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Claimed 6,000 Miles: 1971 Ford F-350


It’s easy to be skeptical of low mileage claims given the likelihood of odoemeter roll-over, but this 1971 Ford F-350 may be the real deal. See, at first I thought this was just your typical poorly-written and photographed listing, which to some extent it is; however, I realized the word “Fair” likely means “Fire”, and this obviously custom-fitted F-350 here on eBay may well be a municipal vehicle that was hardly ever used. 


Zero information is offered in the listing, so we’ll have to piece this one together ourselves. Clearly, the paint does not look like the type that belongs on a vehicle with only 6,345 miles, but it also appears this Ford has been stored outdoors. There’s no labeling that helps us determine if this once belonged to a particular Wyoming municipality, so its origins remain a mystery. Fortunately, many of its desirable fire rescue bits remain attached.


If this truck is as dry and rust-free as it appears, it could be a good buy – but the seller’s ask of $5K for the Buy-It-Now with such few details posted seems like a stretch to me. We’ll need photos of the interior, confirmation of running/driving condition and a bit more about its history to justify the price and low-mileage claim. What would you pay for it?


  1. Howard A Member

    Sorry, more Oscar Mayer lunch meat. This may have been a towing recovery vehicle of some sort, but I doubt a fire truck. And with a current bid of $200, I’m not the only one that thinks this isn’t original.

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  2. dirtyharry

    Do the math, it works out to 141 miles per year. If you believe that, I want to show you my Jeep Cherokee that runs 10’s with a stock motor.

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    • JCW

      Seems most on here do not believe low miles. Prior to the 70’s for the most part cars were worn out by 50,000 or so miles and people did not drive like they do today. So there is a lot of older low milage cars and a lot did not get good care, interiors and paint suffered the same mistreatment. As a mechanic I have seen even newer cars with low miles that people just beat up we as car people do not understand how that can happen. Unfortunately some people do not care about anything and just beat them up.

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  3. geebee

    If it was ordered as a work truck/fire truck in Gillette, Wyoming, it’s real hard to believe it doesn’t have four wheel drive. Wonder if it was somewhere else first?

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  4. fred w.

    Can’t believe the seller posted a listing with absolutely no written information about the truck- and expects to get top dollar.

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  5. David

    Perhaps one could call the Gilette’s vehicle fleet maintenance, (307) 686-5302 and ask about ol’ #970. It’s a small town. They’re friendly folks and will help if they can. I’m curious, perhaps I’ll call them myself. The seller could have/ should have done this.

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  6. RoughDiamond

    I wonder if the Gilette vehicle fleet maintenance dept. know it’s missing.

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  7. Todd Barrett

    It looks like a pipeline welding rig truck. Especially styled like the ones from Canada. I bought one when I lived in Florida from that same area. Mine was a 1991 F-Superduty 2wd without factory a/c. 460 ci. Great on gas! Never missed a station.

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    • Howard A Member

      Hi Todd, HA! Never missed a gas station. You know, we tend to forget what lousy mileage these things got. I drove trucks all my adult life, so I know. The reason they had dual tanks, was it was not uncommon to go through 30-35 gallons in a day. ( 200 miles) In my semi’s, there were (long) days, I’d go through 100 gallons (of diesel) a day.

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  8. racer99

    Sure looks like someone’s tow rig that started life as some kind of fleet truck (line maintenance vehicle is a good guess). Current bids are fair with the crappy pics and lack of any kind of documentation.

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  9. Doc

    It makes me wonder, old fire truck tow vehicle? Spot lights, loud speaker. I agree a bit more history would be nice

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  10. Loco Mikado

    Owner must a an educational product of “No Child Left Behind” model. Level of ads on Ebay is falling rapidly lately, a 1950’s 5th grader could compose and spell an ad better than most I see on Ebay today, even the so called professional’s.

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  11. Doc

    The average american has the mentality of a 5th grader. That is not a joke

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  12. BarryP

    As a retired airline worker I have seen many of these trucks with very low mileage. We used them as entry stairs for the aircraft and as safety fire trucks therefore they were not used very often and only for short distances but could sit and idle for long periods of time especially during our winters here in Montreal. So low mileage is possible in these trucks.

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  13. Chebby

    “There’s money in the banana stand!”

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