Eclectic Coos Bay Collection Seeks New Owners

It is always interesting to see just what other folk’s collections look like.  Some of us collect different variations of the same model, make, and/or year of car.  Others, just gobble up anything that comes along that strikes their… more»

How Many Vintage Vehicles Can You Identify?

One man’s junk is another man’s treasure is a maxim that we can all understand.  However, if you are tasked with marketing vintage vehicles that just happen to be sitting in what suspiciously looks like an old junkyard, can… more»

15 Car Barn Find Collection For Sale

A fortunate few people will one day open a barn door to be confronted by a forgotten and desirable classic car. Fewer still will hit the jackpot by unearthing more than one car in that barn. Imagine the surprise… more»

Massive Firehouse Find!

Every red-blooded enthusiast dreams of the moment when they open the door of a barn or shed to find a classic staring at them. Finding two cars would be better, and the excitement would grow if the figure went… more»

Massive 73 Lot Auction! “Car Crazy” Gary Kuchar Collection

Hearing the term “car crazy” can bring several different ideas to mind, everything from a passionate interest in a particular make or model of vehicle to hoarding to flipping.  But when it comes to 84 years young Gary Kuchar,… more»

Mopars and More – Collection for Sale!

From an automotive treasure trove near Warrensburg, Missouri comes this collection of classic cars and trucks. The sad and all-too-frequent story of declining health forces the sale of this eclectic collection. The vehicles are not identified in the listing… more»

Greatest Barn Find Ever: The World’s Largest Collection of British Automobiles

Many of us know the pain of having to make room for a new project by getting rid of an old one. It’s hard to part with a car, especially one in which you’ve invested time and effort; a… more»

Collection for Sale! Big American Steel and More!

Vehicular horse traders willing to visit Nicholasville, Kentucky may find a new steed among those offered in this sale of mostly-American heavy metal. The seller lost storage privileges, and you could be the winner in this clearance sale. Not… more»

Incredible Auction of 140+ Vehicles! The Bob Regehr Collection

As barns go, this one beats most. The late entrepreneur and collector Bob Regehr took good care of his collection, and the breadth and depth of his tastes have automotive enthusiasts drooling far and near as the collection’s auction… more»

No Reserve Auction of Family For(d)tune!

Any Ford Fairlane or Galaxie lover within striking distance of Roanoke in Southwestern Virginia… or the Internet… will not want to miss the online-only auction of one man’s cherished Blue Oval collection. This 1963 Ford Galaxie XL 500 Convertible,… more»

All for Sale! Carolina Collection of Cars and More!

An amazing array of mostly pre-war classics near Lewisville, North Carolina comes to market with many appearing to be complete and of driver-quality, or at least “ran when parked” quality. The teaser listing here on craigslist includes spartan details… more»

Huge Classic Car and Parts Auction

It’s always interesting when a collection of classic cars and parts comes up for auction, and this one is no exception. Barn Finder Derik L spotted this auction for us, so thank you for that Derik. Bidding for these… more»

Amazing Estate Auction

Here at Barn Finds, we have seen a few interesting upcoming auctions come across our desks in recent times, and this estate sale is no exception. While the diversity of the lots on offer is pretty mind-bending, the cars… more»

Classic Cars, Race Cars, and Motorcycles Up For Auction

Some classic collections can tend to follow a single theme, and when they come up for sale, diversity can be lacking. There’s no danger of that with the JAB Collection, which was the work of John Begg. The collection… more»

Iowa Muscle Car Hoard Set For Auction

The classic car world is full of characters, and Iowa’s Coyote Johnson is one such person. Since the age of 16, he has been collecting the muscle cars of his youth, and today his collection numbers around 100 of… more»

Collection of Hot Rods found in Alaska

We’ve all seen those collections. We’ve seen a bunch of cars locked away in sheds and barns, and all they are doing is gathering dust, rust, cobwebs, and mice, and the owner is unwilling to part with them for… more»

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