Citrus Green Roller! 1970 Chevrolet Camaro

Boasting a 12-bolt rear end and what look like Z28 stripes, this 1970 Chevrolet Camaro in Manahawkin, New Jersey might be a Z28, or maybe it picked up the Z28-only stripes and heavy duty rear end so long ago to be indistinguishable from original. Hopefully our Chevy experts can chime in with some eagle-eyed observations. Missing its engine and other pieces, the car’s history proves murky, but no matter how you slice it, this Citrus Green machine would make a splash at the local cruise-in. Check out more pictures and details here on eBay, where at least five bidders have driven the Camaro’s market value over $5000.

Only Z28 Camaros wore stripes in 1970, according to MotorTrend, and that mandated the high-compression, solid-lifter 360 HP 350 cid (5.7L) V8. As Chevy’s road-going Trans Am racer, the Z28 could run a 350 in 1970 instead of 1969’s manic 302. This allowed optional air conditioning and automatic transmission in the 1970 Z28 for the first time.

The car’s Van Nuys, California body tag complicates decoding this Camaro because (unlike Norwood, Ohio cars) Van Nuys tags did not get Z28 or stripe codes, according to NastyZ28. Buyers should assume this car gained the big rear end and stripes in the ’80s perhaps, and many would say the lack of an original engine kills the dream of building a real Z28 anyway.

Tilt steering, automatic transmission, center console, and a custom interior suggest this car, even if it is a Z28, was not purchased with track time in mind. Undercarriage pictures show varying degrees of rust, but nothing to suggest this California-built classic is too far gone to restore. The combination of a 150 MPH speedometer and no tachometer adds another layer of mystery. Do you think this bright green Chevy is a real Z28?


  1. OldSchool Muscle

    To me not worth squat!!!

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  2. angliagt angliagt Member

    In about 1973,a guy I know offered to sell me his ’71.It was repainted
    a dark metallic Green,had a Black vinyl top & the U shaped shifter.
    He wanted $1200 for it.

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  3. Jp Z28

    It is not a Z28

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  4. Keith M Howard

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t the Z28 have electric windows ?

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    • JeffD

      Consider yourself corrected. Power windows were an option and not required.

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  5. William Penland

    No fact
    A/C in Z28’s until 1973

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  6. Frank

    Guy in my town has a 69 Z28 four wheel disc/Crossram car. The body and interior are in great shape but the motor was pulled in 1980 to put in a drag car. Reggie J wanted it for his collection,”Not for sale”. Hasn’t moved in 40 years.

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    • Douglas

      The guy happen to be Barry G off 43rd in Phoenix? Crossram included, but it was a ragtop….

      • Justin Clement

        No that is not him.

  7. Randy jones

    Without the motor or tranny..hard to prove this car is a z28 and door panels lessen the z car..but.there was auto.z car in 70…unless some paper work..I would pay a z.value for it..

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  8. Melton Mooney

    Yeah, the equipment you can see is consistent with a Z28. Too bad you can’t see the gas pedal, as a floor mounted pedal would be a pretty strong indicator that it’s legit. The cowl tag doesn’t help on a Cali car except to give you the color combo and build date.

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  9. CycloneJeff Jeffrey Brammer Member

    It looks to be a floating gas pedal. Floor mounted gas pedal is a indication for z28.

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  10. DON

    Not a Chevy guy, but the 70 Camaro is a beautiful car IMHO . Probably one of my top 3 favorite Chevrolets

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  11. Moit Member

    Sitting at the jersey shore ,the salty sea air can’t be doing much for it. I wonder how long it’s been there.
    Maybe a sandy victim and never revived.

  12. Bruce

    No A/C in any Z28 until 1973, 70 Z will have a 8,000 rpm tach with a 150 speedo

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  13. Purple sky

    Code 43 Citris Green and 724 Dark Green Custom interior. Non a/c car could be a Z28 but the big problem before 1972? is without paperwork who knows what she was besides a nicely colored Sport Coupe. I’ve heard some say the gas pedal on later Z28’s could have been floating type. ???? I’ll take the Barracuda with this Camaro though. Package deal with most money for the Mopar. LOL

  14. Kenneth

    I have a motor & 4 speed Muncie that came out of my 1970 Z28 for sale!

  15. John R

    Definitely a floating gas pedal so not a Z

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  16. William Penland

    The more that I look at the car I now think that it was a 396 – 402 because it has a 12 bolt and factory A/C

    • William Penland

      Got a good look at the firewall, no factory A/C but still could be a big block car

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  17. Bruce Harris

    If it was a big block car, it would have the designation in the vin, the same as my 70 El Camino. Maybe get lucky underneath the back seat find the build sheet…

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  18. Robert West

    My brother sold me his 1972 Z-28 clone back in 2000 for $3500. Was an ex drag car so it spent most of its life in a garage. Three years later I traded it back to the original owner for a project 1972 4 speed Corvette. As with everything I get rid of, 10 years later the prices on them go up 4-5 times what I let it go for. It’s another car I wish I had NEVER SOLD!

  19. Mike

    This definitely was a small block car from the factory, can tell were the heater hoses go through the fire wall. Had several Camaro big blocks and the hoses were up and over towards the right side more to clear the big block heads

  20. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    SOLD for $5,800.

  21. Robert West

    Who keeps taking Camaro engines out? What else would you put it in that is better than an early 2nd generation Camaro.

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