upholstery in a pattern consisting of at least 70% animal print. That steering wheel, on the other hand, looks like a rotating affront to Cadillac luxury. At least there’s no five inch tachometer hose-clamped to the steering column. Who can argue with the seller’s claim that it’s not easy to find one “in this condition?” Confession time:  I do not have what it takes to daily drive this magnificent over-the-top beast, but I tip my propeller hat to anyone who can, preferably while cranking ZZ Top and tossing the keys to a valet at the Redneck Yacht Club. Do you have the Master’s License and the swagger required to pilot a vessel of this gross tonnage?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    Not a fan of the non OEM dark tint (it seems that eventually it ALWAYS bubbles), and that Grant steering wheel is (IMO) one of the ugliest ever, it also must be relatively inexpensive?! The color goes with the styling flamboyance, but lose the “bigfoot” accelerator pedal, and the trailer hitch. GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Chris M.

      Certainly has those “urban tacky” design elements.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    On my way home one day,I saw one of these floating
    down the road.These things are HUGE!
    Makes a Suburban look small.

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  3. Skorzeny

    Everything that could be wrong with this car, is.

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    • John

      Agreed. While I know some hate 59 Caddy’s, I love them just as they were built. To each his own I understand, and we know what opinions are like, but we’re getting to the point where the salvageable remaining cars I just hare to see modified. I suppose if this was a junket to start with, and was saved even in this form, there’s something of merit to it. Still, stock built was wild enough and a statement in itself.

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  4. DavidH

    I would drive it providing the original steering wheel was restored to its rightful place, the rear whitewall tires grew a little wider and the car came with a cowboy hat and alligator skin cowboy boots.

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  5. Dave

    Folks, meet the new Bluesmobile!

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    • Mark-A

      Hit it

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  6. That AMC Guy

    Last night Comet TV aired an episode of the X-Files that included the 4-door sedan version of this, all in black with heavy tint windows, out of which emerged two Men in Black (one of whom was Alex Trebek!). It looked appropriately sinister, as does this one.

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    A true 1990’s build…….and it shows. Pass.

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  8. Dave Peterson

    I was lucky enough to own a mint turquoise Coupe d’Ville when young enough to appreciate the car. Was a family trooper for a decade. Also lucky to cure a Porsche Jones for $7700 including the dubious new car warranty and the 240Z fever for $3785. While I would have the Cadillac and Z again, I’m baffled by the current obsession with early Porsche. They would have to include an annuity for me to buy one again. And a full fire suit.

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  9. 370zpp 370zppMember

    I like it. Period.

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  10. DJS

    I’ll pass on this one

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  11. Dale S

    It’s more copper in color than orange, which is a good thing.

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  12. DuesenbergDino

    Had a few of these pass through the shop over the years. Most were frame off restorations for the spouses to drive. The heavy hitters were having us do their museum cars and they brought in the 59’s to keep peace with the wives. It’s a long 1/4 panel to straighten and get it just right. Hats off to anyone that tackles these land yachts.

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  13. its1969ok

    That color does not do justice to the body lines. Looks like an early ’90’s period piece.

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  14. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    I not only HAVE the Master’s License but I’m the one who issues them.
    I’m not a big fan of Custom ’59 Cadillacs, but this one is not bad. Lose the horrendous steering wheel, agreed, big foot accelerator pedal, get rid of the low rider stance and MAYBE the trailer hitch. Although, I can see a vintage tear drop following behind this car across country.
    I know, you can’t please everyone all the time. This is a magnificent custom. I would prefer the changes though.
    I’m at a toss up…… I love the completely original vintage vehicles, but I’m also partial to restomods, updating the engine, brakes, suspension, and all the modern luxuries to make it a daily driver.
    I got the SWAG, babe

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  15. Bob Mck

    This has bid up to almost 40K. The correct steering wheel is going to cost $2500 to replace. The interior will run close to 10K to make it correct. Plus, plus., plus, to make this correct. You can buy one already done for lots less that what it will cost to fix this one. But the exterior looks really nice. Love the color.

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  16. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Bob McK

    Isn’t that half the fun? Doing it yourself?

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    • Bob Mck

      It is! I am doing a 6 window now, but the starting price on this one is way too high….in my opinion. I have been upside down in cars so many times. Even though I got the deal of the century on my 59, I will still be upside down when I am done.

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      • Dale S

        I hope not. I don’t think the roof has the strength to hold/support the lower half of this beast.

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  17. Kevin

    It would be too expensive to make all original again, what an abomination, the body lines and style are 2nd to none, and some Yahoo jacked this car all up!again I know it’s all about individual taste etc.in the classic car realm,but a 59 Cadillac, in my opinion should not be taken to this extreme, non original level.

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    • Dale S.

      The ‘Mad Max’ interior doesn’t help it either.

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  18. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    So, you’re upside down on your restoration. At least 1) you had fun doing it
    2) you can take pride in it
    3) you have something of value to pass down to your kids or grand kids

    Babe, money is for spending, not hoarding.
    That’s my IMHO

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  19. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac DivaMember

    Bob McCain, here’s my email. If so inclined, please send me some pics of your 6 window

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  20. walt

    I luv it & wouldn’t change a thing! A perfect long range hunting & camping rig 4 the family. Get a sweet small camper 2 tow & go 2 far away on Vacations. Guess none of u toads ever have fun w family

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  21. porsche pierre

    no right or wrong I suppose. I would like to know the condition of the car before the resto-mod. if it was in sad shape go at it…but the panels seem too straight to believe it was resurrected from the junk heap…so as a 59 lover, kinda sad. Nothing against resto-mods but in the case of 59 caddies which imo are rolling art stick with changes to engine, brake etc but don’t mess with perfection inside or out… just my rambling opinion

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  22. Kevin

    Well walt,I would interested to see you two anything with a lowered Cadillac I promise you it would bottom out instantly so who’s the “toad”now…

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    • walt

      I think they still make ‘air/hydraulic shocks’ Toad

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  23. Miguel - Mexican Spec

    I would like to know what transmission was used and how is he using the original gear lever when the original transmission had reverse all the way down.

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  24. t-bone BOB

    Ended: May 14, 2021 , 8:00PM
    Winning bid:US $39,200.00
    [ 71 bids ]

    Item location:Edmond, Oklahoma

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