Clean Duck: 1975 Ford Maverick Survivor

Andrew TannerBy Andrew Tanner

It is well-known that I go pretty easy on unwanted cars from less-desirable time-periods. I try not to price-bash, as there is a rear for every seat! All of that said, I think that the $8,500 asking price on this 1975 Maverick is a little bit optimistic. While it is a very clean car, undoubtedly low-mileage, and a V8, I’m just not sure it will bring that kind of money. Mavericks are neat little cars, but they aren’t exactly Mustangs and $8,500 is Mustang price territory. That aside, this Maverick is just clean enough that it may rub someone just the right way. If you want something clean, simple, and different than many classics out there, this Maverick could be the car for you! Find it here on craigslist in Orlando, Florida. 

According to the ad, pictured here is a 302 cubic inch Ford V8. This car looks to be equipped with the “Grabber” package, so a 302 is unsurprising. This car has its dents and dings, but the ad states that it runs like new and has A/C (though no statement of functionality is made). From the pictures, the engine looks to be in good serviceable condition, and a good under-hood detail would likely go a long way.

This was apparently a popular interior choice in the mid-late ’70s, at least in my experience. Whether you like the color or not, there is no denying that this Maverick’s interior is in great condition and needs little more than a vacuuming to be tidy. The steering wheel wears a cover, as it is likely coming apart, as steering wheels this age are apt to do, especially in Fords. If that is the only interior flaw, for 42 years old this Maverick is doing just fine. The lack of wear on even the driver’s seat indicates this car was driven very little, and maintained very well. The claimed 79,000 miles is believable based on interior condition alone.

If there was an official car color for American cars in the 1970s, this would probably be it. Like I said, this was evidently a popular color. Though there doesn’t seem to be any rust, this photo shows the most major exterior imperfections: the large dents in the door, and the apparently re-sprayed fender indicating this car may have been wrecked. This detracts from the car’s value, and makes what is already a difficult $8,500 sale even harder. Imperfections aside, this is a very clean car and will make a great driver or weekend car for someone. What would you do with it?

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  1. Wade Anderson

    We had a Maverick like this rusted thru and thru and so plain jane my pregnant wife couldn’t get behind the wheel with the seat all the way back

  2. Steve R

    I could see it selling for $3,500, give or take. It’s too new and has too many dings, dents and paint issues to pull in the $8,500 asking price.

    Steve R

  3. Russ

    it must have 2oz of gold in the trunk ti get that price

  4. Pat A

    One thing about these is that underhood mods were difficult, because of a lack of room. The shock towers seem to be much wider than on a Mustang, making header installation difficult. Going to a Mustang II type front end would help. I don’t think there’s all that much of a collectors market for these, so some mods like that shouldn’t hurt the value.

  5. Elrod

    This one could only appeal nostalgically to a previous owner of this model. It needs a repaint at the very least and as such the asking price doesn’t align to the value. It would be a fun Cars and Coffee Sunday driver. Anything old and in good shape warrants joining in the fun 🙂 Restore it stock and don’t tell anyone how much you paid….

  6. George

    I covered 10 states in a 1975 Monte Carlo 350/350. Car caught on fire and unfortunately did not total. While being repaired I was furnished a 4 door, 6 cylinder, automatic, with LTD like trim. That car was far more comfortable, better driving car. Never got back aches like I did in MC. And I’m not small. I’d pick a Maverick or Comet over a Mustang any day. Better looking and you don’t see yourself 5 times at the Dog & Suds cruise night.

    • Tommy D

      Maverick was better driving than a 1975 Monte Carlo…ouch!

  7. Fran

    I would rather pay 8500 for a mavrick anyday of the week over a 75 mustang II, even the cobra or king cobra. If that Mavrick was a sport version, that would make a really cool car. Ford had cool editions back then with the stalians and the sports.

  8. Fran

    My father went to buy a pinto and said to the salesman what is that under the cover, it was the mustang II. To which my father said how much more is it over the pinto, it was like 600.00 more, and he bought it. We thought is was cool. Boy were we stupid.

  9. TM Reagh

    An owner is entitled to ask whatever he feels his car is worth. Unfortunately, if you are serious about selling the vehicle, the asking price is a real stretch. You might be able to find a 1964 – 1969 Ford Falcon at this price point and overall condition of this vehicle. IMO, this car should realistically be priced around $4,500 – 5,500.

  10. Jeff

    Dreamer…the seller that is.

  11. Troy

    Real neat car, potential for all kinds of projects,but a really awful price tag. Come on , 8500 dollars for a Maverick?

  12. King Al

    In right side picture, front fenders look darker shade then rest of body. Was it in fender bender?

    • jesus bortoni

      From that picture both the right fender AND the hood are off color.

  13. scottymac

    Did all Grabbers have those funny looking “nostrils” on the hood, like some of the later Mustang Cobras had?

    • z28th1s

      No, just the ’71-’72 Grabber’s have the twin scooped hood. The ’70 and ’73-’75 Grabber’s have a flat hood just like the standard Maverick.

  14. Dave

    Dangerous little tin can. Terrible weight distribution coupled with 4-wheel drums. Would swap ends in the rain every time if you had to stop in less than 200yds. Sketchy electricals. Every piece of weatherstripping leaked, even after replacing. Wiper bushings fell apart at 80k mi. The 250 in mine ran like a top — by Ford standards — after being rebuilt at 75k — but everything else about that car sucked. Especially the incessant “what year Mustang is that” questions from non-car people. Friend of mine lost a leg in one when he was T-boned in the passenger side of his gf’s Mav. Pinned between the beercan door and the comically oversized trans hump

    • scottymac

      And that explains why General Motors filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and depended on taxpayer money to stay solvent, while Ford just sailed on. Thanks for the lesson.

  15. corky aeh

    Looks to me like the front end 2 front fenders , and hood …is a slightly different color than the rest of the car ?? May be lighting ???


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