Clean Patina: 1960 AMC Rambler Cross Country Wagon

Whether literally or figuratively, we’ve long been warned not to judge a book by its cover. There’s no exception here. This 1960 Rambler Cross Country wagon was sent to us by an anonymous Barn Finds reader who found it here on eBay in Phoenix, Arizona. There is a buy-it-now price of $26,950, but the seller welcomes you to make an offer.

The exterior of this Rambler is showcasing a southern sun baked patina. Love it or hate it, I think we can all agree that the patina is well worn and helps tell the story of its prior use as a vehicle for a glass company in Amarillo, Texas. The seller says all exterior panels are original. The paint is faded and there’s some signs of surface rust, but I don’t see any rust through. Steel wheels with poverty caps complete the utilitarian exterior.

Now we get to why we can’t judge this book by its cover – a full custom interior in a very welcoming shade of brown. The front features low-back buckets split by a full-length custom console. Additional gauges have been installed in the console to offer the driver a bit more info while out cruising. All of the custom touches – steering wheel, door panels, seat pattern, gauges, and on and on – fit well together and look right at home here.

The bench back seat matches the upholstery of the front seats.

The light brown carpet and chestnut brown leather continue to the cargo space. For every bit this wagon looks worn and used outside, it looks clean and fresh inside.

To continue our theme, I bet you wouldn’t have guessed there was a crate 350 under the hood backed by a 700R4 transmission. Vintage air has been added to keep you cool during those summer desert days.

This is exactly my kind of restomod. An uncommon platform with and unassuming exterior, fresh driveline, and super clean interior. For those who want to drive their collector cars and not just wipe them with a cloth as they keep them parked in their garage, this could be the car for you. What are your thoughts on this mix of originality and customization?


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    Nice restomod.
    Perfect if you live near a surf town.
    Would eventually paint…but no rush on that.

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    • Sam61

      Ditto…like it the way it is. It would tempting to paint it in a deep rootbeer metal flake with a cream colored roof and freshen the chrome.

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  2. PatrickM

    One of the Lee twins….Ugh. How to ruin a Rambler wagon. No underside pics, can’t tell if the is power steering. No interior tailgate pics. Lots of work done for a resto mod. But, this just isn’t my cup of tea…err…coffee. I almost took this seriously until I saw under the hood. I’ve been looking for a practical car and this almost got me. Bye.

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  3. Chris in Pineville

    very nice work, even if it’s not my cup of tea.
    my ideal Rambler wagon would have 6-cyl with 3 on the tree and overdrive…

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  4. Mitch Ross Member

    If it any AMC engine I’d be all over this car, just not a fan of Chevy enginiin everything.

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  5. Craig

    I guess I’m not in the patina crowd. But if ya like it that’s cool.
    I’d have this painted, and quickly. Nice car.

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  6. angliagt angliagt Member

    1960 Armada?
    I see where they got their influence from.

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  7. bobhess bobhess Member

    Great car. Probably would paint it but as is is cool.

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Nice build, looks like super craftsmanship, would need to look it over and under real Good. that mill would twist up that unibody like a pretzel. Inside is sweet. Wouldn’t be surprised if the has the ask invested. Return? maybe . maybe not. Good luck to the new owner. stay safe.

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  9. DavidH

    My dad owned one like this, sorta. Dad liked his Ramblers. He owned a few nice ones. I learned to drive on the wagon. I felt pretty special drivin 3 on the tree even if I never got out of 1rst gear. The difference from this one included an overdrive on the dash, a six cylinder and it was green all over, inside and out. I would love to own this one as the owner has done some nice work on it.

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  10. CCFisher

    Nice, but it seems off-topic for a site called “Barn Finds”.

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    • Richardd Adams

      I do not agree CC.
      This vehicle will look right at home, parked in any any barn !

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  11. TimM

    The interior makes me think they should have painted the car!! It’s just so extremely nice compared to the outside of the car!! It’s just my opinion but you go all out on the inside and do the patina thing on the outside just doesn’t seem right!! Maybe they spent all the money doing the interior and had no money for paint!!!

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    • wayne walker

      Tim m I think you will find most patina jobs even rat rods spend lots of time and money on everything but the exterior I am not a fan of that at all.This car would look fantastic in a deep pearl colour so many nice lines to it.I would bet this is the car that Joe Martin built not many 60 wagons out there and the same colour as he did.I remember the interior being brown if Joe built it the car was done right.The power train is worth close to the asking price

  12. V murry

    I think gas monkey did this car,I remember seeing it on an episode!!

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    • Chucko


      Don’t say anything about Gas Monkey less your post get ‘moderated’ and disappear.

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    • Dennis

      I thought the same thing. Saw the episode. But the interior wasn’t that nice. Wheels were 3 piece/black. Anyway………

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      • bruce baker

        I totally agree with you. I bet that plump kid got tired of it sold it. New owners
        change it to their liking. It’s still in Texas.

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    • MorganW Morgan Winter Member

      It’s not the Gas Monkey Rambler…

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      • bruce baker

        Yeah you’re right. Off by one year. Wow so there’s a chance my Dads old light yellow/white Rambler wagon is still rambling?

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  13. Skorzeny

    I don’t mind it as it sits, but the 700R4 is a gargantuan cop out. Where’s the 5 speed? And I would like it more with an AMC motor. So no manual? Pass…

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  14. Howard A Member

    At 1st glance, I knew right away it had to be a resto-mod, and that’s okay. I’d have preferred it stay Rambler, but has way more appeal this way. Unless you grew up with these, like I did, you can see why. Ramblers, like Studebakers, were the “bottom of the barrel” for car shoppers. Both appealed to the lower class, and did the job, but there was no interest in them once they wore, ( or rusted) and few remain. They became “back row” $100 beaters,( they might take $75 to save them the hassle of junking it) and the next stop was usually the junkyard. I’m in the 6 ( or stock V8) camp, and the interior does nothing for me, looks so out of place in a car like this, but that’s me. Very cool find.

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  15. Robert White

    Brown interior with blue dash????

    Methinks the seller wears black knee high socks with summer sandals and never learned how to dress because his mother made all those decisions for him.

    Don Knotts is dead and cannot purchase the car.

    P.S. If your mother dresses you funny in youth please stay away from restomods as you age.

    Signed….the management


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    • MikeH

      I agree. That deep blue dash and the chocolate interior is jarring. I think they must have wanted it that way because, if I’m not mistaken, the dash is the same as the body color on these. This dash is much darker.

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  16. Mr. Ed

    Barn find? Really! This is the car that Gas Monkey built years ago. I see it still cannot fond a buyer. But to scam people telling them it is a barn find is a new low for the owner.

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  17. Mr. Paul Joseph Abramson

    is this the grease monkey car. they did one exactly like this a few episodes ago. just asking.

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  18. Angel_Cadillac_Diva Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    Poverty caps? Never heard of that one. Northeast we always called them moon hubcaps.

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  19. 38ChevyCoupeGuy

    This is not about being anyone’s cup of tea, it’s about feeling a certain way before,during,and after building cars and trucks, The guy/gal who built it, in my opinion might be a lot like myself and many others who can build their own chassis, weld sheet metal, build an engine,transmission,differential etc, etc,etc, they may even have the 50ft paint job skill. These creations are put together to be enjoyed. Many will like it,many won’t,one thing I can assure every nitpicking hater is,that when the wind is blowing through the windows at cruising speed, my/our smile will be bigger,more genuine,than any open checkbook there ever was.😁
    NOTE: I do not know anyone associated with above listed car,or car itself.

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  20. Ed Smith

    I love it and never liked anything called rambler . This is hot rod basic 101 build a sleeper and just have fun .Sick of all you nut pickers about a gm motor in a anything but a gm. Its a hot rod not a restoration back to the original. And who cares if it didn’t come out of a barn . I thought this was a site for all kinds of cars to look at come on guys wake up and smile for change . Who needs another garage queen that never gets driven and most of us can’t afford anyway. This kind of build gives us all ideas that we can afford . Lighten up.

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  21. Wayne

    I like it! I think that it is cool!
    It appears to have been “sub-framed” as the spring/shock towers are no longer present. So I will have to assume that it now handles better than stock.

    This is no longer a Rambler it is a RUMBLER!

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  22. Wayne Member

    When I was learning to drive, Dad purchased a 60 Rambler Rebel, 4 door, V8 (304) with 3 speed Overdrive. White in color. Still can smell the new car smell. It would do 100 mph in second gear overdrive. It beat several Mustangs and Nova’s on Waterville Bridge when us young men used to challenge each other. Also the Reclining seats were great for parking, traveling and going to the Drive In Theater. Wish i could find one like it on Barn Finds.

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    • Howard A Member

      If it was a 1960, and unless it was an Ambassador,(327) it probably had the 250 V8. The 304, a stretched 290, came out in ’68.

  23. 427Turbojet 427Turbojet Member

    When I was about 11 – 12 years old, a friend’s mother drove a two tone pink ’59 Rambler 4 door. My buddy and I rearranged the letters in the grille. That car was MABEL for the rest of it’s life.

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