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Club Member Owned: 1967 BMW 2000CS


Do you ever look at a car and wonder what it was like during its prime? That’s the feeling that runs through me when checking out this 1967 BMW 2000CS here on eBay. The old-school alloy wheels, BMW Car Club of America grill badge and manual transmission are all good clues this was once an enthusiast-owned car that has fallen on hard times. 


Said to have been found suffering from neglect in the back of a VW repair shop, the seller has pursued this “New Class” coupe for many years after first discovering it. While it must have been rewarding to drag it home, I’m wondering if he’s realized there’s a lot of work to tackle here, including the interior, which will need new wood trim at a minimum. Good luck finding replacement pieces! Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, the seats appear presentable.


The familiar four-cylinder M10 engine is still present but looks like it has suffered from years of neglect. What’s confusing in this case is that CS models came with dual carbs, but this appears to be a solitary Weber – which could indicate an M10 from a later 2002 or E21 was swapped in at some point. Despite being down on power, this 2000CS seems to have been optioned either as a stripper model or purposefully light-weight: there’s no sunroof and no A/C.


The seller indicates that this is a “European” model, which in most cases means it was a gray market import. The glass Euro-market headlights provide good clues to its history, but unfortunately, they are completely smashed out – a shame, since they are far more attractive than the standard US units. The old-school dealer license plate frame reinforces that this has been a Midwest car from day one, with plenty of rust in the worst places as evidence. I fear this example is destined for parts car status, but maybe you’ll disagree. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Avatar photo LD71 :D

    Beautiful cars when new or restored, this one’s a money pit for sure! LD71 :D

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  2. Avatar photo Bob in Bexley Member

    Who cares what it looks like ?! Get it running & drive it before you or it dies.

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  3. Avatar photo Josh

    Seller sounds petty. Gotta buy the extra headlights he found separately. Also gotta pay $100 for the battery if you want it. Keep It! It sounds like if he could, he would charge you extra for the “vintage pre-ethanol fuel” left in the gas tank. Something doesn’t add up because if he was trying to buy this for many years, why would he sell it so quickly? It’s way more than what he can handle probably.

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      I thought it was odd he was selling so many little bits and pieces separately, too. Probably because he knows as well as we do the rust is going to scare a lot of people away, so maybe he’ll get lucky selling the headlight the battery you can get for less with a coupon at Walmart.

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      Jeff is right on the money. Seller is ditching it because he’s discovered the state of rust.

      These are infamous for deep seated rust in complicated areas of construction making repairs extremely challenging and expensive.

      They are a beautiful design however.

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  4. Avatar photo jim s

    this seller is parting out VW’s by the looks of the 22 listings on ebay. the car has a bid and there is no reserve so it will sell. i think parts car after looking at the front towers. interesting find.

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  5. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    I like these oddball BMWs from the time when the company was trying to find its way, and I would own one if I could find a decent car for a decent price, but this isn’t that car.

    These will be very hard to find parts for, and expensive when you do. I guess that’s why the seller says that he won’t include the one headlight he found for the car unless you pay extra for it. He won’t include the new battery he bought for the car either, and that plus the lack of an asking price and his fishing expedition for a good vehicle in trade for this car tells me that I would not want to deal with this seller even if I wanted the car, which I don’t.

    The main reason being, fixing the rust properly would cost way more than buying a good car instead. These cars usually rust in the spring/shock towers such that it’s unsafe to drive them. Some of the photos show enough rust to tell me that I would need to spend big money to make it safe for the road. And unless you get real lucky with a good parts car forget about finding affordable body parts. It’s highly skilled fabrication with a hammer and English wheel and lots of welding ahead if this parts car is ever going to make it back onto the road.

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  6. Avatar photo Bob in Bexley Member

    There’s one sitting in a driveway about 2 miles from my work. Up-close it’s one cool piece of automotive history.

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  7. Avatar photo Scotty G

    This is one of my all-time favorite front end designs. I love the look of those headlights and that whole slanted design, but man, this would be a heck of a project if a BMWCCA member is even giving up on it. This car is way beyond my restoration talents and it’s also beyond my budget to just drop it off at a shop and have them work their magic on; those parts will not be inexpensive. But, it has to be worth saving if at all possible; maybe not monetarily, but mentally.

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  8. Avatar photo Mr Scott

    Correct me if I’m wrong but a no reserve auction means nothing. Anybody can have their buddies bidding up and of course always the second computer system building your own product line up. Nobody’s going to give up the control of an auction of their own items for the most part save they just don’t care about the final sale price

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    • Avatar photo Dave Wright

      Yep………when ever I get close to a deal on a no reserve sale, the guy cancels the sale or in one case ( an early Buick roadster featured here) the guy simply refused to sell it after I paid. He did send my money back……..there is a lot of fraud in any non government auction and even some in those.

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  9. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle
  10. Avatar photo Jubjub

    Always liked these but they don’t balance my dollars spent vs. enjoyment scale. Yeah, for $7500 at least throw in the battery and the good headlamp.

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  11. Avatar photo Dave Wright

    I love BMW coupes in general but would not commit my treasury or energy on a 4 cylinder car. They are very plain and cost of restoration can rival the wonderful 3.0 CS cars. If I wanted a 4 cyl, I would look for another 2002. Easier to restore, better parts availability along with a decent resale.

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  12. Avatar photo Horse Radish

    Here’s a little extra info, that I believe to be correct (after) owning 6 of these.
    This car seems to be a Euro model,, a CS with a single carburetor ? (not really, so you can assume non original engine here , most likely a 2002 motor swapped in some decades ago. The original motor would have the same number as the VIN !!)
    (Weber or not) CS cars had the Solex double side-draft set up with the canister Air cleaner.
    Steering wheel thought to be a 2000C not CS..
    VIN indicates a CS model.
    Rust is not as bad as on most, but the shock towers could be problem

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