Classic Jet: 1964 Fouga CM170

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We certainly can’t be accused of not providing variety at Barn Finds, and for those with an aeronautical leaning, this 1964 Fouga CM170 could be the classic of your dreams. Its condition is excellent, and a recent inspection confirms it is ready to take to the sky with a new owner at the controls. The seller claims it is the only one for sale in the US, and an online search seems to confirm that claim. The Fouga is listed for sale here on Facebook in San Pedro, California. It could be yours for $95,000, and I must say a big thank you to Barn Finder Taylor W for spotting it.

The CM170 can trace its history back to the late 1940s as a French company, Fouga, commenced development on a tandem seat trainer. Jet propulsion was the way of the future, and the company sought to tap that technology in an aircraft that would retain long-term relevance. Early engineering drawings exposed shortcomings in the initial design, but ongoing development resulted in the first prototype lifting off on 23rd July 1952. Series production commenced in 1956, and 576 planes eventually emerged from the Air Fouga factory. The final production total was 929, courtesy of under-license examples rolling out of facilities in West Germany, Finland, and Israel. The fuselage features a slimline design with a distinctive V-Tail. Our feature aircraft was produced in 1964, and its presentation is hard to fault. Its Red paint shines impressively, and the White and Yellow stripes make it look fast while standing still. The canopy is crystal clear, and a recent inspection confirms the Fouga is airworthy and ready for action.

If you are the type of person who likes their classic to feature plenty of gauges, the inside of this Fouga won’t disappoint. It has everything a pilot could need to navigate and fly safely and to ensure that all is well mechanically. The tandem seating provides space for two occupants, per the company’s design intent that the CM170 should serve as a jet trainer aircraft. Fouga focused on simplicity when designing the craft to minimize the chances of in-flight incidents. It ensured issues like engine flame-out would present minimal problems, making the restart procedure straightforward and quick. The CM170 is powered by a pair of Turbomeca Marboré turbojet engines mounted close to the fuselage for stability. While it wasn’t the fastest jet trainer produced during the period, the CM170 was viewed favorably by many due to its easy operation, top speed of 444mph, and a cruising range of 750 miles. This craft is in excellent mechanical health, and the seller includes the maintenance program and books in the sale. We say with some classics that you could fly in and drive it home. In this case, the new owner could reverse the process by driving in and flying it home!

Aircraft have long fascinated me, and I admire the ingenuity that is their design hallmark. This 1964 Fouga CM170 represents what many would consider an affordable option for someone seeking to enter the world of jet aviation. The seller will have a limited buyer pool, but I won’t be surprised if it finds a new home quickly. If you’ve long desired to channel your inner Maverick from Top Gun, this could be your chance to make that dream a reality.

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  1. Robert Proulx

    Please don’t anyone say LS swap ;)

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    • KurtMember

      LS swap.😮

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  2. Grant

    The French have a passion for styling but not tech. I would pass. I am guessing the one percenter who can afford this, would much rather have a rebuilt Mig or F86. Myself, I like pistons, make mine a Rolls Royce powered Spitfire. As a kid, I was told many a story from actual flyers who were in the great Battle of Brittan who flew those and Hurricanes. Of course, the planes flew wonderfully, but actual battle is terrifying. Too bad those young men at the time, couldn’t have just had fun flying the planes and not have to deal with bullets going in any direction. As much as I hate war, WWII was the last war that actually had to be fought. (if it could have been avoided is another topic, but once started someone had to end it. Many a brave lad stepped up to the plate and did it)

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    • Russell

      “… a passion for styling but not tech.” That explains the Citroen SM SC

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    • Solosolo UK Solosolo UKMember

      “The French have a passion for styling but not tech.” Then how come they were 50% shareholders in the design and manufacture of the Concorde airliner that flew for over 30 years?

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    • JYC

      Are you kidding ???

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    • DonC

      “The last war that had to be fought”? You just insulted thousands of veterans from Korea, Vietnam, Granada, Middle East, Afghanistan…….alive and dead.
      You owe an apology.

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      • Howard A. Howard AMember

        Relax, I believe Grant meant the last war Britain fought as a country, although they did help in Iraq.

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      • Grant

        Grenada? Silliness. Went in to “save” some rich kids who couldn’t get into an American med school. Nam? I have great respect for the boys who fought and died there, but what was it for besides making military industrialists richer? NV won, they seem to be doing fine today, despite us. Korea? How did that turn out? Afghanistan? Again, trillions of dollars and a lot of dead and wounded later, what was the outcome besides endless war profiteering? George jr should have bombed the terrorist camps with B52s for a month and sent in some special forces to clean out what was left. What happened was unneeded, to say the least. WWII needed to be fought because without it, Hitler would have gotten the bomb first, then the world wouldn’t have ended up very pretty. Remember, The man In The High Castle? Just like that boys and girls. My comment was never meant as an insult to the soldiers, never. Just that people need to take a step back and look at the big picture as far as war goes, in fact, as far as how the country itself is run.

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      • HenryMember


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      • DonC

        Lots of words there Grant. And I’m not disputing them. Simple point… typed in haste and without British reference or whatever, you said it was last war “fought”. Many of us lost dads, brothers, uncles in the wars I referenced. Do you get it? Be more careful before clicking “send”.

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    • Rex Kahrs Rex KahrsMember

      Well said Grant. Back then we vanquished evil dictators instead of “falling in love” with them.

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  3. Michelle RandStaff

    Gorgeous. I wouldn’t turn it down if it dropped into my driveway.

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    • Walter

      You must have a heck of a driveway. How’s your garage? 😀

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  4. Troy

    I’m leaving on a jet plane…..

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    • Nevadahalfrack NevadahalfrackMember

      Dang it, Troy!!
      With your comment I’ve now got the missile launch scene from “Armageddon” stuck in my head…

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  5. Stan

    Don’t order the fish 😒 🐟 🍽

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  6. Bernard

    The Fouga Magister was a school aircraft for hunter pilots and it has been for ages (16 years) the machine of the Patrouille de France (Patrouille Acrobatique de France = PAF) the french Blue Engels. It’s reknowned for its versatility, reliability and maneuverability.

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  7. Jay E.Member

    You need a loooong runway and plenty of cash for Jet A to fly this. It sure appears to be a nice aircraft.

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  8. Erwin Bovyn

    This Fouga is painted as a machine used by the Belgian Air Force especially in the colors of the Red Devils acrobatic team who flew those red painted aircraft. One of them can be seen in the Brussels Air Museum, Belgium.

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  9. TheOldRanger

    I love the looks of this one, but I don’t have a pilot’s license and I don’t have a close runway and I don’t have a spare 95K… sigh… I’ll just stay on the ground.

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  10. Henry DavisMember

    95k for an airworthy production jet is a steal! Someone mentioned people would rather have a Mig or F86, and that’s probably true. But either one in the same condition as this plane would burn 4 times the fuel and cost 10X the price to buy. I’ve been flying for a living for 55 years (still do!), and this is the first jet l’ve ever considered buying.

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    • Ronald J Ercolani

      Go for it Henry. I got my pilots license in 1964 and planned on a career in commercial aviation. 2 years later Type 1 diabetes put an end to that plan. This jet is definitely affordable to park in your hangar.

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      • Henry DavisMember

        “She-who–must-be-obeyed” has just peed on my parade! Comment started “You old fool” and got worse from there! To quote my Dad, “I want my money and my life to run out at the same time, and if I can die by noon tomorrow I’ll come out just right!” This plane would sure help with that! I DON’T have room in my hangar for another plane, old 182 is enough. Finding somebody to check me out in the plane would be difficult I expect. And getting insurance at nearly 80 yrs old is getting almost impossible. But it got my juices flowing for a few minutes. Alas!

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    • T. MannMember

      Henry D. I will be waving at you next July at the
      EAA AirVenture Oshkosh | Fly-In & Convention
      This is a proud aircraft :-)

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      • Henry DavisMember

        I’ve been to Oshkosh several times, but I’ve never “Been To Oshkosh”. I go to Lakeland every once in a while since i live in Florida, but the traffic mess at Oshkosh for a guy that does just about everything IFR is daunting. I’m too old to camp out and I understand that all the hotel rooms in Oshkosh are sold out years in advance. Love the museum however!

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  11. Jon

    For those who are car guys and not aircraft guys, the buying price is much like the buying price for a large boat, it is just the beginning. Keeping an aircraft airworthy is a drain on funds and you cant fly without it. Unless you are an A&P mechanic yourself, you’ll be hiring someone to perform the inspections and maintenance. You think an LS swap is expensive? Try replacing a turbojet like the ones this aircraft uses.
    There’s someone out there who has to have this one but it isn’t anyone I know!

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  12. DA

    Nice looking jet; would like to see the books, maintenance records and the avionics. Extremely expensive to buy and fuel for just flying around, though. It’s not like there is even room for a bag.

    I notice there is another one in one of the few pictures provided.

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    • T. MannMember

      DA, go see the books, etc and bring her home.

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      • DA

        Let me guess: Find you for a ride?

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  13. STEVE

    95K is just the beginning.

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  14. John EderMember

    This would be a big hit at “Jets and Jitters”.

    I showed this to my wife and she said, “Fouga ta bout it”…

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  15. charlieMember

    Back in the day, Peugeots were well engineered and well built, and Renaults were not, and Citrons were incredibly well engineered and medium built. In 2010 I rented, from Hertz in Amsterdam, a VW Golf or equivelent, which was a Renault, about 6000 miles on it, driver’s door hinges were loose, could not be closed tight. Hertz guy said, “Ah the French, beautiful cars but they are not mechanics.”

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  16. peter howe

    You’ve put my thoughts into words far more eloquently than ever I could.

    It’s unfortunate that we grow old so much faster than we gain smarts. At 80, myself, I’ve learned that you should never look back; You’ll slice your wrists. Having sold my planes (everyone should have more than one plane) I’m now contenting myself with a 92-year old Buick. Not quite the same as the Bonanza. Certainly not as safe or satisfying.

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  17. Andy Anderdon

    If I had the money I would illustrate the old saw about a fool and his money. Thankfully too old and not enough money. Still love the F 105.

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  18. Robert Levins

    If a person has 95k to buy this beautiful 1964 Fouga jet trainer – THEN – without “ even blinking “ – you automatically have another “spare 95k “ just to keep it up to speed! (No pun intended ). Absolutely a terrifically well written article! LOVE BARN FINDS! Good luck.

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  19. Robert Levins

    Oh, by the way – 95k for this awesome jet is also an “awesome “ deal ! No joke.

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  20. Joe Haska

    Thank you old guys (80+) for your observations. it makes me feel good knowing there are guys out there like me. How old would we be, if we didn’t know how old we are?

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