Classifieds Find: 1966 Dodge Dart Sedan

UPDATE 6/9/2020 – The seller of this clean Dodge Dart just had us lower their asking price! It’s now $8,000, so take another look and be sure to message them with any questions or offers.

As some of you know, I’ve found more than one surprisingly decent project vehicle in the great state of Georgia. Despite looking like they were parked in a lagoon at first glance, they’ve all been largely rust-free thanks to the dry, Georgia mountain air. This 1966 Dodge Dart sedan submitted by a reader to the Barn Finds Classifieds page is a sweet survivor, believed to be all original and residing with just its third owner since new. The seller points out it has been in Georgia all of its life, never traveling more than 60 miles away from the original selling dealership. It is now listed here on the Barn Finds Classifieds for $8,000 and located in Jasper, Georgia.

Darts like these are far from the most collectible Mopar you can buy, but that’s also what’s so enormously appealing about a classic like this: you can simply drive it without fear of losing thousands of dollars in value by simply using it. The chrome on the bumpers and around the taillights appears to be in excellent condition, and the lenses look to be crack-free. The impressive presentation is supported by documentation that confirms the Dart’s original specifications, which surprisingly includes the optional 273 V8 engine. The original title, window sticker, warranty card, and warranty books and keys will all be included with the sale.

The interior is borderline time-warp in terms of the clean condition. The bench seat shows virtually no wear, and the same goes for the door panels and dash. Despite owning the car for the last four years, the seller has clearly used the Dart carefully to preserve its impressive cosmetics, and while the odometer reading of 39,500 isn’t confirmed as being on the first spin of the dial, the condition would certainly seem to support an example with just under 40,000 original miles. The seller does note a slight separation of the upholstery at the top of the driver’s side back seat, but I’d assume the backseat is in even better condition than the front.

The V8 is paired to an automatic transmission, which the seller recently changed the fluids and filter in. The engine bay looks like a new car, even better than 40,000 original miles would suggest. This is either the case of extremely good detailing or the Dart truly being the rust-free survivor the seller claims it is. Recent maintenance includes a rebuilt carb, flushed radiator, new brakes and tires, new battery, and more. This Dart looks like a turnkey driver you can simply jump in and start using now, with no major needs at the moment to tidy up before using it with some regularity.


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  1. Rex Kahrs Member

    I’ve owned 4 of these, and they are great cars. It’s rare to see one this nice at this point. These cars were well built and solid, plenty of room, ample power from that 273. It’s probably overpriced by a couple thousand dollars, being a beige 4-door and all. But I love it.

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  2. Fred W

    I doubt the seller will get his price, but this car presents like a low mileage survivor, so he may not be too far off.

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  3. Bob C.

    The 273 is a pleasant surprise. I automatically assumed it was a six at first glance. Nice time capsule.

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  4. ken tilly UK Member

    At last! That’s one very nice 4 door which I wish I owned. My late brother had a Cygnet 2 door, straight six in Zimbabwe back in the early seventies and he swore by it.

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  5. bone

    That is one beautiful , fairly high optioned Dart ! Price seems high to me , but then again, there is a Beige 4 door 66 base model Dart right now on Craigslist very close to me , sitting in a open barn for 30 years and he wants $200.00 . It would probably take $9000.00 to bring that one back, and you’d still have a 3 on the tree 6 cl stripper model when you’re finished.

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    • Steve Bush Member

      Looks to be a nicely preserved survivor, although I agree with the others the price is too high. Still, good to see a 1960s Mopar that’s not rusted out undrivable trash. My parents first new car was a similar white 1965 Plymouth Valiant 100 with the 170 slant six and three-on-the-tree. Good dependable car, but unfortunately badly rusted out after a few years. Still remember how hot the vinyl seats were in the summer with no AC. Also remember dad getting it up to 80 mph passing a truck on a two lane.

  6. LandYacht

    I agree, great shape, nice to see the 273 V8, but like others said price of $6500 would make me drive up to Georgia and pick it up.

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  7. JMG

    I had a white 66 convertible with the auto and the V8 a few years ago. Fun car. Decent power. I have never even seen a 4-door. That is cool in itself. Easy enjoyment for the entire family!

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  8. GDT

    My mother, the proverbial little old school teacher bought a ’65 identical to this over the red 2 door bucket seat dart. Reason, she said the red was too much of a hot rod looking car that I would race in. Yup, little did she know that the 4-door was a sleeper. It was a special order with the 273 boosting almost equal horsepower per cubic inch. It had a Carter AFB and a 3/4 race came in it and the exhaust had the square tail pipe and a beautiful rumbling coming out of it. Every Friday/Saturday night I’d take that little school teacher car out and blow mustangs, goats and SS Impala’s and anything else off the road. The first night she bought it and brought it home and I took it out to drive it and felt the power in that sucker, I smoked the wheels &I had to pop the hood and feast my eyes on a monster. When we’d go out to race, the cars owners that I’d beat always wanted to look under the hood and couldn’t believe it was a “stock” performer. One of the more fun cars to own. The one pictured above, thanks for the memories. One more thing, mom figured out what she had as one morning she was driving us to school and we were sitting at a light right across from where the street narrowed from two-lane, the light changed and the car next to us started to take off & cut us off, she floored it and looked over at me and smiled and said, “he thought he could beat me”. Loved it.

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    • skorzeny

      GDT, thanks for the story! I used to work at a tire shop in the nineties and a customer owned two of these from the mid sixties. His cars taught me how the lug nuts on the passenger side and the driver’s side were different. I thought it was clever.

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    • Stevieg

      Great story GDT! I love it!

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  9. Chris Londish Member

    66 was the first year of the V8 VC Valiant in Australia and beat Ford to the mark by a few months but never sold as well as the GT Falcon although the VC was well optioned with disc brakes on the front and luxury trim and I think power steer was available to, although this Dart is a really nice car and very desirable price I would love to own it as most of the mechanicals are Valiant so there would no trouble getting parts here, a mate owned a V8 valiant his wife was a bit of a lead foot and smashed it up twice and he revived it twice really tough cars

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  10. chrlsful

    had same yr blue waggy that took me thru each of the parimiter states of this big ol US of A ( ran 300K mi ). Also a ’64 white waggy. Both 170s. Commin back to the East I drove livery with a fleet of…wait…no, Aspens (no more slanyies). It had become the 80’s!

  11. TimM

    9K is a good deal for this considering the condition is mint!!

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  12. Car Nut Tacoma

    Lovely looking car. Given its condition for its age, I think that $8,000 is a good price.

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