Clean 1967 Sunbeam Alpine for $2k


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When Robert J. sent us a link to this $2k Alpine, we assumed it was a scam. Then we read the description and decided that it might just be legit. The seller claims that the car is in daily driver condition, but that the engine is out and disassembled. Perhaps they got in over their head or they just don’t want to finish the job? For whatever reason this could be a steal for someone willing to get their hands dirty. You had better hurry though because it will go quick if it hasn’t already. Find it here on craigslist in Santa Rosa, California. Thanks for the tip Robert!


The interior looks great for a $2k car! We are sure there are issues that you can’t see in these photos, so we would recommend a thorough inspection. Alpines are far less common than other LBCs. That makes sourcing parts a little more complicated, but it also helps you stand out in the crowd too.


And here is the engine, nicely organized in a very clean trunk. The seller suggests sticking a V6 or V8 under the hood, but we would recommend just rebuilding this 1725cc four-cylinder. Swaps may seem fun, but they can easily upset the balance of the car. Power increases may necessitate suspension tuning, brake upgrades, and possibly frame strengthening. Then after all that work, the end result may not even be that satisfying. Sometimes it really is better to just leave things as the designers intended…

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Horse Radish

    That is one clean car with Black plates.
    I would check if the cam is there, but
    I’d take that over the Datsun B-bomber any day.
    Good find and two thumbs up for your last paragraph , Jesse !

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  2. rancho bella

    Have the four pot redone right. Those engines can be made to do just fine. Great cars and very sturdy with the “X” unibody frame, thank goodness it isn’t closer.

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  3. Larry

    Why are the good deals ALWAYS on the wrong ocean side :-). This is a Great deal !!!

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  4. Doug M.Member

    I have had 3 of these later Alpines and loved every one of them!! Two of them were even this color. Simple to work on, great to drive. This one looks clean, not all hacked up. Great find!!

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  5. Paul B

    Great buy for the right person, beautiful original color. I hope whoever buys it rebuilds the 1725, which is a very good engine, for a lovely original Alpine. Too many of these get hacked up into fake Tigers, and the Alpine has its own very distinct charms. The 1725 5-bearing engine is smooth, pleasant, reasonably powerful in Alpine form with the aluminum head, and economical. I would love to buy it but I am 3000 miles away.

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  6. michaedo

    It’s close.
    It’s in good shape.
    It’s reasonably priced.
    My hands are moving of their own accord.
    Dammit. They just contacted the owner.
    More later.

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    • Robert J

      Let us know if you buy it! I am always curious to know how many posted Barn Finds end up going to someone who reads this page.

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    • rancho bella

      Indeed let us know. These are good cars but people don’t understand that, yet, maybe never. After owning two stock Tigers…………….hold on…….I prefer Alpines, for the handling.
      Most parts available here in the states.

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  7. That Guy

    I saw this on CL a couple days ago and thought it was the best Alpine deal I’ve seen in ages. It’s within easy trailering distance for me, but I just have too many projects already. Best wishes to whoever buys it!

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  8. Paul B

    Yes, the Alpines are better for their handling, steering, overall civility and ease of servicing. Like the BMW 1800, the Sunbeam Alpine is one of the more under-recognized and under-appreciated excellent cars of the 1960s.

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  9. michaedo

    Well shucks. Due to overwhelming response
    (30 replies), the seller has come to the
    conclusion he might not have been asking
    quite what the Sunbeam might be worth.
    He is currently reconsidering it’s value.
    Moving on……

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      That’s too bad. Obviously someone didn’t move quick enough!

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  10. mountainman

    Its a shame the seller is “reconsidering value”. It was priced and now that he could sell it he wants more? Very , very crappy. I have dealt with this before and its a shame. Bad business IMHO …I have put cars on CL and had cash in hand within an hour. I knew they were priced to sell but I just can’t get over some people advertising a vehicle then not selling it due to possible buyers willingness to pay the asking price. Shame on you Mr. Sunbeam owner…shame on you.

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  11. michaedo

    Howdy folks, just heard back from the owner of
    the Sunbeam with a more thorough description.
    Don’t know the proper etiquette posting an
    email to a wide open audience such as this.
    But the gist of the note:
    More than 70 people jumped on this one.
    One even offered $3k sight unseen. Sounds
    like the engine will need more than just
    gettin’ put back together, to the point of
    maybe trashing the block. It’s been repainted
    in a close to original color a few years ago.
    Very little rust. Title’s current. He’s thinkin’
    now more like $4k.
    Movin’ on….

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  12. michaedo

    Here’s some more pics of the Sunbeam.

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  13. mountainman

    Doubled his price? His right to be greedy I guess but just very disappointing actions from someone who’s selling a classic they have owned a while. I’m sure he will find an eager buyer but it is really unfortunate to have a seller do this. I would rather it go to a flipper and see another party make the extra couple grand. Sorry to rant again on this but obviously it really bothers me. Very bad business. Hate to say it but rather see a tree fall on it at this point than for the greedy seller to see a dollar from it now. …sorry little Sunbeam.

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  14. Chris A.

    This is really unfortunate. If he checks listings for 67 Sunbeams up for sale, he would discover that what appear to be nice driver cars can be had for under $10,000. Even for a pure hobbiest that just has to have a 67 Alpine and can do most of the work himself, a bump to $4,000 is truly unrealistic. “I want $2,000 but won’t take $3,000”? The work involved in setting this car right AND building the engine will be much more than $6,000-7,000 in time, effort and parts. I’m curious, but will probably never find out the actual selling price. $2,000 with a lot of sweat equity and maybe you come out even. $2,000 is very fair in my opinion, he should have taken the $3,000 check and considered himself very lucky.

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  15. Peter

    Being to lazy to do the research myself, Chris A., I’ll take your sub-$10,000. figure for a driver as accurate.

    And having done that, I agree with you 100%. You said it! $2,000. was fair, and $3,000. was a good deal for the seller.

    Interesting thread–I enjoyed everyone’s comments. And thanks to michaedo for the time and effort it took to travel, take and post the boatload of pics!

    This is SUCH a great website! I’m enjoying it SO much, daily.


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  16. Roger Girouard

    find me a cheap, driving sunbeam

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