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Collection of Hot Rods found in Alaska

We’ve all seen those collections. We’ve seen a bunch of cars locked away in sheds and barns, and all they are doing is gathering dust, rust, cobwebs, and mice, and the owner is unwilling to part with them for love nor money. This collection which was unearthed in North pole, Alaska, is a bit different. The collection isn’t as big as some we’ve seen, but the vast majority of the cars run and drive, and the owner also seems to be open to the idea of parting with some of them.

As daily drivers go, this isn’t a bad place to start. This 1957 Ranchero underwent a restoration a few years ago, and the owner bought it as it stands. Under the hood is a 312ci V8 which sounds really sweet. The owner has stated that he has been using it on a daily basis over the Summer. When asked, he did indicate that he would be willing to part with the Ranchero, and a figure of around $20,000 was the figure that he quoted.

Sitting beside the Ranchero is this 1960 Studebaker Champ 1-Ton Pickup. This is a neat and clean looking pickup, and it does have a V8 under the hood. The owner isn’t sure of the size, but if it is original, we’re talking either a 259ci or 289ci engine.

Just up from the Champ is a 1932 Ford 1.5-Ton Pickup. This is fitted with dual rear wheels, and nestling under the hood is a flathead V8. The video shows him climbing aboard the vehicle, and that wonderful flathead fires right up, idles smoothly, and sounds absolutely beautiful.

One of my favorites is this car. It’s a 1937 Studebaker Dictator Coupe. It seems that this gentleman doesn’t get himself all tied up with originality, because under the hood is a 283ci Chevrolet V8, which is hooked to a 3-speed Saginaw transmission. That thing fired up, and I swear that I could feel the ground shake right here.

That’s just a brief snapshot of this collection. As I said, this guy is different to so many collectors that we see here at Barn Finds, because this one does seem open to the idea of parting with his vehicles. It’s worth having a look at the video which is below because the rest of his collection is absolutely amazing.


  1. Fossil

    Let me in there = please!!!

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  2. Mountainwoodie

    I wonder …do the cars just sit out in the winter?

    That guy has it going on….probably has forgotten more than I’ll ever know :)

    I like his ’57 Ranchero…..please. Glad guys like him are still going strong. An antidote to B-J etc!

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  3. JBP


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  4. PDXBryan

    North Pole Ak, the home of The Santa Clause House! I grew up in Fairbanks. It’s a very dry, semi-arid climate so these cars are probably pretty dry.This guy, his homestead, and collection of old rigs is so typical of interior Alaska except that his car’s are pretty nice and actually run! Interior Alaska is an interesting place with a lot of “end of the roaders”, folks that have gone as far as they can to escape the craziness of the “lower 48”. Of course -50F is it’s own kind of crazy…..

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Man, I’d love to get behind the wheel of the 1.5 ton truck among others. The video must have been done in a previous summer otherwise I’d expect it to be up to their arm pits in snow.
    He looks to be old school, something special there IMO.

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  6. local_sheriff

    Old school gearhead indeed, that’s how I like it! Not the white-collar type with the ‘price doesn’t matter’ attitude

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  7. wayne magel

    they sure seem to be in good over non-weathered condition… a feat in itself, and such a diverse assortment… some big $$$$ sitting there, I just need a little more time to make my first million…. actually gave up on the first mil… looking to make 2nd mil first… just sayin’… kudos to a very special collection

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  8. Bing

    As a big game hunter I have made a dozen or so back country trips to Alaska. The State is full of folks that for one reason or another, headed to Alaska. Post Nam, trappers, fisherman, farmers, ranchers and frankly pot heads, along with a deep stock of pioneer people make for an interesting mix of population.

    Get away from Fairbanks, Anchorage, etc., and you will find out that most people in AK do not throw anything away. Hunted with a fellow out of Haines, and he had a collection of ex military vehicles, construction equipment and since he was a post air force mechanic airplane engines… We spent an afternoon picking up blue tarps and peering at one interesting project after another… Another thing I found, was that most of these folks were not money driven… A reasonable price from a fellow that they liked would most likely be accepted. No pie in the sky expectations…

    One guy I ran into had about ten International Scouts all in varying degrees of condition. If he saw a Scout, he found a way to drag it home…

    In 98 the miners headed North for the gold… It is still there in the form of collectable cars that given the locale may never see the light of day in the lower 48. I’d love to head back there, not on a Big Game hunt but ten days driving around car hunting…

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    • Don S.

      Isn’t searching for garage find cars considered “big game hunting” ?

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  9. kenzo

    WOW !
    The 50’s Ford coupe. would love to have :-)

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  10. sluggo

    Ironically enough, There is a very active vintage Motorcycle community up there as well. The long winters produce some interesting builds.

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  11. Big Mike

    I want STUDIE!!! Please, please honey let me have it!!!!

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  12. Miguel

    My complaint with this video was he walked right by that green hearse type vehicle in the middle of the property and ignored it.

    I wanted to see what that was as it looked very interesting. It is obviously a custom.

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