26,900 Miles Of Total Opulence! Collectors’ Continental


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There’s luxury, there’s over the top luxury, and then there’s total opulence! I think this 1979 Lincoln Continental Collectors’ Series hits that third level! It’s listed for sale here on eBay with an opening bid of only $3,500 and is located in Santa Clara, California despite being delivered in Canada. There are only 26,900 miles showing and I believe it based on the condition. Ok, it’s actually 43,000 kilometers as it’s a Canadian deliver car, but let’s not be picky!


Here’s a close up of that moon roof. It’s fixed, so this is just for appearances sake and looking at the sky. Look at the length of those back doors; you’re certainly not going to cramped for leg room back there! Heck, I even like the half vinyl roof on this car and those stylish turbine mag wheels. My wife looked over while I’m typing this and says I’m getting old. I don’t think I’m that old, but I have to admit this would have been a car I would have called a “mushmobile” when it was new (and that wasn’t a complimentary term). Now I can see how cool this would be to tool around the tiny town where we are relocating.


Not to leave out the cargo carrying capacity; I think some of the smaller sports cars I’ve owned would almost fit in this trunk. And to think this was the “downsized” Continental! (see comments!) The chrome looks as nice as the paint; this is another example of rustproofing doing it’s job (the car was rustproofed when new). Of course, the fact that it’s always been garage kept doesn’t hurt. Those are year-old tires as the originals finally gave up the ghost last year.


I’m almost surprised that the interior is cloth rather than leather, but I’m pleased. This is one car where velour belongs! Decadent opulence! Over the top! I can dig it!


I wonder how many burled plastic walnut trees had to be cut down to make up this dash? The glove compartment looks big enough for hiking boots in addition to my gloves! The seller tells us that the original R12 air conditioning blows ice cold and I don’t doubt it.


It’s “just” a 400 cubic inch V8, but that’s more than enough to move this rolling living room along. I don’t think you’d be trying to win any races anyway, unless it was some sort of cross-country event, in which case you might not be the first finisher but I’ll bet you’d be the most rested one. With the original window sticker and purchase documentation as well, I don’t think you could go wrong with this survivor if this is the type of car you want. Who’s going to join me on that cross-country jaunt?

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  1. Trent Poole

    I’d think about buying this car but The Lincoln is longer than my driveway.

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  2. mat

    This is not the downsized version. That came in 1980.

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      Mat, you’re right. I thought the ’75 refresh was more of a change than it actually was.

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  3. brian crowe

    Someone listed a 1978 Loncoln with factory T-tops and a 460 4 barrel carb on my local kijiji two days ago for $2500, Here is the link if anyone would like to see it.
    I didn’t know these monsters even came with the T tops. http://www.kijiji.ca/v-classic-cars/st-catharines/1978-t-toped-lincoln/1176995913?enableSearchNavigationFlag=true Oh and it’s a 2 door

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    • nessy

      T Tops were never offered from the factory on the Lincoln. They are aftermarket but could have been installed at the dealership when the car was new. The large fixed glass top on this car was offered from the factory for a short time. Once in a while, one will pop up. The moonroof was a better option since you had a sunshade to close and block out the light.

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      • brian crowe

        I didn’t think it was factory but that is what the seller says in his ad


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  4. jaymes

    gorgeous example

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  5. Ck

    Any one upfor Wally World

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  6. Rob

    Would make a great pimp mobile.

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  7. brad

    I put several miles on a car like this when I was living in Wauconda, Illinois, but the one I drove had a 460, dove gray, with matching Landau top, and matching leather interior. I lovely car to drive. Handled like a pig in mud, but one of the best straight line cars I’ve ever drive. A car you want to drive across the country. That was back when fuel grew on trees. However, I do not like the top. If it’s not a functioning sun roof. To glam, not much function.

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  8. Russ

    Garage kept is not always a good thing rust-wise. Bring a cold car into a warm garage over and over and every time you do it gets condensation all over under and inside the frame and fenders. If there’s any road salt or chemicals a warm garage will let any frozen precip melt and the rust action will be accelerated by the warmer temps. I’ve seen ‘garage kept’ cars that looked like they were made of graham crackers. If it STAYS in the garage and doesn’t get salt on it, that’s a different story.

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  9. Roger

    I love it! I’ve wanted one of these for quite a few years now – I’m a huge Lincoln guy. I haven’t had much luck finding one in decent enough condition and I was always worried about having to source parts for one if we’re to fix one up. I do like the ” bubble top? ” and have never seen / heard of one on one of these. It reminds me of them old bubble top Vickys from their 50’s. They velour is kinda different but I think id still prefer them leather, what about yall? Maybe it’s because of their year ( gas crisis ) but I’ve never seen these with a 400 ( usually always a 460 as I recall. Anyhow I’d love to have this one AS ID BE BIG PIMPIN!!!

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    • Todd Rouch

      I had one of these, the absolute most comfortable ride, my friends LOVED riding in that car. It was a Cartier edition, had opera windows in the back seat area. And instead of leather, red velour. And I can’t forget the 8-track stereo and the CB. Or the 225 mpt, 24 gallon tank. Late 90’s, just over a dollar a gallon for mid-grade fuel.

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  10. Roger

    Yah know I just went and checked out their original ebay listing and no doubt this is an absolutely gorgeous car! However a couple things kinda surprised me from their pics. As big as a car this is and then comment made by then poster in this thread, there does not look to be anywhere near their rear legroom that you would expect in a car this size. Ive read quite a few comments of them same nature by posters on this site about various other Fords from their 70’s in regards to rear seat room but never though much of it. Also I thought they same thing about their room in he trunk. It’s about half their size I figured it would be. Heck, I’ve had 3 98-02 town cars and they were double the size of room in the trunk of this one??? Oh well, I still love it!

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  11. David Yeary

    The wide fixed glass moonroof posted here also does have a sunshade. If the car had a full vinyl top not have a coach (3/4 vinyl) top the wide fixed glass roof extended pased the B-pillar approx 4 inches. These tops as well as the power moonroof option at the time was done in partnership with AMS (American Sun Corp) who also converted all Mustang T-Tops and convertibles in the early 80’s. My Dad worked in Ford Design and got a new company Lincoln every year. In 1977 when the fixed glass roof was just released he ordered a light Jade Green Continental Town Car with Dark Jade coach roof and fixed glass moonroof. There was a strike at AMS and Dad’s order got kicked out and he changed to a full dark jade vinyl top and power jade “tinted” moonroof.

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