Classy Custom: 1968 Chevrolet Impala SS

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This Impala SS may not be stock and original, but it is a nicely executed custom that will attract attention wherever it goes. While it might not appeal to the purists among you, I’m sure that there will be quite a few people who will truly appreciate this car, and I would like to thank Barn Finder Miguel for referring the Impala to us. The car is located in Dallas, Texas, and if it is a car that you would really like to park in your garage, you will find it listed for sale here on Craigslist.

There are a couple of progress shots included in the ad for this car, but they don’t really tell us a lot. The owner does say that he purchased the car from the original owner and that it had always been kept in a garage. He also says that the car had absolutely no rust in it when he commenced the upgrades. The car now wears metallic Root Beer Brown paint, which has a really nice depth of color and shine. All of the exterior trim and chrome look to be in really good condition, and all of the original SS badges are still in place. The original SS stamp is also still in place on the cowl.

Under the hood are a 327ci V8 and a TH-350 transmission. Both items have undergone rebuilds and upgrades, with the engine now featuring double-hump heads, an HEI ignition, headers, and a dual exhaust. The owner has also gone to some trouble in ensuring that the engine bay presents just as well as the outside of the car. For your comfort and driving ease, you also get power steering, power brakes, and ice-cold air conditioning.

As with the rest of the car, the presentation of the interior is close to faultless and also includes some nice touches. The original radio has been left in its rightful place in the dash, while an aftermarket CD/DVD/Bluetooth sound system with Alpine speakers and two subwoofers takes care of in-car entertainment. The upholstery and carpet are all new, and those, along with the original SS floor console and shifter, are in first-rate condition. One of the really cool features of the interior is the Dakota Digital Dash, and there is a photo of this in all its glory below.

I have always been a fan of originality with cars, and I love nothing more than seeing a classic car restored to its original specifications. That doesn’t mean that I am opposed to cars like this Impala, and I’ve built a few custom cars myself which demonstrate that fact. What I like when I see a custom car, is a car that is a complete package. This Impala is a car like that, where all of the parts come together to make one really nice and cohesive whole. The owner has set the price for this Impala at $19,999, and I don’t think that he will have much trouble getting his price.

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  1. ChebbyMember

    All that custom work and then those cheap horrible wheels?

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    • TinCanSailor

      Chebby – I agree. It would look 100 pct better with a set of Chevy rally wheels. I had a 68 Impala Convertible and it came with steelies and hubcaps. I replaced them with rally rims and it looked a lot better… and then it was stolen. But hey, at least I still have the hubcaps!

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      • Stilbo

        Yep. Sell the wheels, buy some rally wheels and probably have enough money left over for a years worth of gas.

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  2. Mountainwoodie

    Yo homie………..

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  3. Rock On

    I just hate seeing truck wheels on cars, but otherwise fairly nice ride.

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    • Miguel

      Rock On, he has those wheels on it because they are the same wheels as the Supernatural car he has.

      I can’t stand those wheels and if given the chance I am going to ask on of the Supernatural guys why they haven’t gotten rid of those ’80s wheels in 13 seasons.

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    • deak stevens

      Rock on what do you expect it’s in texas!

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  4. Miguel

    I would take this car but not with that horrible dash.

    The original design of the dash is sometimes why I buy a car.

    That digital dash removes all the charm from the interior, and this is what you are going to have to look at while driving.

    Where are the turn signal lights I wonder.

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    • Bill

      I wouldn’t buy the car cause I didn’t like the year. Although I heavily agree with your opinion on that very ugly dash.

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    • Nick G

      One of the draws to buying a car of this era is the complete lack of electronics.

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      • MotorWinder

        Having had a few 60s cars, a decade later with HEI ignition & TBFI ushered in major improvement on reliability and efficiency, granted the emission systems where not a welcomed addition.
        I have no regrets adding electronic ignition to my 63′, can’t wait to have electronic fuel injection as well!!

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  5. Himes

    The wheels are a reference to the show “Supernatural.” Those are the same wheels that are on the car in the show… not that it makes them any more attractive. The car in the show is a four-door.

    It’s an excellent show. My only complaint is the saw blade wheels they run on the car.

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  6. 8banger Dave MikaMember

    Do I spy a Pantera basking out there in the sun?

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    • Scott Tait

      The blue corvette??

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  7. Vin_in_NJ

    A 1968 Impala SS should have a small hood blister and air vents on the front fenders and SS badges on the grill and trunk lid. Additionally, there should be SS badges on the steering wheel and door panel. Nice car, but not an SS

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    • TomMember

      So you are saying this car is as much an “SS” as is the blue corvette in the background is a Pantera !!! Sorry, couldn’t resist !!! I have no idea if this is a real SS. I believe you are right about it NOT being an SS.

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    • Grumpyboy

      I think you are referring to the 1968 Chevrolet SS 427, that was not an Impala.
      It was a stand alone model and it had no impala banging, just SS 427 badges.
      The SS package on this car was a trim package offered on Impala sport coups and Impala customs.

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    • Howard

      Good looking out!

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  8. Vin_in_NJ


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  9. 8banger Dave MikaMember

    Oh, is that a ‘vette? Not enough coffee at that point, I guess…

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  10. Brian Maupin

    I’m the seller. thanks for your interest in the car and nice write up and recap. Plz contact me directly via CL if more questions. re topics mentioned above… yes it’s a SS per the cowl, that’s easy for any one to decode without debate, did it have all the performance add-on’s, no, it’s pretty mild, I think in 68 the SS was available as a package and it didn’t necessarily mean high performance. It’s possible there were more exterior ss features originally, or not or taken off before me, but it is an SS and has the seats and console, some badges and the SS hub caps all come with the car. I have the original gauges if you like it better, but I am impressed with all the features the Dakota Digital gives in a stock layout, all dummy lights, turn indicators and more are built in. Wheels, I’ll give you a credit if you bring your own set. I have lots of these and so it was an easy bolt on. I can use them again because they are screen-accurate for the replicas I do for the Supernatural tv show 67 Impala. Yes that was a blue vette at the body shop after the paint job was done. that’s about it. thanks again for looking. OBO. Merry Christmas.

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    • Adam

      Hi Brain, I have seen your lovely restoration. I am sure the car has been sold, but knowing your connections there might be a chance, I am looking for a good example of 2 door 1968 or 1967,must be fastback, (preferably couch seat and manual shift).

      Many Thanks,

      P.S. I am also a fan of supernatural, I would love to get my not so supernatural impala and get the sunshades signed by dean and sam

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    • Adam

      If you were to build another one, I would be happy to give you money before you start the restoration and after you finish! I also have one that would be relatively easy to work on that I could buy right now, just needs cosmetics as far as I am aware. I would be happy to help you with the work too, I don’t have the space myself unfortunately being in my 20s

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      • Brian Maupin

        Hi Adam, thanks for finding us and telling us about your goals. absolutely we can help, so let’s bring the chat over to text, email, or fb messenger. We are already planning two 67 2 doors to build and sell that have not begun or been assigned to a client. You can find us at and @maupinmetal

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  11. Vance

    Living in Tucson, AZ, you still see old women driving vintage cars like this clad in their original factor paint faded but solid. 25 years ago when I moved here it was commonplace, and on side streets there were tons of cars in driveways just sitting there fading into obscurity. Working as a tire salesman at Montgomery Wards (showing my age) I had an elderly lady pull up in a real SS and needed a battery. I told her to swing it around to the other side and I would check it for her. Long story short, she hit a retaining wall and took out the entire right side of the car from bumper to bumper. I stood their horrified that she had just killed this car. You still see the ” blue hairs”, arms above their head on the steering wheel, gnarled hands guiding their dinosaur down the road, but there is a whole lot less of them.

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  12. Stilbo

    I’ve always thought that ‘68 was the first year for the GM corporate 350 and 400 engines across the whole line of makes.
    ‘67 being the last year for the 327?
    Really nice car
    Except the wheels and instrument cluster.

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  13. MotorWinder

    I believe all the 68 Impala SS models came with light fixtures in the front corners (had to order a lens), not the chromed “slugs”, those markers lights really set off the look at night!

    Wish I still had my 68 Impala SS … it was the 2 door HT, not fast back not sure what you call them, wasn’t sedan had no pillars, squared off back window. It had the the same sport interior all black with white pw seats, pw windows, tilt wheel, am/fm radio which in ’68 was not common, 396-325hp 400TH with 12 bolt posi.
    Story short, I traded a complete car stereo system for that car (worked installing stereos at the time). 39 years ago it was just a car, but a really fun one to drive … and I didn’t even bother taking any pictures of it. Oh and mine had all the SS emblems …

    As for the Modding of cars and their interiors, I respect whatever one wishes to do to their wheels, personally I like the dash console! … bottom line it’s for them, and if we like it or not chances are they don’t care. My plan for my little 283 in my 63 Poncho this winter includes upgrading to a TBFI … do I care what anyone thinks? Ever hear someone give thanks for negative comments? the last thing that caught my eye on this one was the rims, maybe I’m just too old school but these have that simple look, some would argue “period correct” for the day. I put the optional spinner caps on my 63 and have never had anyone say “oh nice hub caps” … I don’t know why we are compelled to point out what we don’t like : /


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    • Rick Rothermel

      Looks decent, I like the interior.

      The rims are the same cheapies used on the black ’67 Impala used for years on the ‘Supernatural’ TV series, perhaps the sole instance of this era/ body style Impala being ‘famous’.

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    • Camaro guy

      Well said 👍

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  14. David Rhoces

    beauty is in the eyes of the beholder I guess ….I like the wheels

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  15. James Martin

    If it is a true ss, wouldn’t already have the double hump heads? And it should also have a 400 trans too? So I believe it is a clone.

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  16. Wrong Way

    Th car looks really good, but how can it be a digital dash? It’s a Dakota dash but not digital!

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  17. Comet

    $19,999, that works out to about $2 per pound.

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  18. Del

    Pretty nice.

    Lot of work.

    Why advertise on Craiglist ? You cannot see how many people are doing bids that they will not honour.

    Takes all the fun out of it …..😆

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    • Brian Maupin

      It’s on autotrader classic cars, eBay motors, FB marketplace and CL. And now barnfinds ;) is anyone here really interested? I have a buyer in CA who applied for a loan last week and was approved but it’s first & best offer. He plans to buy and ship after holidays. Anyway. Thx for looking.

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  19. 4 barrel

    I would have thought the SS would have been 396 or 427?

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  20. Troy s

    Root beer brown, what a color. I like this car, what they’ve done to it. Not everything has to be stone cold original, that can get boring after awhile.
    It’s a cool weekend cruiser, or throw on a set of torque thrusts D’s and park it outside of your business if you have one, It WILL attract plenty of attention. It’s got more style and character than anything built in the last forty years. I ask anyone to name a full size car that looks better than this within the last forty years. Maybe forty five?

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  21. adam

    Lots of haters on this one,huh? Some just over some easily replaced rims. Get over yourselves. I never understood my brother-in-laws obsession with impala in the 80’s after totalling his 67 camaro but this ride sure makes me appreciate the impala. It is sweet as anything most of you own and rims are an easy change you flipping walkers!

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  22. W9BAG

    My Grandparents bought one of these brand new from Chevy City in Terre Haute, Indiana. 307, Power Glide, p/s, AM radio. Metallic gray with black cloth interior. She was known as the ‘Gray Ghost’. It ended up becoming the “second car” after they purchased a new ’73 Monte Carlo from the same dealership. The Gray Ghost was always garage kept from day 1, and never smoked in. They sold it with under 100K for $200. I drove it to my Senior Prom in 1977. Really liked that car. It had class with the rear sport window.
    I recently saw one on BF with full instrumentation. I didn’t know you could get one with that option. I have many fond memories of that car.

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