Clean 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham

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Wow, this is one clean or, dare I say, super clean 1984 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme Brougham Coupe! The seller says that it has had one woman owner and it’s in near-mint condition – it looks like it should be in a museum. They have it listed here on eBay in Fort Wayne, Indiana and the current bid price is already at $8,000 and there is no reserve! Let’s check it out.

The fourth-generation Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme would be the last of the rear-wheel-drive Cutlass Supremes, ending for the 1988 model year. In mid-1988, Olds started offering the front-drive W-body Cutlass Supreme and that generation would have a convertible with the famous/infamous basket handle configuration. That’s different, eh? The Cutlass Supreme for sale here really looks like a winner to me and the seller has provided great photos.

They say that this car is from southern Ohio purchased new by a GM employee and driven by one elderly lady, but they don’t say if that lady was the GM employee and I guess it doesn’t really matter. The odometer shows 68,850.9 miles and it looks like it has 6,880 miles on it to me. That’s only an average of 1,912.5 miles a year since 1984. We don’t see the underside but the seller mentions that it clearly has only been driven in fair weather conditions and was undercoated with “TST Teflon” when new. Even the trunk looks like new.

One of the first things that I look at with cars in this incredible condition with fairly low miles is the wear on the pedals. I don’t see any wear really on anything anywhere that would indicate higher miles than what is shown on the odometer. The steering wheel looks like new as does the dash and the seats almost make me openly weep they’re in such perfect condition both front and rear.

There is some visible surface rust in the engine compartment but I can’t imagine that it’s anything to be too concerned about. This Cutlass Supreme has an Oldsmobile 307 cubic-inch V8 which would have had 140 horsepower and 250 ft-lb of torque. The seller went through this car thoroughly and replaced wear parts like the brakes, shocks, rebuilt the carburetor, and did a full tune-up, as well as the previous owner replacing the battery, exhaust, and tires. This is one rare and beautiful example, there can’t be many left in this condition.

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  1. Jon

    A little older than this one,a 1980, we had for a drivers ed car when I was a senior. Light blue,but same package.

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    • Quicko

      The 80 was a great car it was the first yr that they used dual lights and still had a real bumper on it, I own and owned several, 80,83,85,87( this one I still have put a 455 in it) but I still miss my 80

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  2. 86_Vette_Convertible

    I had a 84 similar to this one. Beautiful driving car, handled fantastic for the size of car it was. If I had the time and money at this time, I’d take a look at it.

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  3. S

    I love these cars. Nice color, nice options, the 307, contrasting vinyl roof, color-keyed sport wheels, what’s not to like here? I’d buy it if I was in the market for one. Prices for these are amazingly high now. These sure were popular when they were new. They seemed to be everywhere.

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    • AndyinMA

      They were everywhere, they were huge sellers. Then it seemed like overnight everyone lost interest in coupes. They they lost interest in Cutlasses. Then they lost interest in Olds.

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  4. Richard Isenberg

    Had 3 cutlass supremes over the years. Oldsmobile was a great car and this classic I wish I had.

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  5. Jcs

    Nice looking Cutlass, obviously well cared for for the miles.

    Easy fix – return the seriously goofy tailpipe to stock.

    Not quite as easy fix – add Rally Pac gauge cluster.

    All better. Good to go now.

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    • Treg Forsyth

      Don’t forget the wiring that goes with the Rally pac when you get the gauges, I found out the hard way.. Last of the rear wheel drive cars, good old school hotrod material. 350, 4spd etc.

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  6. John

    Crank windows on a Brougham.

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  7. Super Glide

    Truly one of the prettiest of the Cutlass family.

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    • Milt

      My 69 was prettier! 2 door with a 350 4 barrel turbo hydramatic on the column, a/c no post hardtop Was metallic Dodger blue with a black vinyl top and interior to match

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  8. Randy

    Just a little bit cheaper than the true broham edition cutlass,no power windows,power mirrors dual, or a automatic shifter,and column on the floor,cheaper,but now considered as a classic.

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  9. BhoweMember

    I’m probably the odd man out but my favorite features are the deep velour seats, especially in this color and the thin hard plastic steering wheel. I truly like this 80s stuff.

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  10. Dana

    Try 5th gen; 1961-63, 64-67, 68-72, 73-77, 78-88. The 307 frame (and motor) mounts will accept a mighty Rocket 455!

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  11. Blake Green

    Omg, this was mid 80s luxury! Those seats are dreamy, but where’s the power stuff? Sis and i bought mom a new kia for xmas last year and it has power everything! Must admit, I’d crank my own windows to have those sweet velour pillow seats! Not so sure about mom, though, she’d rather have power windows. Her and dad had many a PLC & cutlass when i was growing up. Funny how perceptions of luxury change
    Back then it was all about velour pillow top seats, I’ll roll up my own windows thank you very much! All the luxury i need is my ass sitting in velour as i manually wind my wondows! Mom loves her hard seats and full power in the Kia. Buyer beware, bluetooth for your old parent is a mixed blessing . You’ve been warned Ha! My how things change !!!

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  12. Steve Akker

    TST Teflon was actually a Paint Sealant , not an undercoating . I worked at a GM dealership in the tge 70s to the early 90s and applied this product to many New Olds and Chevy cars and trucks.

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