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Cobweb Convertible: 1968 Triumph Spitfire

A couple summers back I picked up a ’72 Spitfire from a used car lot. I enjoyed it, but I always longed for an earlier model. Mark I and IIs had better looks, but the Mark III actually had enough power to seem quick. This 1968 Triumph Spitfire could be the ticket. It is going to need a lot of work, but the seller is only asking $1,800 with all offers considered. Find it here on Sacramento’s craigslist.

There are cobwebs inside because this Spitfire has been sitting in a Sonoma County barn for 20 years. The seller claims that they are the second owner and that it was running about 5 years ago. Things look dusty in here, but it appears that everything is in place. The center mounted gauges were replaced by a more conventional layout later, but we actually prefer this look.

British sports cars would not have been so magical if they would have had tops, but they sure are nice to have when it rains. This one looks great with the hardtop in place too. It might take some work to source that back glass though. The rest of the parts will be cheap and easy to find. Just make sure there are no major rust problems.

Putting the hammer down may not be too eventful, but I still have found memories of driving my Spitfire with the top down. The engine was easy to get to because the whole front clip lifted up. Replacing the plugs was a piece of cake and the tire even made for a nice stool. It isn’t going to get you anywhere fast, but that never was the point of the British roadster anyway, was it? Just watch that rear end when corning hard…


  1. Michael Rankin

    I had one of these years ago. I took it off a friends hands to save him a divorce. I got it running and it was a blast running around town. I had some teenage nephews that hung around the house and they talked me into selling it to them for $100. They drove that thing into the ground. Fun car but this would be way too much work for me at my age.

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  2. Skip Middleton

    I wouldn’t pay more than $500 or so for this. Getting it back into shape will cost a ton, even with Moss Motors and Heritage Motors as a resource…

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  3. paul

    Fun car, not worth much when finished, I’d give him $100. I had a 69 & drove it very hard back in the day.

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  4. Beowulf Columbo

    Do not walk away from this car, RUN! Rust under the door areas in Spitfires is death. They fold up like cheap suitcases and the doors will no longer close. Also the rear window in the hardtop is as rare as hen’s teeth. If it is missing, you are out of luck.

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    • Robert MacKenzie

      “fold up like cheap suitcase” Really? You must be thinking of another car. :)
      Spitfires have a I-beam frame made out of old battleship iron. They will not “fold” unless hit buy a truck, even then they tend to survive. That is one of the reasons you still some very rusty ones still on the road.
      These cars, particularly the early 1147 & 1296 powered versions are going up in value. Parts are still cheap and easy to find and they are a joy to work on and drive.
      I have two Spitfires, a ’62 and a ’78, but would be all over this one at $1800 if it was closer.
      Yes it does have some rust issues but seems to be complete and includes the rare hardtop.
      A full (do it your self + paint) restoration on an early Spit will cost $6K-$7K and the final car will be worth about that much, so dont plan on making any money. You will just end up with an example of the quintessential little British car.

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  5. Europa TC

    boy……….you sure would need to do this out of love only. The cost would be over the top.

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  6. Larry

    Needs a little TLC !!!! And a little body work!!! Whats this guy smokin, This car is not worth anything close to $1800. Why is it some people think if it was found in a “barn” it must be worth more then it’s worth. Tops I would say is $500 and thats being nice. Good luck to him and the guy that buys it.

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  7. Rob D.

    Fun cars BUT don’t put oversize (wrong offset) rims, like the ones in the photos, on any of the early Spitfire, GT6 cars as the wheel hubs will break off eventually. You may see them on the race prepared cars but they are inspected and constantly attended to.

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  8. duncan

    I just sold one just like that in much better shape for 1500. Great little cars, but you can get a lot for 2Gs is part of whats great.

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  9. Bryan

    I have a 73 and love the car. Its a blast to drive around on the B roads of course with the top down. For the condition this car is way over priced. I paid much less for mine which was running and driving with the steel hardtop.Those are 15″ Buick T-Type wheels so you will need 13″ Triumph wheels to make the car right. For that money you can easily find a running driving Spit that will need some work. This Spit needs everything!

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