Chevy V6 Equipped Kit: Fiberfab Avenger

We’ve seen a few kit cars show up recently that have eschewed the typical formula of an exotic body over Volkswagen Beetle chassis in favor of installing built engines that live up to the body’s outward projections. This Fiberfab Avenger / GT40 kit car is a looker, but it also has a comprehensively upgraded Chevrolet V6 from a 1989 S10 mounted behind the driver and passenger’s head. The paint looks sharp and there’s no bodywork needs at the moment, but the seller does acknowledge that the Fiberfab needs finishing. That’s not dissuading bidders, as it’s currently bid to over $17,000 in its listing here on eBay.

I often wonder if these kit car projects are gratifying. To me, the proportions always look just slightly off, especially when you install oversized wheels like these on rubber-band tires. It’s obviously a homage to the priceless GT40, yet most enthusiasts would be able to spot this as a replica from a mile away. Fiberfab certainly did a better job than most when it came to building a sympathetic re-creation, but if you want the real thing, you have to buy the real thing. The seller claims the paint job alone set him back a cool $10,000, and I’d believe it, as the car presents quite well – but why spend that kind of dough on paint if you’re just to sell it?

The seller notes he has been able to put some time in behind the wheel after the engine was fired up, but that it was assembled in 2016 and has been driven a mere 100 miles since then. It could be a case of having too many projects, or simply hitting a wall that saw enthusiasm for the project decline. The body was repainted fairly recently in 2019, which explains why that still looks so good. Pictures of the interior aren’t great, but the empty gauge pod could be indicative of the unfinished details the seller vaguely references in the description. If that’s the worst of it, it shouldn’t take too many weekends to button this GT40 replica up.

Similar to the paint job, the seller has likely spent a bunch of time and money getting the mid-engined design sorted out. He states that the ’65 Beetle chassis it sits on has been heavily modified, including lowered floorpans. The engine features an Edlebrock Stage 1 intake manifold, roller cam with hydraulic lifters, and a 650 four-barrel Summit carburetor. The engine specs include 030 overbore and .010 off the heads with a three angle valve job. Power is routed through a five-speed manual sourced from a Porsche 914, according to the seller. With bidding closing in on $20K, there’s seemingly an audience of kit car enthusiasts out there that see this as a project worthy of finishing. Do you agree?

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  1. alphasud Member

    This is probably one of the nicest Fiberfab builds I have seen. People have also used the Corvair engines for these kits and I think BarnFinds featured one last year. If I were being nick picky the choice of engine would not be something I would have considered. Not that the 2.8 is a bad engine. They were just not a real powerhouse. My engine choice would be the Olds 215 V8 or maybe a Alfa Busso V6 preferably in the 3.0 displacement. Besides that it’s stunning!

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    • Tyronne Schulace

      I think an early “Ford” SHO 3.0 L Yamaha V6 from 1988-89 would provide the power, visuals and the appropriate sound of 8500 RPM.

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      • alphasud Member

        Good choice Tyronne! I forgot about the Yamaha engine. That’s a real jewel as well.

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      • RacinRob4

        Couldn’t agree with u more. Besides with this being a GT-40 replica it’s only fitting it would use a 3.0 SHO motor. Had 89,90 and 96 and although 3.4 V8 at full song was great the 3.0 has a sound all it’s own.

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  2. Ed Hardt

    I don’t think I would bother with the trouble of putting in the old OHV 4.3L V6.

    • Ron

      The 4.3, if that is what it has, is a great engine and probably about as much power as the VW chassis can handle. If it’s the 2.8 that would be a different story.

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    • Ron

      I had a 4.3 in a ‘93 S-10 SS and it was a great motor, should make this car fun to drive. After looking at the eBay ad, it is equipped with a Porsche transaxle, so it should be up to the task of handling whatever the 4.3 has to offer.

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  3. AnalogMan

    It seems to be built on a (modified) VW floor pan. I wonder what structural integrity issues there might be with sticking a V6 engine on top of that pan?

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  4. rustylink

    the new owner had better plan on getting to know the car real well-on these type of builds a 100 miles is nothing. It is very likely some issues will arise that will need “sorting” especially since this is not a simple air cooled Dub motor build. Adding a water cooled engine of that size can be a project in itself.

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  5. Matt

    I haven’t seen someone paint wheels with the tires on since my teenaged friend used a deck of playing cards as masking material by wedging them in a circle between the rim and tire bead. Took 4x as long as removing the tires and the results were only ok. Why would somebody go to such lengths to mask a tire like this?

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  6. Frank B.

    Nice looking car but 10k paint job ? Looks like he started to make it a nice car, but got out of hand. There are a lot of nice ideas in the build, Probably used the V6 due to limited space but it is a 262 inch motor (75% of a 350) so it will have a lot of torque. Do like the idea of a sho engine in it, would have spent money on that instead of a 10k paint. If he had the vw transaxle, he could have adapted it more inexpensively & would have been strong enough. Saw one of these 20yrs ago with a turbo buick v6 & vw trans.
    If he gets over 17k for this thing it makes me happy as that means my valkyrie is also going up! (avenger kits had vw pans, valkyrie had a factory tube chassis, set up for V8’s and corvair transaxles). Mine is a 327.

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  7. Darrun

    Beautiful car. I would prefer a passenger seat, rather than a fuel cell in the cockpit. I would think even for track use it should be located outside of the passenger compartment.

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