Clean Driver: 1972 Ford Gran Torino

Its fanfare is well-deserved, because it is a sharp looking car, but the SportsRoof wasn’t the only 2-door Gran Torino available in 1972. There was also a 2-door hardtop, like this one sent in by a Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Glidden, Iowa. This is a buy-it-now only sale with an asking price of $13,500, but you can make an offer.

The third-generation Torino was introduced for the 1972 model year and lasted through 1976, which was the end of the Torino run. There were the two 2-door options already mentioned and a 4-door sedan and station wagon. For the first time, the Torino sedan and wagon rode on longer wheelbases than the 2-door models. This was a 1-year only look before federal mandates required a change to the front fascia. I know there’s a lot to like about the 1st and 2nd-generation Torinos, but I think the 1972 is the best looking of all 9 model years.

The seller says the dark green paint is original. The black vinyl top makes for a classic exterior color combination. From what I can tell by the pictures, this Gran Torino looks to be in good condition. BF Goodrich Radial T/A tires are wrapped around vintage silver with machined lip Torq-Thrust wheels. The seller says the set has only 3k miles on them. I think they’re a great addition to this car and give it just the right amount of muscle-y feel.

There’s not much detail offered of the green interior, but the seating surfaces appear to be in very good condition. The front bench seat shows as new, carpet looks fresh, and the dash appears crack and wear-free. This Gran Torino is equipped with air-conditioning.

If I’ve accurately decoded the VIN, this Gran Torino left the factory with a 400 cubic-inch 2-barrel V8. There’s no mention of it being original, but there does appear to be a 400 under the hood, which the seller says has been rebuilt. They continue telling us this car runs and drives great.

Even though the Torino was the best-selling intermediate in 1972 – with nearly a half-million sold – I don’t see many come up for sale. I think this is a sharp looking car that will help you stand out from the crowd a bit. What do you think?

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  1. Troy s

    Yes, those American Mags give the car a great vibe. I like the over all appearance of the ’72 Gran Torino especially this one here but the interior is all station wagon exciting. It’s no muscle car despite the 400 Cleveland, I believe the top performing engine was a high out put 351 Cleveland, the 429 fell drastically in power.
    It’s a rough call…great looking car for not toooo much money, don’t see a lot of them anymore, but it just lacks the firepower.
    Oh yeah, stay off my friggin lawn!

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    • SamM

      You’re right, Q code 351-4brl. Dad had a ‘73 in medium metallic copper w black bucket seat interior. I loved that car and keep my eyes peeled for ‘72 and ‘73 Torino notch backs. Must be a Q code tho

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    • Brian

      There was no 400C (Cleveland). It would be the dreaded 400M (Modified). The 351M and the 400M were not known to be very good engines in Ford’s offerings.

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      • Dave

        I read an article last night that describes the differences between the 351W, 351C, 400, and 351M. I was quite surprised, you will be too. First thing is the bellhousing bolt patterns. C and W have the same pattern. C, 400, 429, and 460 have the same pattern. 400 became the M when the C was discontinued. With the right cam and heads it’s easy to make 400 hp on pump gas.

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      • Chris

        Brian “400 M”
        The 400 is just and only that.
        A 400.
        The only “M” designation is for the destroked 400. That became the 351M.
        This topic is debated very emphatically every day on social media. If one is so inclined to research it, at the end of the day one will find that Ford never called it a 400M.

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  2. Bear

    Listing ended early.
    Looks like someone already snapped this one up! (y)

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  3. Classic Steel

    Nice looking Gran Torino Sport Coupe.

    My parents had a red 72 with black too vinyl and black full vinyl seat too. It had the full cover caps on rims and the 351 Cleveland two barrel and tow package etc. i gad a 69 z28 rally in HS and remember from time to time taking this out for a spin or on a date as it was a nice clean ride. I usually treated it like a parents car but if you ever took off at a red light and punched it those tires would break and the Cleveland would go into action quick.
    One lil irony on the 72 Torino is this car had a recall.almost a decade later. I say that laughingly as a decal to put on dash arrived stating “warming use parking break as car can pop out of park”. We no longer had the car but all said yes that defect is true.

    When the car sold at eight years old it had a new vinyl top and newer paint job. It had rolled down their slightly elevated driveway through a barb wire fence at five years old driverless of course and State Farm was there to repair. 😉
    Kudos to Ford recall quick action and two inch silver chrome stickers with black lettering 😃😂

    I still love this model and probably more as it reminds me of youth and late parents too.


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  4. Woody

    A lucky offer made for quick sell? Nice Torino!

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  5. Bob_in_TN Member

    Very nice. Also my favorite from this generation of Torinos. A 1972 four door Gran Torino was our family car during this time period.

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  6. jerry z

    Not surprised the listing already ended. This car is a real clean example with a rebuilt engine and a/c system. Just turn the key and drive. I like the coupe over the fastback version.

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  7. fran

    One step better would be a factory 4 on the floor!

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  8. Rmac

    Looks like Clint Eastwood’s in the Gran Torino movie “get Off My Lawn!”

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  9. Mike

    My aunt had a brown ’73 Gran Torino with the sport roof. That was a nice car to drive. Unfortunately she sold it to buy a family friend’s ’84 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo with only 1k on it when he died. It was loaded with every option but it was gutless compared to the Gran Torino!!😂

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  10. Willie

    Had a 73 Gran Torino Sport back in the day. 351-4V auto. Triple black. Sharp car when it was clean. Stock engine would bark the tires on 1-2 shift after shift kit was installed. Sadly had to replace it with a 70 Maverick 6 banger when the family came along. Wish I still had it. (Not the Maverick, the Torino)

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  11. Chuck

    And can you see Clint Eastwood in this?

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  12. Tim Gonzalez

    Love this car, if it were a station wagon I’d be all over it!! Anyone know were a station wagon in this shape is, let me know!

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  13. Robert May

    My uncle special ordered a ’72 Gran Torino Sportsroof in this color combination. No vinyl roof but it had the Lazer stripes. I always heard him say 351 Cobra Jet and Drag Pack. Had a column shift and bench seat. Sadly, he crashed it and he tried getting it repaired. Since it was a one year only grill assembly, he could never find the correct pieces. That car and that uncle is why I’ve kept up with cars my whole life.

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    • C

      I have a grill for ya.

  14. Dean Martin

    What a beauty. My father had a 72 light blue and my mother had a 72 VW bug. Loved that Torino.

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  15. Joe

    Have had a 72 formal roof with 302 and an automatic and still have a 72 sport with the 351C 2V and an automatic Loved both just couldn’t keep a tranny in them Right foot to heavy I guess

  16. TimM

    Great looking car at a decent price!! No rust clean paint!! The rims and tires make the car look more aggressive then the steelies and hub caps they came with!!

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  17. Stevieg

    Grandma bought a formal roof one from a neighbor of hers back in 1982. Red with black top & interior, 302 & automatic. It had the full wheel covers on it. Sharp looking car! With a set of Magnum wheels, it would have looked like a muscle car.
    I remember thinking at the time it was a really sporty looking car for such an old lady (her and the neighbor both, the lady she bought it from was even older & the original owner), but I am now about 3 years younger than she was then lol. Looking back on it, Grandma was really a cool lady! I miss her dearly.

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