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Collection of American Iron in France

American Cars in France

It is rather rare to see classic American built cars outside of North America. Ford and GM both had factories abroad, but they typically built models that were targeted for that specific market. The cost of exporting massive and heavy American cars to Europe made it price prohibitive. Manufacturers and dealers couldn’t justify large scale exportation, making this collection of 250+ American cars in France an extremely rare sight! The seller didn’t offer much information in their ad on leboncoin.fr, so I contacted them in hopes of getting more photos and an inventory list. Unfortunately, the listing was removed before I heard back. It still might be worth a look to see if anyone knows more about the collection and if the cars are still for sale. Special thanks to Michael B for the tip!

Cadillac in France

From the limited photos, I see lots of interesting American cars. I also see some European cars in the mix, so it would be interesting to see a list of everything in this collection. I’m curious to hear the story behind it, but one things for sure, whoever was collecting these cars must have really liked American Iron. While luxury cars appear to have been their preferred style, they also have a few sportier machines in the mix.

Corvette in France

This is the only Corvette visible in any of the seller’s photos and it is in need of attention. With this many cars, I wouldn’t be surprised if they have several more. I didn’t spot any other muscle cars in their photos, but I did notice a pony car hiding behind the Cadillac Convertible. Finds like this can be both exciting and painful. I’m excited to see what else the seller has, but I wish I could go look for myself! If it were possible, I’d already be on my way to take a look, grab some photos, and just enjoy all the sights. If anyone knows more about this collection, be sure to share! You guys have gotten pretty good at the Name that Find game, but I think it’s time we see who is the best! Who can name the most cars from these photos? Good luck!


  1. Don

    who cares about the vet i want that vw bus.

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    • Joe

      My thoughts exactly!!!!

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    • Jeff

      At least the vett is worth something, I can buy one of those buses in this area for close to scrap price. The earlier ones are the ones that are worth the money, as they were built in small numbers. In recent years the earlier ones have been restored and sold for hundreds of thousands. These however are kinda worthless, VW built them in this style until like 2012

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  2. FRED

    this guy must have some money if he has a driveway made of pavers. they dont come cheap. i’m with don the bus would be my first choice but would not mind having both. i would love to see the rest of the collection too.

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  3. jim s

    i wonder if pavers are part of the sellers business as there are a lot of unused ones in the background. i too would be interested in the VW bus and pickup. big pile of tires! i do hope more details get posted to the site. great find

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    • John Herrmann

      Pavers are pretty widespread and common overseas in Europe from what Ive seen.

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  4. AMonFM

    Am I seeing things, or is that the tail end of a GAZ-14 sticking out in the 1st picture?

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  5. Tim Moore

    You guys can have the bus, I’ll take that ’60 cadillac convertible.. Looks like an eldorado too

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  6. paul

    Hello & sorry – this “collection” isn´t in France but in Prague, Czech Republic … All vehicles are for sale but too expensive to buy & too expensive to restore.There are US cars, West and East European oldies, Youngtimers and some new cars, trucks, vans, etc. The dark red limo on rihgt is really a GAZ 14 Chaika, one of three or four. On the same place are some ZILs, older 117 and newwer 41042, some Tatras, Warszawa made in Poland – I think about 40 – 50 cars incl. old Mercedes-Bens minivans (319) and some Czech trucks and buses. Most of the cars are rusty, very damaged or uncompleted. Some oldies are imported from USA, from Poland and from Hungary. If You wish, I can give some my pics … :-)

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  7. Beaver

    I want the 59 BUICK in the bottom left of the first photo!!

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  8. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    Me Too, 59 Buick! Microbus? The perfect vehicle when the speed limit was 55! And the only thing it could outrun was the heat coming from the engine.

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  9. LTC John Herrmann USA Ret.

    I’m thinking many, if not most of these were left behind by American Military Service members when returning stateside after a European assignment. They’re shipped with them/to them as part of the moving allowance. Older ones with miles left behind are often picked up by newly assigned service members for cheap and called “Woopties” or “Beaters.”

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  10. Mark in Medford

    I wonder if one could get a bargain on chrome plating over there, when it cost thousands here in America it might be alot cheaper over there. The bumpers on that Caddy convertable look pretty fresh.

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