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Classy Driver: 1960 Cadillac Series 62 Coupe

At the end of the 1950s, The Big Three’s top-shelf offerings were all about large, shiny, opulent luxury, but starting in 1960, Cadillac went for a more conservative, formal, youthful look. We can see that look on this 1960 Cadillac Series 62 coupe, which is up for sale right now here on eBay in Pennsburg, Pennsylvania.

All you Fin Fans know, but for those who don’t, please allow me to fill you in. The Series 62 or Sixty-Two was in production from 1940 to 1964. It was technically the entry-level of the line, but Cadillac set the standard for all luxury automobiles and kept that title for many, many years. 1960 was the last year of the 6th generation, and it was the beginning of the more conservative, formal, youthful look that I mentioned above. Shorter fins and simpler lines graced the exterior, while new materials and redesigned instrument panel graced the interior. The late Bill Mitchell was the driving force for this more graceful and restrained styling.

This particular Series 62 is a decent example. The seller tells us that it has 69,000 original miles on its V8-and-automatic-trans-combo and that it was partially restored about 20 years ago. Recent work includes quite a few replacement parts for driveability. Additionally, it has no power options other than steering and brakes, and no air conditioning. We can see in the pictures a car which presents nicely and would make an excellent driver or special-occasion car, but it is definitely not perfect.

All in all, it looks to me like a really nice driver example of an often-overlooked vintage Caddy. Everyone and their brother knows a ’59, but the rest of the chrome-bumper behemoths have been largely forgotten in the Collector market. I find this a pity, because they were just as good of a car overall, but for whatever reason, there aren’t that many of them wanted, or even still existing. Even at its asking price of $29,000, this ’60 is more affordable than a ’59 in similar condition nowadays. If I had the means, I would seriously consider having this one, but it would have to have climate control fitted somehow. What about you, what would you do with it?


  1. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    Is it an optional illusion or is that trunk big enough to carry a Midget (MG, that is) instead of a gas can?!?

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    • rod444

      That’s a six body trunk. Very handy if you are sneaking into a drive-in or a gangster.

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        So THAT’S why the Caddie dealerships in Las Vegas did so well back in the day even before the drive-ins were built..!!

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    • Terry

      No matter which way you look at it, it is a huge trunk.

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  2. JP

    Apparently $29k is a “great price” for a car with no power anything or A/C. Guess I’ll need to look up the definition of “great” again…

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      4285 type A/C!

      (4 windows down 2 wind wingss open @ 85MPH..)

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    • Will Fox

      Fore those (like me..) wanting an older Caddy, but unable to afford the lofty prices they now command, the base series 62 is a good place to start. Sure; no power windows, seats, or AC but it’s still the legendary bubble-top coupe this era was known for. There are some reproduction parts available (I think Year One has a catalog on these?) like weatherstrips, fender scripts, lenses, etc. that will help. This is a solid, rust-free example that makes a good starting point. Yes, you are spending more, but getting a more solid `60 as a result! OK; in a few years, sell it for one with more goodies on it that you really want. But in the meantime, a little elbow grease and this one is ready for your city’s next show `N shine!

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      • 86_Vette_Convertible

        You know, in all my years I’ve not heard anyone refer to a Caddy as a bubbletop, but I think this one qualifies.
        Personally I prefer the rear end of the 59’s, but that’s a personal choice. If the car is as solid as it looks, it would be a find driver though it’s a bit pricey IMO.

    • JimmyinTEXAS

      “Car has power steering and power drum brakes. There is NO A/C, NO power windows, NO power antenna, and NO power seats. ”
      From the fleabay ad.
      If you are looking for a car of this make and model 29K may be a great price. I have seen many that had power everything, but now nothing works, the interior is ragged out and the floors are rusted through, and the asking price is about the same as this.
      People that fully restore cars of this vintage could probably add power windows and seats and door locks and power antenna and put an AC unit in it that would be better than a 1960 unit anyway.

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  3. Del

    Nice car.

    Buy it and install A/C

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  4. Clay

    We used to call those little vent windows poor man’s air-conditioning. Too bad they ever went away.

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    • John Deebank

      I believe 69 was the last year for many. I miss them.

  5. Rob M.

    BEAutiful! What a car.

  6. Stevieg Member

    This car is absolutely worth the asking price, I just wish I had the funds to buy it. I prefer the look of the ’60 over the ’59, but I would not think twice about either one.
    We went for thousands of years without air conditioning & survived well (since we are still here) so if the lack of a/c would prevent you from buying this, maybe a different hobby is in store lol. But a/c can be added now. Vintageair offers options for that. And when we are so lazy to turn a crank that we need to push a button to lower windows, it might be time to quit driving lol.

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    • JP

      We also went for thousands of years without cars or currency, so maybe $29k for an oxcart is also a steal. Good argument! Lol!

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  7. Stevieg Member

    All I know is I paid a lot less money for a new car with all of these luxuries this one is missing, along with many more. And it is a great daily driver. This Cadillac would not be a great daily driver. However, this Cadillac has so much class & style I would still rather have that. My Hyundai gets 42 mpg with the air on. This Cadillac can’t (again, no a/c), but I don’t care. It is just flat out cool. And with all windows rolled down manually, cruising the open road on a warm sunny day, I wouldn’t care. Most of the time the a/c is off in my car anyhow, unless someone calls me on my cell phone. If not on the Bluetooth, my windows are down & sunroof is open. Even when I am in 100 degree heat in Arizona I drive with my car open up. Just not with any style, since it is a Hyundai.
    I don’t own any ox to pull an oxcart.

  8. JimmyinTEXAS

    I have a couple of ox carts that I could let go for 29K..EACH.
    Sorry Stevieg, I don’t have any oxen to go with them, but I know a guy that has some mules. Dang it. That would make them mule carts and everyone knows mule carts aren’t worth 29K each.

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  9. Stevieg Member

    Lol I appreciate the thought Jimmy. No use for livestock. City folk here lol.

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  10. Ward William

    It is beautiful indeed and I would DD this thing in a heartbeat but there is a lot of work to do including a good engine detailing. That rust underneath from sitting for some years means that diff, steering and all suspension need removing, sand blasting and painting and refreshing or replacing ball joints and all bushes, and most fittings look tired. It is so worth it but there is a lot of work there to get it to where I would want it.

  11. r s

    Sorry, no Cadillacs without power windows and air conditioning.
    Might as well buy a Biscayne.

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